Springfield Armory Announces New XD-S Pistol In .40 Caliber

Springfield Armory announced today they will be releasing the XD-S in 40 caliber. This release will complete the XD-S single stack line as far as caliber offerings. At .9 inches in width it’s one of the slimmest carry pistols in major calibers.

This new offering holds 6+1 rounds of 40 caliber ammunition. This pistol will make a viable backup or primary weapon for concealed carry or as an addition to a police officers full size pistol in 40 caliber.

These will be available with black frame and black melonite slide or stainless slide.


GENESEO, IL, January 8, 2016 – Springfield Armory® is pleased to announce the addition of a brand new XD-S® carry pistol. The XD-S® .40 rounds out the lineup of the world’s most shooter-friendly carry handgun by adding the popular .40 self-defense caliber. Customers can now choose between all major self-defense calibers – 9mm, .45 ACP, and .40 caliber – in one of the slimmest and easiest to conceal guns on the market.

Law enforcement users will appreciate the new caliber option that is likely to match that of their service gun, simplifying the process of ammo compatibility between primary and backup. Civilian users will appreciate the increased capacity over the .45 ACP XD-S® while still packing a major caliber.

“While customers appreciate the choice between 9mm and .45 ACP in the XD-S® lineup, we wanted to make things easier for our law enforcement users,” says Dennis Reese, Springfield Armory® CEO. “Many departments are standardized on the .40 caliber, and we wanted to make it easier to choose the XD-S® as a backup to their primary service weapon. Besides, many concealed carry customers prefer to carry the same caliber as their local law enforcement officers, so they’ll appreciate having the option of a .40 caliber model too.”

The svelte XD-S® design has become the standard to beat for concealed carry. Just .9 inches wide, the XD-S® is effortless to conceal. Unlike most small handguns, it’s also a pleasure to shoot. The combination of thoughtful grip texturing, interchangeable backstraps and a perfectly proportioned frame allow shooters to get a solid grip and easily control the XD-S®.

Even with its single-stack design, customers don’t have to sacrifice capacity. The new .40 caliber model fits 6+1 rounds using the flush magazine and 7+1 with the included Mid-Mag. The 9mm and .45 ACP models hold 7+1 / 8+1 and 5+1 / 6+1 rounds respectively.

As with the existing 9mm and .45 ACP XD-S® models, the .40 caliber is available with either a black Melonite® or stainless steel slide. Both slide options pair with a weight-saving black polymer frame. The new XD-S® .40 includes a high visibility fiber optic front sight and low profile combat rear sight for snag free draws from the holster.

With the new XD-S® .40, Springfield Armory® has made the world’s most concealable full power pistol lineup even better.

Phil White

Retired police officer with 30 years of service. Firearms instructor and SRU team member. I still instruct with local agencies. My daily carry pistol is the tried and true 1911. I’m the Associate Editor and moderator at TFB. I really enjoy answering readers questions and comments. We can all learn from each other about our favorite hobby!


  • Bj

    9mm isn’t a major caliber?

    Just what no one asked for.

    • Yes it is but all of these companies eventually come out with 9mm,40 and 45 acp.

      • Bj

        Yes, but 4 years. 4 years of different barrel lengths, magazine variations, recalls, and every competitor coming out with cheaper variants.

        Spending 40 hours a week at a gun counter, I don’t hear anyone saying “id love to spend more for a “springfield”, but it isn’t available in .40, oh well, I guess I’ll wait…”

    • Jeremy Star

      I asked for it. My PPS is .40 too. Not sure why it took so long when the PPS came out years ago.

    • MrEllis

      A lot of LE carries .40 on duty, some people like to stick with what they know to streamline their ammo supply. I carried a Glock 23 for years on and off duty. I’m not partial to .40 I have an XDs in .45 but I would understand wanting to keep your guns on caliber.

  • USMC03Vet

    You guys should have left up tomorrow’s reveal. 😉

  • Tim Pearce

    Took them a while. I wonder if they had a lot of teething problems with it, or if they just had a lot of other priorities.

    • Kefefs

      .40 S&W is a good deal more powerful than 9x19mm and .45 Auto, and you can’t always drop it into a pistol designed for those calibres without some engineering changes.

      That, and demand for .40 isn’t what it used to be.

      • maodeedee

        The 40 has more recoil impulse than the 9 because it launches heavier bullets than the 9 but a common misconception is that the 40 is a higher pressure round than the 9 and it is not.

        The 45 is a lower pressure round than either the 40 or the 9 but it launchews even heavier bullets than the 40 except for the `185 grain bullets which are only 5 grains heavier than the heaviest bullet weight commonly used in the 40 but I would think that any gun able to handle the 45 especially with plus p loads, should be able to handle the 40.

  • smartacus

    i can’t wait for you guys to do a comparison of all three!!

  • KatrinaAnon

    Not sure why 40? Between 9 and 45 what else could you want.

  • LazyReader

    XD is the greatest pistol name ever conceived.
    Everytime an XD get’s sold you can say “Hey Obama XD”

  • Wingbert

    Folks at Springfield must be bored to spend the time and energy to develop a .40 variant.

  • maodeedee

    Seems like a good option to me. Some of us have larger guns chambered in 40 that use the same ammo. Too bad they couldn’t have squeezed one more round into the mag and maybe had it stick out just a hair below the grip.

    I’d be curious to know the difference in recoil between the 40 and the 45 versions.