What Do You Want To See Covered At SHOT?

Dear Readers,

The time is upon us to make the arduous trek to the Sands Expo in the City of Sin so that we can spend time walking countless miles and being overwhelmed with glittery lights and vinyl banners from thousands of vendors just to bring you news of the upcoming year in firearms (try and say that in one breath).

Specifically do you have any burning questions or products you would like us to “scope” out (see what I did there)? I’m going to compile your requests from the comments into some of my punch list.

My understanding is that we are taking most of the Firearm Blog writers this year, so we should have pretty good coverage (though we will obviously not be able to cover 100% of the show).

Personally I’m interested in trying to hit up the smaller and lesser known vendors—we already know all the big players are going to have super flashy kiosks (but are probably going to be playing fairly safe this year in terms of product launches).

Topics I’m interested in are training aids, products for carrying, and generally things that will help my shooting skill suck less. That said, let me be your legs to navigate the show and your voice to chat with vendors. I do already have a few interviews set up, but will pick as many as I can to fill in.

You can get an idea for who is going to be at SHOT by checking out their website (http://shotshow.org/) under the “Exhibitors” section.

This is also a weak appeal for help—if you don’t help me pick, Steve and Phil will probably assign me to things located in the back corner of the basement… :/

What do YOU want to see from SHOT?  I will also consider requests to NOT cover certain things (“Please, Tom, DO NOT cover XYZ, no one wants to see another post about it ever.”).


Tom is a former Navy Corpsman that spent some time bumbling around the deserts of Iraq with a Marine Recon unit, kicking in tent flaps and harassing sheep. Prior to that he was a paramedic somewhere in DFW, also doing some Executive Protection work between shifts. Now that those exciting days are behind him, he has embraced his inner “Warrior Hippie” and assaults 14er in his sandals and beard, or engages in rucking adventure challenges while consuming craft beer. To fund these adventures, he writes medical software and builds websites and mobile apps. His latest venture is as one of the founders of IronSights.com; a search engine for all things gun related. He hopes that his posts will help you find solid gear that will survive whatever you can throw at it–he is known (in certain circles) for his curse…ahem, ability…to find the breaking point of anything.


  • Giolli Joker

    “Personally I’m interested in trying to hit up the smaller and lesser known vendors”


    And the least possible coverage on “game changing” 1911s and AR-15s… or new Desert Eagle finishes. 🙂

    • BattleshipGrey

      I think a rainbow colored scheme is the only option they haven’t tried.

  • Kevin

    I second Giolli Joker on this, as well as not doing polymer striker fired pistols and generic bolt actions. Basically, if it doesn’t really offer something new then do what most people would do who flip thru blogs and see another boring thing. Skip! That said I’d love some good old revolvers and Ds/Sa handguns that everybody is just ignoring. Oh and not 9mm either, I know it’s great but it’s over saturated and there are new ammo options being brought up every day. Ammo in general is great to cover.

  • Jeff Smith

    Do us all a favor – do not honor requests to NOT cover XYZ. Cover whatever you want. If someone has a problem with seeing “just another AR-15”, let them skip that article and go to the next one.

    The rising tide raises all boats. If there’s a new company making AR-15s/1911s/AKs/whatever else people continually say they’re sick of seeing, that only stands to benefit the customer by making things more affordable, more available, and offers a larger choice of products. I, for one, am always happy to be kept in the loop about new products, even if it’s something similar to an existing product.

    So, for the guys like me sitting behind a desk and answering phones all day, please give us a steady stream of pictures and articles and something to make us all jealous of your life.

    • Doc Rader

      Valid opinion. In all fairness I’m sure the other writers are going to pick up a cross section of everything. I’m trying to keep my focus a little narrower and try and go after things you guys specifically would like to see.

