Afghan Special Forces Shoot Cans Out Of Hand

Found this gem on Facebook. The solider is using an M4 variant with what looks like a Trijicon Acog, PEQ, and possibly a SureFire weapon light. It goes without saying that this is dangerous and should not be attempted. However I do commend the skill set of the soldier that made these shots. It is rather close range but I would not want to be the guy holding the soda cans. Please do not try this at home.

Nicholas C

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  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Commander of Afghan Special Forces…

    • MrEllis

      Range master.

  • Gabriel Owens

    And yet they are losing the war with Al queda.

    • kyphe

      They drink pepsi max.

    • Mikial

      Actually, they’re losing the war against other Afghans who are more dedicated to their cause than the government troops are to a national government that does nothing but steal from the people..

  • John


  • Anonymous

    That’s not exactly a difficult shot…unless you’re an idiot.

  • Edeco

    “Hold my beer and watch this.”

    • durabo

      “Hold my hashish joint,” since beer is prohibited.

  • Lance

    This will make range Nazi crap themselves!!!!

  • Don Ward

    Careful about finding things on Facebook and reposting them without verification. You’ll wind up writing a teary, heartfelt sob story about a 1911 that has been counterfeited to look like it has 71-year old battle damage.

    • Mikial

      @Don, I assume you’re talking about the 1911 with arty shrapnel damage that’s been going around. Do you have a citation that it is a fake?

      • Don Ward

        What? The obviously mangled 1911 that someone took power tools to in order to peddle a sob story about it being recovered from the Battle of the Bulge?
        No, you see, the way this stuff works is that it is up to the individual(s) making the claim to bring forward the proof. Hence the term provenance. And all we have at the moment is a spurious social media chain letter that gun publications/blogs have picked up on because people are too busy trying to get clicks instead of culling facts.

        • Mikial

          And you are the individual making the claim that it’s a fake, so please by all means bring forth the proof.

          • Don Ward

            In other words, I must prove a negative.

            Yeah. That’s now how these things work.


            Medieval Guy 1: I have the toenail clippings of John the Baptist!

            Medieval Guy 2: Ummm… Those look like they were clipped yesterday.

            Medieval Guy 1: No. You must prove these aren’t the toenail clippings of John the Baptist!

          • Mikial

            Yes, Don. You are correct. It must be a fake because you say so.

            There, now you can sleep tonight and be proud that you have enlightened the world.

            End of conversation.

        • Andy Cain

          Battle of Bastogne…

  • USMC03Vet

    They are special alright.

  • Big Burd

    I bet there’s at least one Afghan “special” forces member who’s “retired” with a missing or mangled hand from “combat”…

  • Yallan

    I did the same thing with my sister but with a spear, and she held a shield, when I was like 7 years old.

  • Leonardo Padrino

    The solider? The typos are really getting out of hand. It’s not even grammar which I’d understand, a simple spell check is all that’s required.

    • MrEllis

      Relax, man.

    • DAN V.

      I spy a comma splice.

  • RECO

    He forgot to hold it in front of his face to catch the bullet with his teeth. Thats the real magic

  • RICH

    What can you expect from people that think it’s ok to ‘date’ your goat ! ! ? ?

  • Bill

    I think there’s a basic misunderstanding of Afghan culture – the country has been a battleground for literally thousands of years. The Afghans who are badasses are truly badasses, and outnumber the non-badasses significantly. Unfortunately “Afghanistan” exists only on maps and as a political fiction. It’s a conglomeration of different tribes, sects, families, clans and so forth. We can call this stupid, but we can also bet that any guy who is willing to do that is willing to floss his teeth with your tendons.

    • Michael Austin

      don’t forget to add in the “inshallah” factor, there is a certain amount of fatalism in their culture

      • Bill

        Excellent point. The guys fighting against the Taliban and ISIS may actually get 72 virgins if they buy it on the battlefield. Personally, I’d rather have maybe 4 trailer park babes, assuming they wouldn’t kill each other in heaven, who already know the ins and outs, so to speak.

