New Triple Barrel Shotguns

3 barrel shotgun

Chiappa Firearms introduced the company’s Triple Barrel shotgun a few years back. In January, the company will unveil two new versions of the shotgun: one in 20 gauge and another in 28 gauge. The 20 gauge is called the Triple Threat while the 28 gauge shotgun is called the Triple Crown.

The Triple Barrel shotgun has three barrels arranged in a pyramid shape. Two barrels in a side-by-side arrangement are on the bottom while a third is centered above the lower two. Until now, the gun has only been available in 12 gauge though there have been a variety of options available.

New guns will feature wood furniture. The Triple Threat buttstock is removable for compact storage. The gun will shoot without the buttstock if you like the idea of a triple barrel shotgun with a pistol grip.

Both shotguns come five chokes: skeet, improved cylinder, modified, improved modified and full. The chokes use the Remington thread pattern.

The suggested retail price of the 20 gauge is $2,079. The 28 gauge shotgun is a little cheaper at only $2,039.

Chiappa builds a variety of firearms beyond these unique shotguns. The company makes a variety of reproduction guns and also a large number of .22 LR guns. One of the .22 LR rifles the company introduced this year was the LA332 Deluxe: a lever action rimfire.

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  • I absolutely love the Triple Threat. I normally have next to no interest in break-open shotguns but this thing is just amazing. The price is as ridiculous as the firearm itself, but it’s at least ridiculous in the best way possible.

    If I was super wealthy had tons disposable income, one of these things would be higher on my list than most people would guess.

    • Wesley John Blokker

      2000 isn’t that much for a break barrel shotgun, Many SxS shotguns easily fetch thousands of dollars for wealthy Fuds to enjoy…Like the Perazzi shotguns…

      • iksnilol

        Considering how much some of those “fudds” shoot, they’re worth it. I’ve seen cheaper shotties wear out sooner (the hinge wears out).

  • Edeco

    Come on 10 gauge. Also three-trigger version. Not that I need all of that but, to paraphrase Hunter Thompson, the tendency is to want them to push it as far as they can.

    • SP mclaughlin

      23mm KS-23 shells or gtfo

      • Edeco

        Yep, come to think of it, 8 gauge also. That way one could shoot 3 oz. zinc industrial kiln/furnace slugs.

      • Wesley John Blokker

        Unfortunately I think the ATF will not give a sporting exemption to a 23mm shotgun…But who knows…Gotta love Russian ingenuity… Hey Boris! These barrels not good for ZSU-23-4! Make these into shotgun!

        • iksnilol

          I think you could get away with it but you’d need proprietary ammo.

          26.5mm flares, you know about them? Just make a 26.5mm shotshell, and then make a modern 26.5mm flare gun that can accept them and survive the pressure.

  • SirOliverHumperdink

    Needs a magpul version with heat shield(s) bayonet(s) and light(s) / lasers(s)

  • iksnilol

    I am waiting for the quad barrel version. It would be cheaper (due to being simpler) and more practical.

    • Nick

      Thinking of such a monstrosity, all I can envision is the 4 barrel “duplet” in the Metro games.

      • iksnilol

        Doesn’t need to be monstrous. Think a COP derringer scaled up for 12 gauge.

        The advantage is that you could have the same 4 shot capacity of cut down pump shotguns while being much shorter. Shorter barrels while maintaining capacity due to no magtube and much shorter receiver due to being a break action.

        • Tassiebush

          Definitely look up the liberator shotguns/hillerman insurgency weapon like wetcorps suggests. There were some pretty interesting experimental guns.

          • iksnilol

            I’ve looked those up, cool things IMO.

            Could shave more weight with modern materials and thinner barrels. The thinner barrels part is important. People vastly overestimate how thick a shotgun barrel needs to be. Too bad 16 gauge isn’t so available/widespread.

      • wetcorps

        Look up the winchester liberator and colt defender. Respectively 4 and 8 barrels.

    • thedonn007

      An over/under side by side, or side by side over/under?

      • Iksnilol

        Two O/U next to each other. There’s been one off home builds but nothing mass produced.

        Get one of those with a detachable stock, and chop the barrels down to 8 inches. Would help to use the thinnest barrels you cam responsibly use (12 ga is very low pressure so very thin barrels can be used).

  • James Miller

    …little expensive for my blood, in the time it would take me to save up that much buckshot, I can reload my double bbl a lot! Plus, that’s a lot of ammo I could buy. just sayin’

  • Jim Greaves

    Hardly a new idea! One still has to pull the trigger for each shot fired. What after all is a Gatling gun but a multiple “chamber” firing device that uses one barrel and a crank to fire each round “automatically”? By “crank” I do not mean an old fart. Also, a war chariot with multiple arrow shooting, triggered by the turning of the chariot’s wheel, was “automatic” in its use of “multiple” projectile capability. Seems to me such a gun, at the price and weight, is hardly an effective “militia weapon”, unless sawn off for trench warfare. After all, isn’t that the main purpose of the Second Amendment and all firearms, ultimately, the protection and security of a FREE STATE from all comers including the Feds?

    • iksnilol

      I am too sober for this now.

  • Tassiebush

    This gun sells as the akkar3 in Australia. I reckon chiappa sources if from Akkar and has the woodwork done up to it’s own configuration.

  • Julio

    Do Chiappa actually make these themselves? It would seem unlikely, given that Akkar in Turkey make an (almost?) identical gun called the Mammut. The Mammut has been available in 20g and 28g since at least last year.

    • Swarf

      If it actually functions, I’m guessing they don’t.

  • MRHapla

    Open question to the floor:

    Why is a seemingly ‘simple”-straightforward, 100+ year shotgun mechanism priced at $2000+? Materials? Workmanship? Because they can?

    My thanks in advance.

    • Edeco

      I’m no expert on shotguns in general, or this shotgun. Just my intuition here: The build looks/sounds about on par with a $750 CZ double. I would expect cost to go up not linearly but geometrically with the numba of bbls since bigger chunks of billet needed and more chance of the points of aim being too far off from one another… Heck, look at the cost difference between singles and doubles. So the price doesn’t surprise me. Much as I wish it were lower.

    • Wesley John Blokker

      Actually…Most SxS and O/U shotguns are expensive since the barrels have to be precisely aligned so the shot converges on where the bead aims…But if you have watched the Hickok45 video where he tests the Chiappa shotgun you will clearly see they didn’t even bother with fine tuning the barrels to the sight! They are charging this much for nothing more than import costs and because of the novelty…Now if the shot converged properly I could imagine the price is fair however this shotgun isn’t much better than those cheap Baikal coach guns imported by Century…

  • HSR47

    The article is somewhat lacking in details; “Triple Threat” and “Triple Crown” are the current model designations for Chiappa’s triple-barrel shotguns in 20″ and 28″ variants respectively: The former are ostensibly intended for defensive uses, while the latter are advertised for hunting/competitive uses.