    • Giolli Joker

      I wrote my “negative request” with a bit of irony, I understand your point.
      However I believe that TFB has finite resources and I’d appreciate if they’re focused more towards covering innovative booths otherwise unknown to most than things that can be found on any firearm website.
      If the opportunity cost of covering the “just another AR-15” is not covering a novel side-folding suppressor attachment (example from last year, brought to us by Nathaniel) I think we’re all at loss.

  • Jim

    Please report on the new LMT AR-15, thank you!

  • Zack

    As long as we can limit the posts of cookie cutter AR-15’s, I’m happy.

    • Doc Rader

      We have a ton of writers going I think, so I’m sure someone will still cover that stuff. I’m going to try and focus on new and smaller vendors.

      • SteveK


  • Guygasm

    Desert Tech MDR

    • Old Fart

      If IWI is releasing that 16″ upgraded X95 I think they’re working on any time soon, the MDR won’t stand a chance unless it will be priced very aggressively. Knowing Desert Tech, that’ll probably never happen. Man, I don’t know how these guys even survive. Who can afford their stuff???

      • codys

        1950 for 556 and 2250 for 308 with kits running 500 each if they can pump out units quickly enough it might be a tar killer

        • Old Fart

          That’s always been my thought as well, and I like the MDR better than the Tavor (except for short stroke vs long stroke). The price must really be right though, and more important, they’ve been keeping us waiting for over a year now with multiple delayed release dates. I expect a firm ETA this time. If they don’t deliver, alot of folks will walk out on the MDR. What I really want is a 16″ version of IWI’s upgraded X95. That will blow all other bullpups out of the water.

          • codys

            Pre sales start on the 16 of jan also I can’t say on the forum but the leo/mil price variants are close in line with tar street price but I’m hoping they ship by febuary

          • Old Fart

            Roger that! I’m very interested in the X95 and Ace 23 N. IWI is certainly gaining ground on me. Their next step should be nitrided barrels. Chrome lining is past its prime. Their barrels are top notch and of very high quality, but I would just like to seem them embrace newer methods and technology.

  • Twilight sparkle

    It would be nice to know if the cz 806 will ever be available here, plus msbs info is always appreciated.

  • KestrelBike

    Someone plz ask HK about any long guns available on the civilian market besides their MR/CR556 & MR762! And don’t let them try to snow you over with “well check out the 22lr copies we’ve licensed to Walther!”

  • codys

    Scar mk 20 launch date and msrp

  • My request as an exhibitor would be for you guys to cover some of the NEXT pavilion. As a startup in the firearm industry the 7 year wait-list for a full booth is a death sentence as most investors want to see traction and the product on a major stage before even considering a company. SHOT put together the NEXT area and gave a bunch of startups the opportunity to participate in SHOT, hopefully if this pavilion gets enough attention this year they will expand it to include more really awesome startups and help to expand the industry. We know several other firearm tech startups that didn’t get into SHOT this year but are producing some really cool tech, if they expand this program we will see a dramatic increase in innovation for our industry. There will be several companies in the NEXT pavilion that have some cool training products that fit your request.

    Mantis with their on-weapon training accessories, Mason target has an AR-500 electronic target, we will be doing dry-fire training all day as well.

  • Del P.

    Where is the SIG P320 Rx that was displayed last SHOT Show?

  • BattleshipGrey

    Thanks for asking, and thanks in advance for your upcoming hard work.

    I’d like to see little to no coverage of ARs unless it’s truly innovative or especially rare.

  • Justin

    If there is ANYTHING VZ58 related whatsoever I know a whole pile (or 137 igloos worth) of us Canucks would greatly appreciate anything you have time to cover, otherwise I know you guys will keep us posted with awesome coverage.

  • A E S T H E T I C

    H&K but only ask about the HK243
    Desert tech
    And Vltor but only ask about the Bren Ten
    Make it a vaporware funday to remind everyone of the true disappointment that can come from Shot Show.

  • TheSmellofNapalm

    Knights Armament, Walther, Desert Tech and Lehigh Defense please!!!

