Slide Spider From Arachni Grip

Whether you’re looking for a way to achieve a more positive grip while manipulating your slide, have a weaker grip due to arthritis, or you just want a visually catchy addition to your favorite pistol, you have to take a look at the Slide Spider. The Slide Spider is a patent-pending product designed by a company called ArachniGRIP. ArachniGRIP was founded in 2015 and is located in the town of Parker, Colorado. It was started by a pair of self-described “lifelong firearms enthusiasts.” The motivation behind the founding of the company was to help shooters at all stages utilize safer training methods. They hope the Slide Spider will not only help shooters train safely but allow them to train more comfortably and easily as well.

The Slide Spider is what it sounds like – a multi-legged addition to your gun’s slide. A spider is emblazoned at the center while legs designed to fit within your gun’s serrations run down each side. According to the company it helps shooters with a weak grip due to arthritis or other issues get a more positive grip. It’s also for use by shooters just looking for a sure grip in general whether due to wet, slippery conditions or various personal reasons. Testimonials on ArachniGRIP’s website are glowing and come from varied sources ranging from average citizens to NRA instructors to a USPSA Master Class Shooter.

In addition to the original spider-emblazoned version there is also a “your logo here” option listed. It appears to come in multiple colors including black, red, and pink. The product itself adheres to the gun with an adhesive that can be removed with isopropyl alcohol.

ArachniGRIP is currently selling the Slide Spider for the following guns: Kahr, Walther, SCCY, Beretta, Glock, Heckler&Koch, Para USA, Ruger, SIG Sauer, Smith & Wesson, and Springfield Armory. Specific details can be found on the company’s website at!/c/12999691/inview=category13415206&offset=0&sort=normal. MSRP $19.95.

Visit ArachniGRIP’s website at

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  • JK

    Former Magpul Employees Local 420

  • MR

    Anybody have any luck with that website? I can’t seem to get it to any specific products.

  • Mcameron

    $20 is a lot of money for a little bit of grip tape…i mean for $4 and 5 minutes with an exacto knife will give you the same thing

    • rob in katy

      But if they don’t have the dexterity to rack the slide, they probably won’t be able to do as you suggest…others of us would screw up a steel bearing with a rubber mallet.

      • thinkdunson

        as always, he’s just offering an alternative suggestion. there will always be people who are willing to pay a lot more for less work.

  • mosinman

    what if you’re operating in isopropyl alcohol environments though ?

    • Beju

      Then you’d probably be a microorganism and need the 0.01 µm version for better cilia, flagellum, or pseudopod compatibility.

      • mosinman

        how’d you know ?! that’s classified!!!

  • Oldtrader3

    Good idea! I would buy this because I have Peripheral Neuritis and Arthritis in both my hands. The price is immaterial if I am able to work my slide more easily and reliably. Those of you who did not start out working as a young Diamond Driller, braking knuckles, or are not 72 years old will not get or need this.

    • MR

      I’m guessing they’re banking on people just wanting a splash of color on their pistol for a majority of their market share.

  • Chase Buchanan

    There’s not one word on the website about what this product is made of.
    Is it rubber, or sandpaper, or otherwise grippy somehow? Right now, I have no information that convinces me that a Slide Spider would actually help me grip anything.

  • John

    Uh, here’s the thing. Forgetting that I put such a contraption on my pistol, I’d see the spider, freak out and drop the pistol. Not something I want.

    • MR

      Don’t forget “Scream like a little girl”

      • JDH


  • Bill

    So this is different from Pic Rail covers how?
    I’m not sure I see a whole lot of mechanical advantage when you’ve got the rear sight right there to use as a “stop,” even Novaks can provide a little extra gripping space.

  • Hey I shake my head at some products as well but we have to remember there are buyers for almost any product that ends up on the market for sale. We cover most of the new gadgets regardless of personal opinions.

    • Mystick

      I believe the phrase in context is “One born every minute…”

      • Rocketman

        About 25 years ago I was down in south Florida at a small county gun show and saw a really weird looking rifle. At first I thought that it was silenced and then it hit me. I was looking at a dolled up potato gun! The owner had fixed up all up and even stuck a Smith and Wesson logo on the gun. And get this his asking price for this was $800! “One born every minute” indeed!

    • After reading the comments from people talking about Elderly and Disabled folks… If it helps them – then that’s awesome.

  • Mystick

    Does it come in any colors other than “fugly”? I don’t understand this trend with making firearms look like plastic toys. It does no one any favors.

  • Oldtrader3

    I just own many revolvers!

  • Rocketman

    As an older shooter I can see where it would help as my grip isn’t as good as it used to be but what I want to know is if I put it on my Glock is it going to slow down my drawing it from the holster? That could be “embarrassing.”