Concealed Carry Workwear by Berne

5.11 certainly has a market pegged, but companies are starting to push into niches were 5.11 has not yet tread. Berne, a company known for creating rugged work wear has opted to expliot one of those niches focusing on the company’s core audience.

The first two products, the Echo One One Concealed Carry Jacket and the Echo One Zero Concealed Carry Vest feature Berne’s “Adder” system, which is touted “…the fastest deploying exterior weapon concealment system designed for speed, security, and ultimate concealment on a wide variety of hard-working clothing.”

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The Adder system is highly interesting. In short, it uses standard exterior pockets to cover hidden Molle panels that allow the usage of many standard holster systems and accessory carry pouches to maximize versatility. Given how “workwear” is used, the added bulk under the pockets would hardly be noticed.


For both the jacket and the vest, the Adder system is completely ambidextrous, with both front pockets being available. Users can therefore use the pocket that suites their carry style and or use the other for extra ammunition or simply to store gloves (for actual work).

Retail pricing on th jacket is set at $129.99 and the vest at $99.99. Both are available in the normal variety of “work” colors including black, tan, etc.


Nathan S

One of TFB’s resident Jarheads, Nathan now works within the firearms industry. A consecutive Marine rifle and pistol expert, he enjoys local 3-gun, NFA, gunsmithing, MSR’s, & high-speed gear. Nathan has traveled to over 30 countries working with US DoD & foreign MoDs.

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  • Rob

    Nothing screams CCW like “tactical clothing” IMO, very nice to see some “work style” clothes with CCW in mind.

    • Sianmink

      Now I just need to find more pants that don’t make me look like an off-duty cop.

      Also CCW jackets don’t help me much in Florida for 10 months out of the year.

      • Hellbilly

        Wrangler blue jeans are my pant of choice as an off-duty cop.

        • iksnilol


          If you use it then we others can’t because people will think we’re off duty cops.

        • USMC03Vet

          Thank you, Walker Texas Ranger.

        • I wear Carhartt jeans:-)

      • Madcap_Magician

        But they help us in Minnesota for ten months out of the year!

    • Badwolf

      yeah, like rifle or pistol bags with molle all over them. id like to see more gun bags that dont look like gun bags on the outside.

      • raz-0

        Honestly, go to local big box music store. Head towards keyboard section. Ask if they have gig bags. Buy one in appropriate size.

        They do tend to be less cost conscious than gun bags though.

        • Badwolf

          thats a great idea! thanks! ive also tried using tennis bags. but the problem i found with non gun bags is they are not designed to hold heavy items, and they dont have the appropriate straps to secure a rifle. a fully loaded AR with optics, extra ammo & mags, and some basic tools can add up to 15 lbs easy. after a few months of using a tennis bag, the material near the bag handles started to tear. i have to lift it from the bottom to avoid further damage.

  • jonjon7465

    My suggestion for these CCW jackets is pit zippers. That way you can wear the jacket in slightly warmer temps without overheating. I have never seen the perfect CCW jacket yet, but this one is nice.

  • Phillip Cooper

    Looks like a great product, and at a good price. I’ll have to check it out.

  • MrEllis

    This gives new meaning to “wardrobe malfunction.”

  • Friend of Tibet

    Well this is a good design but man this jacket is ugly……….good luck getting a beautiful hot girl on a date with this jacket on……..

    • Bill

      Yeah, it’s not a Carhartt, the official redneck tuxedo.

    • iksnilol

      Uh, if you’re confident then I doubt she cares if you wear a work jacket.

      Besides, if she ditches you for wearing work clothes then that’s just too shallow for me. Even for a one night stand.

  • Spencerhut

    Looks good, but I’m in a cold climate today so any jacket looks good. Glad to see more carry options coming out every month. More options mean more people will find a solution to fit their needs and actually carry a gun. The more the merrier.

  • Cal.Bar

    I’m all for CCW wear (such as it is) but…. if I’m already wearing that large and bulky a jacket, I can cover my weapon on my belt anyway. The real trick is CCW wear that will work when I CAN’T cover a pistol on my hip.

    • JLR84

      Concealment isn’t a problem when you’re wearing a heavy winter jacket, but fast access is. Usually too stiff and bulky to pull up for the draw.

      When I’m shooting outdoors in the winter I usually end up leaving the jacket unzipped so I can swing it out of the way for the draw. Then zip back up for warmth between strings of fire.

      I don’t like the idea of carrying *in* the coat as an alternative though. It has the same issues as off-body bag carry, once you go indoors and have to take off the coat.

  • LV-426

    FEEL THE BERNE!! – In a world of high performance grandpa inspired, concealed carry clothing. Only one strikes like a venomous snake. THE ADDER SYSTEM.

  • jrt 82

    Thank Goodness. A jacket that says “I have a Job” and not “I have a gun”.

  • DIR911911 .

    and it arrived from amazon today!! $117 and some change with tax and free shipping. have to pick up a couple of holsters for it now 🙂