SIG SAUER MPX-C and SIGM400-Predator to Release at SHOT

I know, I know, Pre-Pre-Press Releases abound the days before SHOT. I’m sure we will get some more detailed coverage actually at SHOT, so just allow this to whet your appetite…

MPX-C Carbine

The modular 9mm SIG MPX Carbine will be available with a 16″ hammer-forged barrel and a full-length aluminum KeyMod handguard (with a top full-length picatinny rail). It is completely ambidextrous, possessing a dual-sided selector switch, magazine release, charging handle and bolt release. The stock is a three position collapsible with integrated QD points.

“For those who want the full feature set of the SIG MPX, but don’t want a short-barrel rifle or live in a state with restricted access, the SIG MPX Carbine is a great choice,” said John Brasseur, Director of Product Management for SIG SAUER, Inc. “Later, if the operator decides to SBR the Carbine, it’s a simple change with a conversion kit.”

The SIG MPX Carbine is completely modular, and handguards and barrel lengths can be quickly changed over in the field. The barrel comes with the SIG three-prong flash hider.




SIG is introducing a redesigned SIGM400 Predator hunting rifle to its long gun catalog that is based off the direct-impingement SIGM400® action. It will be offered in 5.56mm and 300BLK.

“Hunting with the modern sporting rifle had gone from fad to an accepted norm,” said John Brasseur, Director of Product Development for SIG SAUER, Inc. “With the SIGM400 Predator, hunters have an exceptional hunting rifle right out of the box, with no upgrades or additions needed.”

The SIGM400 Predator has a two-stage match trigger, and the hammer forged stainless steel barrel comes in 18″ length in 5.56mm and 16″ length in 300BLK. Both come threaded for the addition of muzzle devices or silencers.

Additionally it will boast a free-floating handguard with M-Lok and a top picatinny rail, a 6 position telescoping stock, and the upper and lower are both hard coat anodized. It will ship with a 5 round detachable box magazine (but will accept any STANAG AR-pattern magazine.

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  • Dave

    “with no upgrades or additions needed”

    Some sights might be nice.

    • TheNotoriousIUD

      Dude, just point the end with the hole at whatever you want to stop living.

  • North Polar

    Rainier Arms has had the MPX carbine in stock for the last month btw. $1700. If it were a smaller dealer, I’d say bull but Rainier is pretty on the ball.

    • Tim Pearce

      Maybe someone at Sig finally rubbed a couple of brain cells together and realized that it’s easiest to sell guns when you actually make them.
      I’ve seriously wanted an MPX carbine, but the waiting has soured me, especially with Sig trying to fight the ATF over their “muzzle brake” rather than just rebalancing the system for a 16″ barrel and getting the product out.

      • JumpIf NotZero

        More like how the MPX in general is being beta tested by early adopters. They gave rainier the beta rights to the carbine.

  • sgt fish

    i already saw an mpx carbine with a folding stock in a retail store already. not much of a release unless they are calling it something different with the collapsing stock.

    • Gunnit Live

      You saw the MCX, the 5.56 Variant. The MPX only ships with the telescoping stock.

  • thedonn007

    Nice ALG defense handguard. I wonder if it is non-branded?

  • Alex

    lol I like how it links the ‘three prong flash hider’ to a Brownells page with AAC suppressor adapters and flash hiders.

    • That is because TFB uses one of those horrendous in line ad words programs. You know the same type of other forms of media tried and dumped due to complaints.

      • Cymond

        Worse, it’s really hard to tell what’s an ad and what’s a link before clicking. Sometimes the go exactly where the should, other times not.

        • That has happened to me more than once on here alone. I think I am clicking a link to the product and it is one of those stupid ad words.

          On mobile is even worse as sometimes when you scroll you accidentally click the links.

  • ShootingFromTheHip

    All for the low, low price of one million dollars!

  • Al

    Sig has had a lot of issues with the MPX already. They have two generations out of the MPX so far. The first gen owners were essentially the BETA testers. They have had delays of over 6 months for spare magazines and 8 months for telescoping stocks. Issues regarding the charging handle are also very common.

    I’d be very wary of buying the MPX until SIG sorts out their problems with the MPX and decides which direction they are heading. $65 for polymer mags is gouging imo. Asking Gen 1 owners to pay for more products to “fix” issues also doesn’t seem right to me. It’s a fun gun but it has product support issues from the manufacturer.

  • santi

    I imagine this is why I can’t get this telescoping stock for my mpx. To put them on these carbines.

    • JumpIf NotZero

      The irony is the 90% of people that really really want the collapsible* stock won’t actually want it after shooting with it. This is a major case of mass miswanting.

      I have the A2 and A3 for an MP5. The A2 is what I put on when the gun actually gets shot. The A3 looks cool, but feels… not great. I didn’t even bother with the MPX, as a folder is already what I know I’ll want.

      * telescoping is actually a different style stock, see the CZ Evo, that’s telescoping

      • Green Hell

        It’s simple – those stocks make the gun look good and complete. It just doesnt feel right to see those stock stampings on MP5/G3/MPX resievers being unused.

      • North Polar

        I get to shoot a friends post sample MP5SD every now and again, and I’ll admit that I really like the wire stock. Then again, I do realize I’m in the minority.

        On the other hand, I tried one of those Troy carbines with their wire stock the other day. Holy hell, that thing was a sloppy piece of crap. Wobbled everywhere and hated it.

        My master plan once the kinks are worked out is a MPX with wire stock and MCX with folding. No real reason why besides “want” lol.

  • Cymond

    Will be available?
    That’s funny, I saw a MPX carbine with collapsible stick in a store a few weeks ago. The 3-putting flash hider rang really badly just working the bolt.

    • LV-426

      hmmmm… The ting that keeps on ting-ing.

  • LV-426

    This looks like a fun gun for steel matches. But those mag prices and what they sell for. Buy 5 for the same price as a new Glock LOL!

  • jay

    That alg handguard looks good on anyrifle.

  • Patrick M.

    I’ve saw a couple MPX-Cs on Gunbroker a few weeks ago?

  • Tony O

    We’ve had the 9mm MPX carbine with the collapsible PDW stock at my shop for at least a month now. Not worth the price IMO. They’re made to be sub-guns, not carbines. Might as well pay less for the pistol and then SBR it, which is what a lot of people who buy the MPX-C are gonna do anyway.