Polenar Tactical reviews AKB15

Polenar Tactical has an in-depth review on the AKB15 from Arex that has just come out on their Youtube channel. The company seems to have kept the fundamental design of the Kalashnikov the same, not messing with any of the internals. However what they have done is greatly enhanced some of the furniture. Apart from the assembly of the gas tube, and the barrel that is made in house (cold hammer forged). In the video we see that the entire receiver cover has been replaced with a monolithic rail top cover that extended from the gas tube to the stock, where it uses a captive pin to keep it in place. Another captive pin holds it to the preexisting front sight assembly. One of these pins falls out in the video, but I’m sure that is because it is a prototype and full production versions will be all captive. The stock is based on the ACR or Masada rifle, and swings to the right of the rifle while still allowing use of the controls. It does look like it would get a little bit in the way when folded though. I think if the company sold the furniture kits in the states, that would be a great investment for any AK enthusiast, instead of having to buy an entirely new rifle, they could retrofit their AK with this removable top cover. It would have to take some modification of the buttstock though, because that was changed up to accommodate the different stock. I would also assume that the company would want to have them in black before they hit the market.


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  • Cal S.

    What, they’re making an AK feasible?! Who would have thought?

    I’m just wondering about weight. Oh, and the most important thing, where do I mount the bayonet now?

    EDIT: Oh, fantastic, it’s not a drop-in for AKs, they’re brand-new custom makes.

    • notalima

      Well of course it is. That way it can be even more expensive, proprietary, and force you to use only their parts and accessories. 😀

    • iksnilol

      I think you’re confusing feasible with “can bolt a bunch of useless crap on so that my rifle can be used as a boat anchor in an emergency”.

      For shame, I don’t even know if I can call you comrade anymore.

      • Cal S.

        I meant turning an old AK into an AK-12 or something like that, lol. However, I’ve never hid my general distaste for the AK in this forum. I think it’s a retrograded, antiquated design even when it came out. I mean, even the SKS and SVT-40 both had a LRBHOs on them.

        Hope that doesn’t affect our comrade-ship! =(

        • BrandonAKsALot

          The design was not antiquated in that sense when it came out. The choices were very deliberate and lrbho was left out intentionally along with several other features. Say what you want about Soviet engineering, but little was done in haste and without reason.

          Most European firearms do/did not have the lrbho until recently either. Seems to be an obsession in this country probably stemming from all the ultra stealth tactical super operators who want to shave that last .0047% off their reload times.

          • Cal S.

            Because the LRBHO is only for tactical mall ninjas. For me it has less to do with that than knowing for sure when my mag has run dry. I can hear/feel when the bolt catches. Nothing worse than going “Click” when you need to go “Bang”. I know you’re never supposed to let your mag run dry, but when you have no other choice…

            When its contemporaries had better features on battle-proven, reliable designs, yes, I do question a LOT about Soviet ‘engineering’.

          • iksnilol

            Again, you have AK followers with LRBHO if you only need LRBHO to know when you’re empty.

          • Cal S.

            But again, how much do they cost? At the end of the day, you’re going to have to ask yourself “With as battlefield reliable as sub-$1k AR-15s are these days, just how much am I going to put into this $500 AK-47 to make it have all the features that come standard out-of-the-box on an AR-15?” Because, realistically, that’s what the choice comes down to these days. It amounts to individual taste.

          • iksnilol

            Depends where you are in the world. + some of us amazingly prefer AK ergos.

          • Cal S.

            Yeah, I suppose so, in both cases. I guess my only experience with AKs was so remarkably bad that it’s colored them all for me. To each their own!

  • Vitsaus

    Seems like there are other solutions to this problem aside from just making an AK heavier, bulkier, and (probably) much more expensive.

    • Esh325

      There are lighter options like the Zenith rail, but I’ve honestly never seen a rail made for existing AK’s that was this solid being that it’s completely Monolithic. I mean I suppose there are always going to be design compromises when you try to modify a rifle that was never designed to take modern accessories in the first place. With the AK-12, they’ve actually managed to keep the weight the same as the AK-74 even despite the addition of rails.

      • Vitsaus

        Oh, I was mainly referring to buying other platforms altogether such as the SCAR, .300 blk AR15, the Tavor, or an option from SIG. The only advantage I can see from this modification is the ability to use AK mags.

  • Jose

    Send those new AK’s to the front! They’re perfect for this kind of thing. Now, Kalashnikov will be very proud of his creation (It’s already two years since his passing, six days ago.)

  • BattleshipGrey

    Man, I’ve always been leery of doing major changes to my AK because of rivets and barrel pressing and what-not, but I’d be willing to try my hand at it if it came in an affordable kit.

    • Cal S.

      I’ve found that good aftermarket upgrades =/= affordable for the AK. That’s what stopped me from getting one, because by the time I brought it into the 21st century with good-quality stuff, it was snuggling right up there to $1,000. Not exactly what I wanted when the base price of the rifle was $450, you know?

      • BattleshipGrey

        I hear you. In general I don’t think the AK really needs a whole lot to modernize. My only “must have” modern upgrade would be to add a light, and a RDS is nice but optional IMO.
        Basically, my AK (MAK90, first rifle when I turned 18) was bought during the AWB years, and even though it was only $400, there are some things I need to do to it to make it more solid and more accurate.
        I’ve thought about selling or trading it for an AK pistol, that someday I’d SBR. However my state totally choked on allowing us to have suppressors this last year, so SBR is a long shot at this point. I really like the x39 round though and don’t totally want to give up on AKs yet. Overall they’re crazy simple to use and maintain, and it’s fun to tinker with.

  • gunsandrockets

    Interesting review. Seems like a promising development. Lighter than I would have thought.

  • John

    Ya know…there’s a folding stock option from BoneSteel that even fits the milled AK without modification and works great.

    These things are starting to look more the “AR” everyday. Personally. I LIKE the AK look, kind of crooked and mean.

  • mechamaster

    Somehow it’s more easy to fieldstrip. Just take that 2 push-pin and presto, it’s disassembled.

  • Rick5555

    Miles, well done. This article was enjoyable to read. There were no run on sentences, I sincerely mean the aforementioned compliment. Hope you had a great X-mas. And have a wonderful and safe New Year.

  • Captain Obvious

    What’s the saying….Solution to a problem that doesn’t exist. Yeah, that’s the one.

  • Spencerhut

    I think the bottom and sides should be Key-Mod

  • BadTFB

    Not a review. It’s a preview of a pre production design. In fact, the video is even named FIRST LOOK.

    Another TFB AK fail.

    • Dan

      At what the title? TFB had nothing to do with previewing or reviewing the AK. You’re name suggests you should quit wasting your time here and go elsewhere. Once or twice your criticism may be ok but now you’re in the b!tching douche category.

  • BrandonAKsALot

    So…A Zenitco tac’d out AK basically? Although I would love to see more companies bringing chf barrels into the country. At this point though, I’m ecstatic the Poles are for now.

  • Dan

    Came for the Manca, stayed for the gun