Kimber Releases Micro 9 Sub-Compact 9mm

Buried in their new product announcement for the year, Kimber has announced the release of their Micro 9 9mm sub-compact handgun. The new Micro 9 is the big brother to Kimbers existing Micro .380 series and the slightly-larger-brother to Kimber’s Solo series.

Construction of the Micro 9 is an aluminum frame topped with a steel slide. The Micros feature a 16 lbs recoil spring coiled around a full-length guide rod. Width of the frame is only 1.06 inches and the barrel length is pegged at 3.15, respectable for subcompacts in the caliber. Triggers are “match grade” with the factory weight set a 7 lbs.


Unlike the Solo series, the Micro 9s borrow far more heavily from the 1911 design and feature the straight-pull single-action only trigger. Like the Solo, capacity is a small, only 6 + 1, which even the Glock single stacks is able to beat. The slightly longer barrel does not yield an increase in sight radius, with the Solo at 4.4 inches. and the Micro 9 at 4.3 due to the expose hammer shortening up the slide relative to the back of the grip.

The new handguns are priced at far more reasonable (at least compared to the Solo) $654 for the stainless version and its Two-Tone brother. Like other Kimber handgun series, a factory Crimson Trace equipped model is available at an MSRP of $894.

Nathan S

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  • Anonymoose

    Will standard 1911 9mm magazines fit? Does it use a bull barrel or a bushing? Are the sights standard Novak cut?

    • TechnoTriticale

      re: Will standard 1911 9mm magazines fit?

      Doubtful. As with the Springfield EMP, a main point of doing a custom 9mm frame for a compact 1911 is to shorten the grip span front-to-back.

      This Micro appears to use a new pattern of grips, lasergrips and mags. The accessory SKUs aren’t even the same as the Solo.

      Kimber gets custom CT LaserGrips on day zero. Springfield had to wait years for them on the EMP. Says something.

      • Griz

        It says that CT knows people that are willing to drop big money(compared to Springfield, para, RIA) on a Kimber are the same customers willing to buy CT lasers.

    • Some internal parts are likely compatible with the SIG-Sauer P938. The SIG P238/P938 and Kimber Micros are all variations on the old Colt Government .380 and Mustang designs. Once upon a time, Colt offered the Pocket Nine, an upsized variant of their double-action only Pony, which was another offshoot of the Mustang family tree. Unfortunately, the Colt DAO design’s offset barrel lug infringed upon Kahr’s patent for their K9 pistol family.

  • Bj

    Looks like a sig 938 competitor. This is what my customers have been asking for.

    • Yes, Colt would be fools to not upscale their own Mustang.

      • Madcap_Magician

        You lost me at “Colt would be fools…”

        • Griz


  • Joe

    Anyone have a side profile?

    If it’s more proportional than the P938 it will be a big win in my book.

  • BillyC

    Nathan, that looks like a baby browning trigger, not a straight pull 1911. The little pin above the trigger is the indicator. Unless I’m wrong, this can be directly compared to the sig 238 and 938.

  • El Duderino

    Hope it’s an improvement over the Solo. Mine was beautiful but unreliable. I really, really wanted it to be great. If this works I might be getting a Kimber again…

  • Giolli Joker

    Crimson laser in real rosewood… new to me and not bad at all!

  • BillC

    Yeah, probably will be veeerrrry reliable. Because Kimber + sub-compact 1911 + 9mm 1911 are known for those things separately. /sarc/

    • Marcus D.

      My 4″ Pro Carry II is quite reliable–now, after 1400 rounds and a spring change.

      • andrey kireev

        lel ?

  • BearSlayer338

    More expensive than P938, doesn’t come with night sights as standard,and is likely to not be very reliable.(based on Kimber Micro .380 VS Sig P238)
    I trust Kimber to be accurate but I trust Sig to be reliable,I’ve never had any problems with Sigs including my 238 and 938,but I have had problems with a few Kimbers and most likely won’t own another..

    • andrey kireev

      can confirm… P938 is my ̶w̶a̶i̶f̶u̶ everyday carry.

    • ShadowViperHissatsu

      glocks all day for me you should watch the youtube video where they bury a glock 19 or 23 with the slide open in the open ground for one year and then clean it with regular waterhose and fire a thousand rounds out of it.

      • andrey kireev

        but glock has nothing to do with 1911 type guns… if anything it’s a polar opposite…

      • BearSlayer338

        Glocks are great reliable guns,but they are a bit thick,I prefer to carry something thinner. I do not really like how Glocks feel or how they look,I’m also not as accurate with them as I am with my Sigs. I’m not really a fan of polymer pistols in general though except for the gen 1 Walther P99’s.

  • Marcus D.

    Didn’t these come out last summer? And yes, they are a Colt Mustang, quite noticeable when you see the identical take down and safety levers on the other side of the gun. Also noted is the same trigger pull as the Mustang/P938 at seven pounds (which really doesn’t feel that heavy) with a clean break. Pretty little piece, but my Kahr CW9 carries 7+1, so I am not particularly tempted–even if I was lucky enough for California to allow the gun to be sold here. (Funny, I can get a P238, but the P938 came out after the microstamp law was deemed in effect, so is not on the Roster).

  • Duray

    I believe you’re mistaken about the “straight-pull 1911 style trigger.” The Mustang/238 family, along with this pistol from what I can tell, have traditional pivoting triggers. See that’s gap below the trigger? The roll pin at the top?

  • Sean

    I just want those laser grips for my 938