JT Defense Glock S.O.B optic mount

JT Defense, out of Northern California has recently released a Glock red dot optics mount, to fit into the dovetail of an existing Glock. In addition to being mounted in the dovetail, an extra layer of stability is added by replacing the rear slide locking plate and having this connect to the JT Defense mount. Currently the company lists these optics as compatible with the pre drilled threaded holes on the plate:¬†Burris Fastfire II or III, Vortex Viper, Docter¬†Optic, Primary Arms Reflex. It says “in addition to others” but I would have liked for the company to list these “others”.

Slide mounted red optics break into two camps, the competition and the low vis side. Competitors want their optics to move while firing, and thus usually have overly large mounts, while the low vis side is going for changing as little to the handgun as possible and still having it fit in holsters, be somewhat concealable. This camp then breaks into keeping the rear site or not keeping the rear sight of the handgun. Keeping the rear sight usually means milling out the slide in some fashion, to allow the rear sight to co witness with the front sight through the red dot. However the not keeping the rear sight camp is in this category of JT Defense, with removing the rear sight. I’ve personally seen this on my Glock with a dovetail mounted red dot optic. JT Defense looks to be able to provide a much more solid footing when it comes to that stability by incorporating a second or third point of contact with the slide, by using the slide locking plate.

It is called the Sight Optic Base (S.O.B) and is retailing for $99.95. It comes in two different versions, a narrow and a wide.


Red-Dot-Optic-Mount-Diagram Red-Dot-Optic-Mount Red-Dot-Glock_1 red-dot-optic-parts


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  • Nicholas Chen

    “Competitors want their optics to move while firing” Not sure where you got that info. But competitive shooters prefer their optics to not move. Hence frame mounted optics mounts like the ones you see in Open division race guns in USPSA. Or look at the ALG Defense Six Second Mount.

    • Risky

      I’m sure that’s a typo with an omitted “don’t” before the “want”.

    • NDS

      Seems like a typo, since it’s exactly backwards from fact.

  • El Duderino

    Can’t say I hate it. Would look great on my 26 with a tritium RMR. Hope that’s one of the “others”?

  • Mark

    “In addition to being mounted in the dovetail, an extra layer of stability is added by replacing the rear slide locking plate and having this connect to the JT Defense mount.”

    Has there been some problem? I am not trying to make a case here, just want to know if this has been an issue.

    • El Duderino

      Speculation, but my guess it would prevent it (the mount and optic) from drifting in the dovetail. I think it would be pretty tough to just knock the whole thing out on accident.

  • Vitsuas

    Glocks are rapidly becoming the Mosin Nagants of handguns.

    • PK

      I agree, and I think it’s a wonderful thing. Relatively inexpensive, reliable, easily found and fed, great starter guns, plenty of options and aftermarket parts…

      • Nicks87

        Relatively inexpensive? Compared to what, 1911s? Great starter guns? No, I would recommend something with an external thumb safety and better trigger/sights. Glocks are easily found because people that buy them thinking they are a great starter gun soon realize, after shooting one, that they aren’t and trade them in for an M&P, XD, Ruger, etc.

        • PK

          We’ll have to agree to disagree, no harm done.

        • Edeco

          Hey, I resemble that remark :S

          I started with a Glock, it was awesome. It depends on a lot of factors, no one gun is going to be perfect for everyone. A swath of product lines like the M&P, XD and Ruger you point out is bound to cover some niches that another single product line does not. But the Glock has a lot to recommend it.

    • Nicks87

      That makes absolutely no sense what-so-ever. You are the worst troll in the history of TFB.

      • Cymond

        Nah, gotta be Lance, just for sheer endurance across the years and countless down votes.

  • KestrelBike

    What the deuce is going on with that grip-tape on the first image? I see the leaf… but… damn.

    • Perhaps it’s some sort of devious marketing ploy – I clicked the article largely because of the tape mystery.

    • JamesRPatrick

      Really weird that they wouldn’t use an stock Glock. Did they not have another pistol available? Also the line drawing looks like it was done in Illustrator or something, definitely not CAD.

    • Raven

      I think it’s epoxy, some competition guys shape their grips with lumps of it to fit their hands better.

  • Kitsuneki

    Why did they name it so… bad?

  • john huscio

    Had no idea Glock was cranking out frames in Gatorade and dried cat puke…….

  • LV-426

    Looks like……

  • Edeco

    Looks like it was batter-dipped.

  • gunsandrockets

    Well how about that. Very nice.

  • Lol

    For another 150 you can have a 2nd slide pre milled to accept an RMR.. Save your pennies folks.

  • MR

    Looks like the Strike Industry optic mount.

  • Cymond

    One of these days, I’m going to try a red dot on a pistol, but it will probably just be a Primary Arms dot on a River MkIII at first.