  • Jambo

    Anything from CZ, and definitely the status of MSBS rifle.

    • Twilight sparkle

      Glad to see I’m not the only one interested in the msbs

  • tony

    What I do not want to see covered again: ARs, 1911s, please avoid those

  • john huscio

    Cover all the new polymer pistols.

  • Blake

    Would love to see what American Rifle Company is up to. Hopefully Ted is getting close to production on the M2 Rifle…

  • Varix

    How about all of the above?

  • Edeco

    New longslides and 41 magni if any. Please don’t cover aluminum chassis bolt action rifles at all, ever, even if a bunch of other people ask for them to be covered, as I am not particularly interested in them 😛

  • A 300 blackout Tavor

    • LV-426

      Is that the 762 in the 762 Tavor? It would be great to see the 308 ace with the SR25 mag well.

    • Old Fart

      Uh-uh. No Chanel priced ammo. .223 factory new brass case only. Besides, I have zero use for BLK. YMMV.

  • kregano

    KelTec (esp. if the RDB has new calibers announced) and Hill & Mac Gunworks Sturmgewehr. If someone announces accessories for Tristar shotguns, I’d be very interested in that, since I have a TEC-12 that needs a more user friendly stock.

  • RadicalizedModerate

    That new Ruger 10/22 takjedown with the 16″ threaded bull barrel.

  • FelixD

    I’d be interested in things and companies that are actually new. Plastic pistols, MSRs and WWI veterans are the standards that really don’t need another rehashed story written about.

  • Zachary marrs

    Any and everything.

    Even ar’s and 1911’s

  • Sadlerbw

    See if you can find Marlin anywhere and see if they have any plans to expand their 1894 line. Actually, see if that have gotten back on track enough to release ANYTHING new!

    • StickShift

      Especially the 1894CSBL, which never hit the market. A curved grip .357 lever action would be awesome, and I have no idea why no one has ever made one.

      • Sadlerbw

        That is EXACTLY the product I was thinking about! They put that sucker in the catalog the year that everything went sideways and it never actually got produced. I had the wants for that gun…bad.

  • LV-426

    The Silencerco Maxim 9 and what ever is going on with that. New 308 battle rifles in whatever configuration that have a remote possibility of actually being sold in the next year.

    • Doc Rader

      I like the historical nod there…

  • Ken

    S&S Precision. See if they’re going to still show their SKH (silent killer holster – holster for suppressor-equipped handguns). Or find out where it went after its debut at SHOT two years ago.

    • Doc Rader

      I was just looking around for a holster for my XDM which (fingers crossed) will have her Osprey in a couple of months… Definitely on my list.

  • Clay Miller

    OSS Suppressors. It’s one of the few innovtive products that will be there.

    • Doc Rader

      Doesn’t look like they will be at Sands (only at Battlefield). I’ll see if I can get over there.

  • Patrick

    Stop by LidCam. I haven’t seen any reviews, but the concept is super cool. Would like to see how well they’ve executed on it.

    • Doc Rader

      I’m not seeing them in the Exhibitor List…

  • Dracon1201

    There are so many this year. Smaller stuff, certainly. MSBS, K&M, anything that isn’t an AR, really. I’m just interested in everything.

  • Andrew

    I have seen various hints that Crye, S&S precision, Surefire, Magpul, & Unity tactical will be coming out with some cool new stuff. Those are definitely my top picks for coverage.

  • Michael

    5.45 magpul mags

  • Michael

    also any ar-15’s that shoot chainsaws if any one releases one 😉

  • Lance

    Less on plastic gun crap and more on ammo and newest replica guns based on historical weapons.

  • HKmaster

    KAC booth please:)

  • Forrest Patterson

    Check out what’s happening in pistol mounted optics at the SHOT SHOW.

