Armenian Firearms (What’s new at World.Guns.Ru)

This month our good friend Max Popenker added a couple of  Armenian firearms that I had never heard of to World.Guns.Ru. The K3 Assault Rifle, pictured above, is a AK-74 bullpup conversion from the mid-1990s that is currently in service with the Armenian Special Forces. I must admit I do actually like the retro color scheme. Max also writes about the Armenian K2 9x18mm Makarov pistol.

The full list of new and updated pages …

K2 pistol
K14-VN pistol (Vietnam’s new service pistol)
K3 assault rifle
VHS-2 assault rifle
Beryl wz.96 assault rifle

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  • Anonymoose

    Is it too late to ask Santa for a double-stack Tokarev for this Christmas?

  • Edeco

    Double stack Tokarev! Surprised it doesn’t hold more than 14, and would rather a double stack CZ52. Still, so much want.

    • iksnilol

      Well, the Chinese do make a SIG P226 copy in 7.62×25. It holds 17+1 in a doublestack mag. If you could get those mags to work with the Tokarev you’d have what’s basically a dream gun of mine.

      • Edeco

        Wow. Amen. I’m not usually a bottleneck-pistol-cartridge fan, but with 18 rounds and the low recoil relative to muzzle energy, it would be a paragon for putting foot-lbs on target quickly with a pistol. Or, to put it another way I’d be like “brrrappp”.

  • wetcorps

    That K3 looks so retrocool with the bathroom green furniture 🙂
    Another weird but cool looking armenian firearm is the Vahan rifle.

    • Edeco

      Sea foam green, lol.

    • gusto

      how in the world do you get a check weld on that?

      • Kristoff

        You don’t. The scope is just for show. The proper technique for that rifle is to fire from the hip or over the shoulder while running back to the FOB.

        On a more serious note, I pick up a strong AEK and Sig 510 vibe from that rifle. I want three.

      • wetcorps

        Chin weld? Beard weld?

  • Gjert Klakeg Mulen

    Ain’t weird that the Vietnamese stick with the 7.62x25mm cartridge, they have so many stockpiles of 7.62mm Tokarev that it is stupidly expensive to introduce a new cartridge like 9mm.
    This tactic can also be seen in their adoptation of the Galil ACE 31 and 32, which both use 7.62x39mm which they already use as their standard rifle cartridge.

    • Gjert Klakeg Mulen

      I myself expected them to adopt some Jericho pistols from Israel as they already have lots of arms deals with IWI.

      • Anonymoose

        Maybe if they could get a 7.62 Tok conversion for the Jericho. I know they have been made one for 9mm/.38 1911s, P226s, and possibly Beretta 92s and Glock 17s.

    • iksnilol

      Not really weird. Superior cartridge + it is already in the logistics chain.

      It’s like asking why doesn’t NATO adopt .45 ACP over 9×19.

  • MPWS

    Nothing to sneeze about. Part of every bull-poop rifle spec should be ‘length of pull’. In this particular case it is atrocious. It can be used therefore only by operators with extra-ordinarily long arms. There is good reason why no major military operates or plans for this layout (Brits and French soon on the way out).

    • iksnilol

      It’s actually pretty good for us civvies who don’t wear thick body armor. The long length of pull that is.

      EDIT: China primarily uses bullpups. They are certainly a major military.

    • MPWS

      QBZ-95 turned out not to be popular rifle and part of special units and NAVY it was pulled out from general service. It had been replaced by quickly developed replacement – QBZ-03. That much for bull-pops.

      • iksnilol

        Not true. It hasn’t been replaced. As far as I know the QBZ-03 is only used by reservists as a replacement for the AKs. They will be phased out together with the people taught on the AK.

    • John

      Don’t count the VHS rifle out yet. Dual ejection ports and a LOT of rail to mount the Felon camera system make it pretty good.

    • Colin S

      “There is good reason why no major military operates or plans for this layout”
      Never could understand this (old) argument – If you take the US and Russia out of it, what other countries are classed as “major”? The Australians, the Brits (me), the Chinese, the French, , the Israelis? …the Germans would have if it wasn’t for HK.

      Not trolling, would genuinely like to know who else qualifies as a “major” military power?

  • Lance

    Interesting seems though in limited use. Since Russia arms there allies with standard AK-74s and PM pistols going with there own weapons for mass service maybe financially impossible for such a small nation.

  • Steve Truffer

    Looks like a middle school attempt at making an L85.

    • Zachary marrs

      So a middle school attempt of a middle school attempt at making a combat rifle?

  • Esh325

    For being a “new” service pistol the K2 looks quite antiquated. I suppose though it does the job.

  • tenmillimeter

    K-2 looks like the love child of a Ruger P-95, Makarov, and a Hi-Power…