Bullet Proof Paint Line-X

Here is a not so scientific test, shooting a car door with a shotgun. I can’t quite tell what type of 12Ga round it is, but based on the lack of penetration to the door, I suspect it is bird shot. I am curious what Line-X will do against standard caliber rounds like 9mm, .40 S&W, .45acp. Why didn’t they try handgun or rifle rounds? They didn’t even try other shotgun ammo like buck shot or slugs.




For those not familiar with the magic of Line-X here is a video showing how it makes objects unbreakable.


Does this mean it will make an object bullet proof? I doubt it. Dropping things from a building or hitting them with a sledge hammer is not the same as a bullet. But I would love to test it to see what it can and can’t withstand.

Nicholas C

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  • M

    If I recall correctly, Line-x is best known for providing spall-proof coating for armor plates

    • DIR911911 .

      they’re BEST known for putting linings in the back of pick up trucks.

  • mzungu

    I can see this on personal armor where the liner captured the broken up bullet(spalling) so it don’t hit your face, but on a car door? That’s kind of useless, unless you are thinking of not hurting the secret services guys walking along side of your car… 😛

    • JSmath

      Car doors don’t deflect bullets or even pellets. They’re just too thin. After poking through the door metal, it’s usually the foam and plastic that stops bullets from really doing damage through vehicles. The lining isn’t going to do anything for people outside a car.

      • mzungu

        u r right that the liner won’t stop the bullets nor the sheet metal by itself, but it should have enuf to stop the broken pieces from bouncing back out after puncture. Most car armor place will just install a ceramic plate inside the car door, the bullet will pass though the original car sheet metal, but breaks up on contact with the ceramic, and the broken bullet will not likely to have enuf energy to go back out trough the sheet metals again. The X-line was used for this exact purpose originally for personal armors, I think.

      • Tassiebush

        That’s certainly the result of my experiments. Birdshot doesn’t penetrate metal. Buckshot penetrates metal but only a few pellets manage to get through door trim plastic and they’d be harmless. .223 softpoints fail to get through too. 12gauge slugs easily go through both sides of the car. I think this liner would be like adding a bit more plastic. It’d have some benefit but nothing phenomenal.

      • Jamie Clemons

        depends on the distance. At up to about 25 feet bird shot does not have time to spread out. I shot a steel bucket one time at close distance and it definitely went through both sides and left a hole like a slug would.

    • micmac80

      forget it on body armor these liners are super heavy ,you might as well add a metal plate or chainmail for that weight

  • My name is Charles Darwin and I Approve this product.

  • Nicholas Chen

    Now that I think about it, I wonder what would happen if you coated one of those DIY body armor set ups with Line X. Like spray a couple Ceramic tiles and see what it can do to a bullet.


    • Some ballistic plate manufacturers already use truck bed liner as an anti-spall coating.

  • The video is 4x better if you mute it while watching.

    • GearHeadTony

      All hail SABATON!!!

  • micmac80

    what is the point , by their test car door is birdshoot proof anyway , they just added heavy and expensive goo to no real avail.

  • Southpaw89

    Definitely using bird shot, doubt it would be effective against a standard pistol round.

  • Lance

    I agree as a addon for standard Body Army this maybe useful. to replace it id in a BIG way NO!

  • Swarf

    Got real quiet in here…

  • Uncle Festet

    A few years ago, Mythbusters did an interesting test on the product’s ability to stop blast damage.

  • John Henningsen

    Don’t buy into line-X hype. Their product is by no means bulletproof. It will only stop round shot. But then again, RHINO LININGS will do the same thing. The liner is only meant to reduce the amount of spall. RHINO LININGS always test its product in combination with lightweight ballistic armor plate.

    • Secundius

      @ John Henningsen.

      Buy some Al23-1/3XO27+XN5-X or “Aluminium Oxynitide” (aka Transparent Ceramic Aluminium). 31.5mm will STOP a .50-caliber (13.0x99mm/BMG) round. Manufacturer is Surmet…

  • Mystick

    That’s a hell of a dent for common bird shot… maybe a 3-1/2″… I’ve found at any range beyond 20 feet that it has a tendency to bounce off of more than penetrate anything other than flesh. Usually back at the shooter. Been peppered several times from standing next to idiots.

  • JoelM

    Anti spalling I do believe. It does look like it would make an great anti spalling coating.

    • Sam Green

      I’m not a big fan of metal plates and the dangers associated with them, but when AR500 started using Line X, it was a giant leap forward and it mitigated spall considerably over bare metal hard armor.

      Still not ready to swap my ceramic armor for metal plates, but Line X does what it was designed for and a innovation that will save lives.

      I was curious what Line X started out as before it was used for armor and truck bed liners. Often products are invented for reasons other than what they end up being used for.

  • Dan

    I just watched the 2nd video, and while Line-X might be somewhat effective, the video itself is downright deceptive. Working backwards, watch the guy hit the watermelon with the sledgehammer. Watch him use only his back muscles as he bends at the waist to swing the sledgehammer and NOT use his locked arm muscles. Any guy worth his penis can swing a sledgehammer; what’s wrong with this guy? The fat guy on the cups? I was at the mall one day, and they had a full size car balanced on 4 tea cups; thought that was pretty impressive. Look at what they did. Put a 300 pound guy on ONE cup. Cup crushes. Add some strength with the spray paint, put all his weight on both cups at the same time (150 per cup instead of 300) and keeping a lot of weight on his friends (watch the guy on the left rock from the weight).
    I’m not saying it doesn’t have it’s purposes, but let’s at least stay honest, right?

  • Secundius

    You can buy it in a Spray Can for about 15-Bucks. It’s a Bed Liner Protector for protecting the Bed of your Pick-Up Truck. THERE (“NOTHING”) Bullet-Proof About It…