TALON Gyro-Stabilized Weapon Mount

TALON Gyro-Stabilized Weapon Mount

In another case of reality approaching science fiction, Paradigm SRP has brought us one step closer to one of my favorite scenes in one of my favorite movies (to put you in the mood):

The TALON is a “gyro-stabilized marksman platform” designed for precision shooting applications from moving and stationary vehicles. Meaning Helicopters. Boats. Ground vehicles. It looks like you can put any nearly any rifle into it and the two-axis, servo controlled turret will allow you to lock on a target and fire accurately regardless of the platform you are currently riding in. The system appears to be managed by an integrated screen, fire control system and handheld controller. The entire unit is portable and can be carried by one person, mounting it in place using quick disconnect mounts (though they discuss being able to lock it down with tie down straps as well).

We are close approaching our own doom at the hand of our robot overlords, methinks.  Five years ago we posted about a patent on South Korean sentry robot.  Last October we discussed the $150 budget build for a sentry gun.

Now we have TALON.  Paradigm SRP also discusses the ability to designate, and stay locked on to, a target.  It is clearly not terribly difficult to marry some of these technologies to make an autonomous sentry gun–all we are waiting on now is their green light for deployment into the field. Truly amazing. And terrifying. Apparently they will have a demo unit at SHOT Range day, and they are already on my list of vendors to visit…

You can nerd out on the technical specifications at their website at: http://www.paradigmsrp.com/talon-universal-weapons-mount/technical-overview/

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  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Tactical Mystery Tour.

  • Hensley Beuron Garlington

    I would like to win this lotto and have a few armored vehicles and on every security camera on my compound. LOL.

    Now they just need to minimize this, pair it with a bare bones P90, and you have a 50 round hunter killer style drone that would make SkyNet proud.

    • NoNamesOnTheNet

      Or an M249S?

      • Hensley Beuron Garlington

        That would be a much, much larger drone. LOL.
        More like an autonomous helicopter.

  • Lance

    Cheaper to use trained. We don’t need computers taking over.

  • Mrninjatoes

    It has begun. Behold the horror.

  • micmac80

    This is some DIY project , for short range shooting only ,for any proper station you would need added rangefinder and balistic comp otherwise its just spray and pray many environments arent to conductive to walking in fire.

    • NoNamesOnTheNet

      It’s been around for years actually. Believe me, it’s not some DIY, and it is exceedingly capable.

    • noob

      couldn’t the user just employ the reticle in the scope to estimate range? It’s not autonomous like the korean sentry gun.

  • LV-426

    Reminds me of CROWS or even the TRAP Telepresent Rapid Aiming Platform. Interesting to see the tech advance. As long as it helps kill badguys I’m all for it.

    • Michael R. Zupcak

      Telepresent? What do the folks at CISCO have to say about that?

  • 2hotel9

    Looks like a viable system, though it would need some shielding in field use otherwise it could be damaged with just rifle fire. I think a visor system combined with the controller base would give better control of shot placement. I had expected a lot more companies doing this back in the early ’90s yet it never really seemed to catch on.

  • Rock or Something

    I, for one, would like to welcome our new machine overlords…

  • cs

    How much does the Talon cost? Can a civ buy one?

  • jonspencer

    So, a light duty and probably inferior, less expensive CROWS system.
    You get what you pay for.

  • Secundius

    ONLY 60-GRAND, are you JOKING, $60,000.00 USD…