      • Mikial

        @Bill And Michael, you are both correct. There is no Afghanistan national identity. They are Pashtun, Tajik, Hazara, Baloch, and several other ethnic identities. And there is the same sense of fatalism that all Muslims share.

    • Bal256

      “Battleground for literally thousands of years” Yeah, so was Europe, and most of Asia.

      So are you saying that if I take a random Japanese salaryman and put him in a cage fight he’s going to summon the spirit of the samurai and be able to wreck everyone. How about a frenchman calling on his crusader blood when trouble abounds?

      I wish those badasses were around, instead, when I went to Afghanistan I got to watch some guy mix up where to put oil and coolant in his truck, and another guy who was too petrified to even take cover when being shot at.

      Muh warrior culture. Muh courage is better than smarts. Muh lusting after little boys and goats. Actually having come from an islamic country, and currently being in the US, I don’t get why there are people here enamored with a culture that still hasn’t figured out toilet paper.

  • Uniform223

    more “fun”

  • NICEGUY777

    WTF no wonder the bad guys in that country are so crazy the good people are LOCO too.

  • Dougboffl

    So who trained Afghan Special Forces? Oh wait, we did right? That is where our zillions of $ went!

  • Bob

    should do that after they smoke weed!!!

  • Mikial

    All you people sitting safe behind your keyboards can laugh and make jokes, but the Afghans should never be underestimated. On June 5, 2009 I sat in the office of the Afghan NDA (intelligence services) commander of Helmand Province in Lashkar Gah to thank him for his assistance in securing the dedication ceremonies of the Bost Airfield (look it up), which was attended by the US and British ambassadors.

    His office was very comfortable and furnished like your grandma’s parlor with overstuffed chairs and Persian style carpets. We drank tea and ate locally produced raisins and Pistachio Nuts. He was gracious and kind, and I never forgot that this guy had gotten where he was by being a ruthless killer who had probably ordered, or killed himself, scores of what he considered enemies.

    Do I admire them? No. But I recognize what and who they are. Their entire way of life is warfare. Know your enemy, know yourself, and you never need to fear.

  • Phil Hsueh

    If I were the one (stupid enough) holding the cans I would have grabbed a small tube or balloon with red paint in it and when the shooter shot the last can I would have popped the paint and started screaming like he actually hit my hand. Of course, with these guys they probably would have just laughed and told me to walk it off, and told me that it’s only a flesh wound.

    • Mikial

      Yeah, they have a definite sense of machismo. When we were trying to train our drivers over there, we had to deal with the attitude that they never let anyone get ahead of them or keep them from pulling out into traffic because it was unmanly to drive defensively.

  • durabo

    Camel jockeys (aka goat-shaggers) are genetically deficient due to consanguinity. This applies to BOTH sides in the conflict.

    • Mikial

      This is true.

  • supergun

    Reminds me of a story my friend told me. His Father took him out to shoot the 1911 45. As the Father was setting up the bottle to be shot, the son took the 45 and shot one of the bottles. The Father turned around and rush to the son. The son, thinking he was to be congratulated, hollered, “Daddy I shot the bottle”. He got his ass tore up.

  • town22

    This guy is lucky; he still has his eyes. But when you might die any second no big thing.

  • robert57Q

    At least it looks like they made an effort to protect the guy’s vital organs, though they don’t seem to consider his brain to be all that important. Either that or it’s just too small to be at risk of actually being hit.

  • Ozzie

    In 2010 I visited the Police Commando Training centre In Multan, Pakistan. Over lunch with the commander, he offered to have his best marksman shoot the apple off the head of a trainee at 100m. When pressed on what weapon the shooter would be using, I was informed ‘just a regular G3, no optics” I’m normally up for a spectacle like that, but the FU factor was too high in my book to have some poor digger schwacked for my entertainment, so I passed on the offer.

    • Mikial

      @Ozzie Why does that not surprise me? I would’ve passed on that too.