Ukraine Special Forces are rocking some nifty Western accessories on their Soviet firearms. A reader from Russia noticed this SVD and asked me what the rail system was. I told him I have no idea. Do any readers know? Looks cool whatever it is. Here are a few more photos from VoenProm






  • Man, I’m really liking the looks of all those weapons — especially the AK’s.

  • Mrninjatoes

    Nice rifles. Is that a Vortex SPARC?

  • Hokum

    My bet – it’s custom CNC’ed by some team affiliate.

  • iksnilol

    What the f*** are you doing with rifle, Ukrainian comrades!?

    Seriously, modern SVD isn’t that hard. Here’s a list:

    -18 inch fluted barrel
    -hinged top cover with a beefy hinge and rail
    -free floated handguard
    -rechamber to 308 and use M14 mags

    • SP mclaughlin

      >M14 magazines
      >in my SVD

      • iksnilol

        I tried, but the inferior Western 7.62 cartridges won’t fit into superior Dragunov magazine. I think the great Yevgeny made the magazine like that to protect it from inferior rounds. Kinda how the dust cover protects againt debris.

        Also, I like cheap doublestack mags. M14 mags are easier (though more expensive) to find than G3 mags (which are dirt cheap but might be harder to find some places).

        • SP mclaughlin

          I’d figure in Europe though G3 magazines would be a lot more prevalent than M14 types.

          • iksnilol

            They are.


            The Americans use(d) the M14 mags, which means way more aftermarket support and reliable 25 rounders are available as well.

            But, in the end, I don’t really care specifically what magazine it is. As long as it holds 20-25 rounds of 308, isn’t too long and is available for not too much money I am on board.

    • Hans Huliguns

      Indeed, WTF?)))

      – 24 inch barrel
      – permanently attached top rail (no silly hinges of flimsy consoles)
      – free float barrel (not handguard ;))
      – folding stock (heard there are also VSS style fully detachable option)
      – readily available match and AP ammo to destroy terrorists
      – clean and service per original manual
      – suppressed
      – submoa accuracy day and night with CNVD

      • iksnilol

        -24 in barrel in 308 is a waste for all practical purposes.
        -permanently attached top rail makes cleaning a hassle (think of how you’re gonna remove the cover). + a good quality one returns to zero always and is durable (like the Zenit ones).
        -There’s already folding stock for Svd, nihil sub sole. Are you gonna suggest a detachable magazine as well?
        -match and AP ammo is readily available, don’t see how that goes against my suggestion
        -Ya can’t clean it per original manual with the railed contraption bolted to it (also not mentioning how much weight aforementioned contraption adds).
        -again, suppressors don’t go against my vision. I presume a threaded barrel is standard. It’s like requiring that a 308 rifle is centerfire.
        -I don’t mind the extra accuracy, but if it is at the cost of 2-3 kg of rails and contraptions for those rail it isn’t worth. Don’t really need more than 1 MOA which standard SVD does just fine with good ammo.

        • Hans Huliguns

          Keep going, its fun)))

          • iksnilol

            I am just using the SVD for what it was made for. Lightweight, longer range anti-personel device (fancy way of saying rifle). 800-900 meters in good hands, 1200-1300 meters in really good hands against man size targets.

            Adding all that heavy crap to it is detrimental to it as a whole. Kinda like the PSG-1 fiasco. I mean, the thing was a fiasco.

            Keep it at 1 MOA and under 4 kg unloaded without accessories (ideally 3.5 kg considering that the standard SVD is 3.9 kg)

        • Squirreltakular

          I think Hans was describing the actual rifle from the photo. Doesn’t look like the rail would get in the way of disassembly, on account of its height.

    • Esh325

      It looks like a decent rifle, but I think the Russians have a better idea with their SVDM. Not such a high line of sight. I think double stacks might not be possible in the SVD design because it’s single stack.

      • iksnilol

        That’s a nice one, but still, even that that one is more than a kilogram heavier than the original.

  • Timothy G. Yan

    Have they send in the EOTech refund yet?

  • Dracon1201

    Seriously, that height over bore for the scope. They need some inspiration from RS Regulate.

    • Alexandru Ianu

      Nah, the stock attaches higher, so the cheek weld is fine.

  • Davor Mikola

    It actually looks like complete chassis for SVD, top cover still there.

  • Lance

    Like the But Stocks and on the SVD the unirail for the scope. But the hand guard rails still suck no matter what fire arm its on.

  • toms

    Most of the rails, mounts ect. are being made domestically as is the dragonuv rails. All kinds of stuff is being produced there including full ar10 rifles, suppressors, AT missiles, tanks, armored cars, drones ect. After being denied exports for arms by most western countries (contrary to popular belief in Russia) we have bent over backwards not to a sell them a single useful weapons system, ammo, or means to make them. Ukraine has developed a cottage industry of war materials production on the cheap.