    • Doc Rader

      Actually this is one of the selfish topics I’m headed for. I’m thinking of building out a race gun for the hell of it… 🙂

  • Brian

    FN SCAR 20s please and the HMG gunworks STG44, potentially also the LWRC .45. Those are what I’m most interested in picking up this year. Please ignore AR-15 manufactures “new” models that are just a rehash of more of the same. Also AR-15 grips, stocks, and other accessories. The AR-15 is to guns what the Toyota Corolla was to cars after the Fast and Furious came out in the early 2000s.

  • kregano

    I just remembered something. If nobody else gets this story first, and Alexander Arms is there, ask them about when those cheap subsonic rounds are .300 Blackout rounds are supposed to hit the market.

  • Paul White

    New stuff I haven’t seen. If it’s an AR or 1911 it better have a non-gimmick improvement.

    I don’t *mind* those; I have both (and want a couple more) but man. Now, if you happen to see, say, a commercial 1911 in 460 Roland….THAT I would love to see even I can’t afford it.

  • Tassiebush

    Any new manually operated repeaters. Especially rimfires.

  • Howard

    I would love to see mini red dots for pistols covered. Specifically, what is Vortex doing with their product line? Is the Viper red dot canceled? It seemed like the right product for action pistol competition. How about Sig? Are they ever shipping their Romeo 1? How about a larger dot for it? Pretty much all top USPSA shooters use larger dots. And Leupold, their Deltapoint Pro looks decent but 750 MSRP is steep for a pistol red dot. Are they expanding their product line with a more value oriented model?

    2016 should be the year of MRDS on pistols. Hopefully the optics guys will do better this year, compared with last year.

  • John

    I would like to see Ruger prove the Precision Rifle is not just vaporware. I have been trying to get one for months but I’m not willing to pay OVER MSRP!

    • Paul White

      Academy here in Amarillo has the 6.5 Creedmore on the shelf for like 1050 or so. Droolworthy rifle. My wife would beat me to death if I bought that though

      • John

        Yes, there are 6.5s out there but what about the ubiquitous .308? Not so easy to find in the west.

  • Blake

    – all things lever-action

    – all things CZ

    – any 22LR news

    – anything else you want 🙂

    Thanks TFB!

  • Mickey

    Check up on Beretta and the APX pistol. There hasn’t been any news in months.

    • Anon

      I second this

      • Rob

        Beretta reps said to look at the NRA show for the launch. They don’t want to announce any more pistols without being ready to ship. But any coverage on this gun would be good. Seems to be one of the more interesting designs of the new generation of glock+ guns.

  • JBurridge

    Bullpups! They’re so fun to shoot. And carbon fiber barrels for centerfire calibers- I’ve been waiting for them for years… Thank you for asking!

  • TDog

    Anything new regarding the SRM 1216, the Desert Tech MDR, and the Crye Precision Six12, please! 😀

    Also, please avoid bringing up any “new” AR-15’s… they aren’t new and haven’t been for well over four decades.

  • Adam D.

    Lancer and PRI!
    They make fantastic quality stuff, yet you rarely see any coverage on them.
    They should have MLOK carbon fiber hgs in their lineup this year,
    also modular receivers and magazines for a new AR10 big bore cartridge,
    the .510 Beck.

    Bolt guns:
    American Rifle Company, MDT and Legacy.
    ARC makes the Mausingfield, and Ted is a very knowledgeable guy, enough said.
    MDT makes wicked chassies, and Legacy has great Howa based guns.

    Steal Engineering Group.
    They made quite a few waves with their folding suppressor mount last year,
    and they also make affordable suppressors.
    Would be nice to see where they are now with their business.

  • Jose

    I bet that the main attraction at SHOT SHOW will be the HMG Sturmgewehr in .223, plus the GSG MP-40 in 9×19 P; and possible, the EL BE TAC MP-38 & STG-44 in their respective calibers; the new ARSENAL rifle that resembles the AREX-15 rifle; and the SIG/FAMAE 540 from Chile. And….the HK243/G36. Anything else?

