Dan Wesson Discretion

Dan Wesson

Dan Wesson announced a new 1911-style pistol called the Discretion. Specifically designed to work with sound suppressors, the Discretion pistols are chambered for the 9mm and .45 ACP calibers.

These guns come with a 5.75″ threaded barrel (and thread protector.) Tall tritium sights are standard and offer enough height to clear virtually any pistol sound suppressor.

The slides are cut, but the barrels are not ported. Dan Wesson included an accessory rail for the addition of a white light, laser or combination unit.

In 9mm, the magazines will hold 10 rounds. Only 8 rounds are held in a .45 ACP magazine. The suggested retail price on these guns (in either caliber) is $2,142.

Dan Wesson

In recent years, there have been more and more handguns and rifles shipping from the factory with threaded barrels, sights and other features designed to work with sound suppression. While the federal laws in the United States still lump sound suppressors in with other NFA items, several states have loosened restrictions on their possession and use – especially as it relates to hunting.

Few battles are won overnight, but it does seem that their is a rising tide of public acceptance for the common sense hearing protection devices called sound suppressors. Perhaps in the coming years, suppressors will be on the shelf in Walmart next to the muffs and earplugs.

Richard Johnson

An advocate of gun proliferation zones, Richard is a long time shooter, former cop and internet entrepreneur. Among the many places he calls home is http://www.gunsholstersandgear.com/.


  • It’s not particularly…discreet.

  • Nashvone

    A rail on this or any other 1911 just looks wrong to me.

    • Edeco

      I wish more full sizers were available without, hopefully the trend will ebb eventually. Must say though, this rail is nicely blended into the slide… I mean, at least they’re making them now so that they don’t look brazed-on or like a rail-less mold was hastily re-ground to add a rail.

    • Spencerhut

      1911 with rails are like cars with anti-lock brakes. Do you have to have them? No, but they do make life easier? Yes. It’s a gun, a tool, who cares how it looks. Catch up with modern technology.

      • Nashvone

        I’m an electrician. There are several companies that make tools for the work I do. I have the luxury of buying and using tools based on ergonomics. Most of my pistols have rails. My 1911’s don’t.

  • Vitsaus

    One should exercise discretion before buying something as silly looking as this.

  • Edeco

    I like the ventilated hood. Sorry not sorry.

  • Vaughan

    Firearms manufacturers are tasked with coming up with new variations in order to sell more guns and stay in business. Some may suit your tastes. Not everyone likes the same variants. It’s marketing to increase sales. In the end, we all win because we do find some that we buy!

  • town22

    Just following the Glock 34 ventilated slide concept.

    • SpartacusKhan

      those are slide-lightening cuts, and they existed long before glock

  • SteveK

    Well, seems you 1911 purists don’t like it. At least it’s NOT funky dark earth or matte stainless. I like the black finish. I may just buy one if it is demonstrated to be reliable, and I can muster the 2k.

  • Goody

    You’d think someone going for discretion would be looking for three things: Commander length, threaded barrel, bobtail. But hey, look at all these weird angles!

  • SpartacusKhan

    very nice. wish it was a double-stack, though.