Gun Store Claw Machine Game

Earlier this year we posted about an ammo vending machine in a private gun club. Well Mike Robinson of Tactical Graphics purchased a crane/claw game for his gun store. Instead of toys and plush animals, he lined the bottom with empty brass and filled it with Magpul accessories.

Gun Crane 2


Seems like a fun way to get a couple of coins out of your customers. If I were him I would have special deals. If you spend so much money you get a free play with the claw machine. Or give free plays to frequent customers.

Nicholas C

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  • Cal.Bar

    Best thing EVER! Now I know what a 3 year old sees when they look into one of these.

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Dangerously frustrating game to put in the hands of armed people.
    100% chance of someone shooting out the glass after the 5th time they get a perfect grip and the weak ass claw just slips off.

    • Riot

      Could also get a perfect stock. :p

      • Evan

        I don’t see any stocks in there. Slings, AFGs (great piece of gear by the way), rail sections, and backup sights, but no stocks.

  • Griz

    I am good at retrieving the stuffed animals, or perhaps lucky. I know the claw strength is programed to weaken and tighten after so many games. It wouldd be funny for me to pick up something and have it fall out of the claw just before reaching the drop point.

    • Chadd

      Most of them use a potentiometer that the owner can adjust to change the strength of the grip.
      I haven’t looked into the current generation of the electronics though so it could be how you said.

      • Griz

        The claw is still owner adjustable but they also have sensors and strength can vary depending on the win percentage the owner of the machine programs into them, my in laws owned one (2001ish) and a few gum ball machines.

  • Chadd

    I love guns, I love claw games, I would love to try and empty that one out! I have no use for anything in there, but I have an addiction that I feed regularly!!

  • LV-426


    • Phil Hsueh

      There’s that or you could get a 2 year old to climb inside of it and toss out prizes for you.

  • John

    What is it, 50 cents a play? A dollar? Five?

  • Kjk

    Some claw machines are super easy to win (the ones with cheap stuffed animals) and others are almost impossible (the ones with good stuff). Unfortunately I’m only really good at winning knockoff beanie babies.

    • Griz

      As I replied below newer machines are programmable for win % and claw strength. Those cheap beanie babies cost less than a buck, so if every 4th play wins you still double your money.

      • Bill

        Indeed they are, just like most carnival games and “games of skill.”

        • hking

          There was one of those “line up the squares” games at our local Buffalo Wild Wings that would pay out after so many tries, it was fairly predictable if you were there to watch and count for a few hours. We would end up putting $5-10 in to win $50/$100 gift cards all the time, basically ate hot wings throughout highschool for free. Sad day when they replaced it with a much less predictable machine.

  • Mikial

    I’d waste a few quarters on it.