New SIG Ammo: .38 SPL, .44 SPL and .45 Colt

SigSauer Ammo

SIG SAUER continues to expand the company’s line of self defense ammunition. This time the company added three calibers in time for the SHOT Show. The new calibers are: .38 Special, .44 Special and 45 Colt.

The .38 Special load is a +P rated round that uses a 125 grain V-Crown hollow point. SIG SAUER states the velocity as 965 feet per second (fps). That works out to be about 258 foot-pounds (ft-lbs) of energy. As a point of comparison, the Speer Gold Dot 125 grain +P load is rated at 945 fps (248 ft-lbs). The company also offers a .38 Special FMJ round for training and target shooting.

The .44 Special Load uses a beefy 240 grain V-Crown bullet and is loaded to 800 fps. This works out to be about 341 ft-lbs of energy.

For the .45 Colt, SIG uses a 230 grain V-Crown bullet. This load pushes the bullet to 850 fps for about 369 ft-lbs of energy.

The addition of these loads to the line makes a lot of sense for SIG. The .38 Special remains very popular with concealed carry holders while the .45 Colt experienced a resurgence of interest because of the Taurus Judge. Of the three, I’m most glad to see the .44 Special. Good .44 Special ammunition choices are somewhat limited when compared to what’s available for the 9mm or .40 S&W. While the V-Crown bullet design has not been around for a long time, at least having it in .44 gives shooters a chance to try something new.

Earlier this year, SIG added 300 BLK and .38 Super to the ammunition line up.

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  • John

    Darn, this ammo bandwagon is getting really full!

    Call me when they start making .22 LR.

  • Mattb

    Now if someone would just put out a decent .44 special carry revolver, that has been my obscure gun of desire for a long time.

    • BearSlayer338

      Ruger LCR .44 perhaps?

      • Marcus D.

        That sounds like torture.

        • BearSlayer338

          .44 special shouldn’t be that bad out of snub,it is pretty comparable to .45 acp. An LCR in .44 special would probably have less recoil than a .357 LCR.

    • gunsandrockets

      Rossi Model 720, 31 ounces, 7.8 inches long.

    • David169

      I bought a pair of S&W 396 Night Guards when they were offered. They are 44 Specials with a 2.5 inch barrel built on a scandium aluminum “L” frame. To add weight they come with a stainless steel cylinder which holds five cartridges. The entire revolver is black. Its probably the only snubbie revolver caliber that with a solid hit can put a large man on his back reliably. I use the Buffalo Bore 190 grain soft SWCHP which develop 1000 FPS out of a 2.5 inch barrel. I shoot a lot so if I like a pistol I will buy more than one so when one is in the shop I have the other one to carry. If you want one you can find a good used one on the lists and auction sites. I wish S&W would make them again and in 45 Colt also.
      My target and practice load is a 185 grain H&G wad cutter #107B with 4.2 grains of Titegroup.

    • Don’t Drone Me Bro

      A Smith L-frame in .44 Special would be pretty good. A Model 69 is already a pretty lightweight gun. Give it a tapered barrel and maybe even offer it in a scandium frame and titanium cylinder configuration with fixed sights (tritium or fiber optic front), they’d have a lot of people’s money.

  • Art out West

    Sad to see .38 sp. becoming a “less common” round (in the same category as .45 Colt or .44 special).
    Have 9mm, .40, .45ACP, and .380 so totally surpassed it in terms of popularity for defensive use?
    I have and shoot all of the above caliber handguns (as well as .357mag, 9×18, and .22lr), but generally carry a J-Frame revolver.

    • Art out West

      Maybe it is better to think in positive terms.
      I am glad that there are quality defensive rounds out there for .45 Colt, and .44 special (though I shoot neither).

  • Art out West

    I’m also kind of frustrated that all the companies list velocity and energy out of a service length barrel (esp. for .38 special). I understand that it makes a certain sense for consistency, buy almost nobody would actually shoot this .38 out of a service length barrel.
    The people who carry .38’s today, almost all carry snub nose revolvers like LCR’s and 642’s. I want to know energy and velocity out of a 2″ barrel. That is what matters.
    I like the fact that Buffalo Bore lists velocities and energy levels for their cartridges fired out of a variety of barrel lengths.

    • USMC03Vet

      Not only that, but usually the “defensive” ammunition doesn’t even perform well in the commonly carried shorter barrels making the ammunition no better than a FMJ. This ammo specifically has a problem with not performing out of shorter barrels, so you’re essentially paying ridiculous prices for a pretty JHP bullet.

  • Rimfire Extreme

    Soon every gun brand will have their own ammo? Browning, Sig, Ruger now, who is next?

  • Rimfire Extreme

    I’m holding out for Hi Point hollowpoints 🙂

  • Marcus D.

    Only 230 grains and 850 fps? That is a .45 ACP loading! Nothing like neutering a great cartridge.

  • gunsandrockets

    What barrel length?

  • Sure

  • walter12

    The Sig specs are just standard and nothing special at all.

  • Glock Guy

    Great ammo and light weight. I feed the 9mm into my Glock. This hollow point ammo will do MASSIVE damage to an opponent.