Skynet Anti-Drone Ammo…


Advanced Ballistics Concepts will introduce a line of ammunition called SKYNET and SKYNET+. The new ammunition will be available in 12 gauge through 40mm. It appears that when fired, the projectile breaks apart and deploys a net of some type.

Of course, this is not the first ammo labeled as being anti-drone. Snake River Shooting Products released 12 gauge loads that claim to be for the same purpose.

Nor is this the first (very) niche ammunition product introduced by Advanced Ballistics Concepts. The company has endeavored to produce ammunition that breaks into chunks, but remain tethered with wire. According to the company, the ammunition is “designed to compensate for most if not all of the typical marksman’s error caused by Last Second Twitch.” The company defines Last Second Twitch as “the combined negative reactions of the body and mind.”

Currently, the company produces three kinds of ammunition that use its Wide Envelopment Bullet design. They are referred to as:

  • Less-Lethal
  • Semi-Lethal
  • Fully-Lethal

I pause at the seemingly marketing driven names. Seriously, semi-lethal? It reminds me of the Black Death bit from the Holy Grail:

The company’s suggestions on the use of the ammunition and how to mix the various levels in your magazines is a bit questionably as well. For example, using their “Smart Stack” method, the company recommends using a less-lethal, then semi-lethal and then a fully-lethal load so you can employ non-deadly force from your firearm when lethal force is not warranted. Of course, this does not take into account how quickly someone may pull the trigger in the a violent confrontation.

We’ve seen cases where police officers have confused two entirely different weapons (handgun and TASER) in a stressful encounter. How much easier would it be to fire one too many rounds when deadly force is not appropriate?

Looking at the company’s S.K.I.P. Stack method, I can see potential problems in the legal aftermath of any defensive shooting. S.K.I.P. stands for “Systematically Kill the Intended Person.” In a questionable shooting, a prosecutor might refer to that as malice aforethought.

Maybe the anti-drone ammo is good…for something….but I have concerns about the company’s overall mission. There is no MSRP information on the new loads. However, the fully-lethal .45 ACP rounds retail for nearly $200 for a box of 50 rounds ($188.95 to be precise.)

Are they attempting to develop effective ammunition for self-defense, or just use hyped up marketing to make a buck? What do you think?

Richard Johnson

An advocate of gun proliferation zones, Richard is a long time shooter, former cop and internet entrepreneur. Among the many places he calls home is


  • M.M.D.C.

    “SKYNET Anti-drone ammo” – stoopid, but… if I were going to shoot a drone down I would just use good ol bird shot. It’s designed for shooting at flying things and it becomes all but harmless after 75 yards.

  • Edeco

    “And who are you, little fella?” -Nada/They Live before shooting a drone.

  • Mystick

    It’s a “bolo” round…. certainly nothing new to the 12-gauge experimenters out there. They have been “semi-commercially” available for a while now.

    I’m curious how they dealt with the downrange effects of the weights necessary to establish the geometry of the “net”. Certainly more energy there than simple bird-shot.

  • Kyle

    Given that a guy in Kentucky apparently dropped a drone pretty far out with regular old bird shot you would probably be better served buying a case of Black Cloud and calling it a day. I am curious to see the behavior of this wired round on ballistic gel with simulated bone and clothing though. For science!

  • Eric S

    This sounds like a joke company. Are you sure it’s legit? Overpriced ammo & no way to buy stuff seem like dead giveaways.

    • Kristoff

      Well not to mention this, quote: “According to the company, the ammunition is “designed to compensate for most if not all of the typical marksman’s error caused by Last Second Twitch.” Unquote.

      So it’s basically magic ammo. It’s 2016, the future is now. I’ll take two boxes. Those Coots (Mud Hens) won’t know what hit ’em.

  • Hensley Beuron Garlington

    This company and the ammo have been heavily featured on Weapons Education on YouTube. The guy is pretty enthusiastic about the company and the rounds, but I never saw a gel test. They did test on plywood. The tethering keeps the fragments in tight grouping around a central slug, and the three walls of the round basically form a windmill and each fragment “keyholes” onto whatever object it impacts. It looks really useful for training, as you can see how far off you are when you miss, but plywood isn’t exactly a good test to determine how much damage it would do to a human being.
    Drone ammo is ridiculous though. Best ammo for drones would be like any other anti air ammo, like smart air-burst munitions in 20 mm.

  • john huscio

    “Shoot this if you want to live”

  • Mister Thomas

    “the projectile breaks apart and deploys a net of some type.” I’d like to see this “net or something.”

  • Tom Currie

    Yawn… Stupid is as stupid does…. Or in this case, Stupid is as stupid advertises. TFB and this company seem like a good match.

  • Its the same company. There are multiple names associated with the company.

  • robocop33

    Just use Birdshot. Understand that you are firing a weapon with a lethal ammo and it is illegal to fire a weapon with a lethal load in most areas. If you are home in an urban area, or area with other homes and you see this drone flying over and think it might be taking photos of your wife or daughter sunbathing topless, you still cannot break out your shotgun and blast it out of the sky! Tell them to cover up!

    • Bill

      People don’t seem to understand that they can’t own the sky. In cases of intentional voyeurism, there are already criminal statutes that apply.

      • Budogunner

        Not all rc aircraft (aka drones) have cameras. Most don’t.

  • Airrider

    Normally I’ll give obviously-for-fun ammo a pass but in this case, “there’s a sucker born every minute” sure comes to mind.

  • Budogunner

    I’m a firearm enthusiast and Federally licensed drone pilot. Not sure how to feel about this one.