  • maxsnafu

    Check out new pistols in 10mm.

    • SteveK


  • Nomad

    I seem to remember there was an outfit called Rhino Arms or something like that showing off a 12ga upper for an AR-10 last year, and have heard nothing since. Would it be possible to give them a poke if they are still around please?

  • Mitch Connor

    Caracal 1911’s updates

  • Rob

    B + T USA

  • Tom Jones

    Metalloid Gun Treatment Products….Test them out again the competitors gun oils. Booth N306 Shot Show

  • Phil Hsueh

    I don’t really care what’s covered so long as it’s new and interesting, esp. if it’s something that’s fairly inexpensive and I can actually buy and own in CA. In particular, I wouldn’t mind seeing coverage of something new that’s not an AR or AK for under $1,000, too many of the AR/AK alternatives out there and set to come out are just too damned expensive for my measly budget so I’d love to see what wallet friendly options are out there are due to come out. I’d especially like to see if anybody besides RIA is coming out with budget 1911s, not that any of them will likely be sold in CA but it would still be nice to know that if I eventually leave this stupid state that there are decent (low) budget friendly 1911s out there.

  • lostintranslation

    I would be interested, from an academic perspective, in any ‘news’
    regarding the .264USA or polymer cased ammunition.

  • sdaj

    Since everybody is now coming out with similar firearms (yet another AR, Glocks entry into the already dense 9mm single stack etc.) Ask the question, why now after many others are already have a product, what is your discriminator, who is your target customer and why they should buy,

  • JJ

    Wouldnt mind seeing the New Howa Mini Action rifles and some of CZs new pistols

    You guys always do a good job covering a wide range at SHOT

  • Salty

    Cz booth. Cz booth babes. Cz guns? Pics of cz stuff. Did I mention cz?

    Oh, and find out status of Saiga and vepr stuff, as well as ati shotgun 410 upper.

    Oh, did I mention cz booth babes!?!??

    And cz guns

    • Twilight sparkle

      I’m sure plenty of people will Czech out the CZ booth

  • HSR47

    I want to know when Larue Tactical will have mounts out for the Trijicon MRO….

    Some of us have been waiting since September…

  • Pigspit

    Fnh is rumored to be bringing their mhs contender, the FNS-9t.

  • Edward

    I want to see a write-up about American Mountain Supply, and their “amphibian” dry bag rifle case. I think they’re a smaller company, but I’ve heard good things about their products.

  • Hensley Beuron Garlington

    Please seek as much information as you can on the following;
    *Desert Tech MDR line
    *Crye Precision SIX12 line
    *Operators Suppressor Systems
    Fabryka Broni of Poland MSBS
    FosTecH Outdoors Origin system
    Anything regarding Bond Arms plans on how they may greatly improve upon or release entirely new products based on or inspired by the Boberg Arms XR series.

    *Also how their products may incorporate one another. I’m dreaming of an MDR with OSS and SIX12 mounted underneath with Salvo12 in one clean, bundled looking package.

  • SteveK

    Grand Power

  • Tpagunslinger

    Id like to see more 10mm coverage. This round seems to be becoming more mainstream.

  • Raylee

    Hi Tom,
    We might be a good stop along the way at the show. We are introducing a few new items. All of our firearms are very accurate. Stop by Volquartsen Firearms booth #11229 and I will show you.


    Raylee Melton

  • CavScout

    FN M240L as a civilian-legal semi auto.

  • CavScout

    The Radom MSBS, actually coming to the US civilian market. For real, time now.

  • Nate H

    Springfield just dropped their threaded XDm. I’d like to know if they plan on releasing the barrels for those of us who bought an unthreaded model so we don’t have to buy an aftermarket barrel to enjoy suppressor shooting. If you remember to ask, please do!

  • Blake

    binary trigger from Franklin Armory

    Sig MCX variants to come
    and anything else that would be cool to sbr or has a short OAL

  • ben

    Left handed products