Ruger 22/45 Lite Pistol: Now in OD Green


Ruger announced a new version of the 22/45 Lite pistol. This one is anodized olive drab green. Currently, Ruger sells a blue version of the gun plus gun distributor Davidson’s commissioned a pair of limited edition 22/45 Lite pistols in other finishes (red and Muddy Girl.)


Functionally, the gun is the same as the existing blue model. In addition to the color, this gun has different barrel shroud cuts. These run horizontally, while the blue model cuts run vertically, almost like gills.

Ruger 2245

If you are new to the 22/45 Lite pistols, these guns are rimfire handguns that use a polymer frame. Unlike some of the classic Ruger rimfire pistols, these handguns use standard sized 1911 grip panels and have a grip angle that mimics that of the classic .45.

These guns ship with adjustable sights but also come with a Weaver-type rail for the addition of an optic.

The Lite guns use a tension nut and sleeve system to produce accuracy similar to that of the standard 22/45 pistols. The threaded barrel (1/2″-28) can use a suppressor in place of the nut to achieve the same accuracy, but at a hearing safe level. These pistols weigh 22.7 ounces with a 4.4″ barrel – significantly lighter than the standard 22/45 with a 4.5″ threaded barrel that weighs 32 ounces.

The new gun will have a retail price of $549.

Richard Johnson

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  • Will

    Aaaannnddddd…..ITS STILL UGLY AS HOMEMADE SOAP!!!!!!
    But, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

    • Phillip Cooper

      Why do you hate homemade soap?

      • Will

        I suppose I was a bit harsh in my judgement of homemade soap.
        It’s a term my dad used. Just seemed appropriate.
        My most sincere and heartfelt apologies to homemade soap everywhere.

  • Maxpwr

    Very good looking and I’m sure just as accurate as earlier 22/45s.

  • Nashvone

    While the 22/45 series is a fun pistol to shoot, I just don’t see the draw to spend 50% more just to have a pistol that weighs a whopping 10 ounces less. Wasn’t the purpose of a 22/45 to mimic the feel and control of training with a 1911 without the expense of 45APC?

    • joshv06

      I felt the same way. Until i took into account that I would be adding a suppressor and a red dot.

    • David

      Mine is a woods gun so saving that weight while I track and hunt is a big deal for me.

  • Nicks87

    The Ruger 22/45 is one of my favorite guns to shoot but it’s also my least favorite to take apart and put back together.

    • Nashvone

      Can I get an AMEN from the Choir?!!!!!! Majestic Arms makes a speed strip kit. I haven’t ordered one yet but I’m willing to try it.

      • Nicks87

        Really? I might have to check it out.

    • JSmath

      For me, it’s the put back together. Taking it apart is easy enough, but that damned sear/dangling spring arm thing gets me every time; Probably doesn’t help that I only take it apart a few times a year.

  • thedonn007

    Looks like a picatinny rail, not a weaver rail.

  • Andrew

    The solid black with full length fluting is still the best one.

  • Nick Aschenbecker

    You need at least a 5″ BBL for the .22LR cartridge to be a viable cartridge otherwise it is an oversized BB gun.

  • David

    WtF is with these colors?? I have the 22/45 lite in black and it’s respectable. These colors are horrible.

    • JSmath

      I have the LITE in black as well and I’d have be fine with one in any of the colors it’s been made in, even pink.

      Who the hell cares? It’s a plinking gun, not something you’re going to be protecting yourself with.

      • David

        Eh..gun colors are not the biggest thing but two things come to mind. First, silly colors just look silly. Point two, the color you pick says something about your style, and the green, red, blue crap says “I read Vogue”

  • VeriAeq

    As lite as they are they really amplify bad habits IMO, very handy for training. Not too keen on the ports.

  • jerry young

    I prefer the fluted model, it looks like it will be a pain to clean out any dirt that gets in around the barrel on these

  • JSmath

    OD Green?

    You clearly mean lime green, sir/ma’am.

    • Phillip Cooper

      More of a chartreuse, wouldn’t you say?

  • dltaylor51

    I have a Ruger lite and its a very accurate gun BUT I dont like not being able to shoot it if the clip is not in place,you have to blue locktite all the screws or it will shoot loose,loaded chamber indicator fell out of mine,trigger is not the best and looks hard to fix.I bought one of the first ones out so maybe Ruger has addressed the QC issues.Buy a Woodsman instead,you’ll be happier.

  • ftyjyry

    I’ve never wanted a .22 so badly! That thing is cool.

  • dat bee tru

    I can’t get past the fact that it looks like something I put together in my garage. I like the rail and threaded features but it needs a complete redesign