New SIG Sauer Tactical Riflescopes

SIG Sauer is launching a new line of optics within their Electro-Optics Division: the TANGO series. At the beginning of December they announced their Whiskey scopes which are designed for hunters and now they’ve announced a tactical lineup. According to the company’s press release the new riflescopes were designed for one reason and one reason alone: “making the shot count.”

The TANGO series is launching with two options, the TANGO4 and TANGO6. The TANGO4 is meant for mid-to-long range shots for tactical shooters. It features a 4:1 zoom and illuminated reticle among others. Like the other scopes SIG Sauer has recently announced the TANGO4 comes with one free SBT – SIG Ballistic Turret – which is a lasered elevation dial made for the specific shooter’s needs forĀ ballistics and environment.

The TANGO6 is a 6X riflescope made for versatility. This scope was designed for a variety of situations including CQB and 3-Gun competitions. The company also lists it as a great option for hunters and long-range marksmen. It’s made for superior clarity even in poor light thanks to an HDX optical system. In addition the TANGO6 has a Hellfire fiber optic and glass-etched illuminated reticle. Both of these optics sound like well-thought out and carefully made designs.

We can all use well-made optics from reliable companies. The SIG Sauer Electro-Optics Division looks promising; I’m looking forward to getting some time behind these riflescopes.

MSRP varies. TANGO4 models range between $599.99 and $999.99. TANGO6 models range between $1399.99 and $2399.99.

Visit SIG Sauer’s website for a look at their Electro-Optics Division options:

Details from SIG Sauer:



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  • Mike N.

    I wonder who is the OEM for the optics.

    • thedonn007

      Exactly, that was my question as well.

  • Robert Powell

    The price is only thing that has me thinking that these might be decent optics. Sig’s peripheral accessories have traditionally been crap.

    • CommonSense23

      Sig hired some of the best names in the optics and suppressor world. It will be interesting to see if they can accomplish their goals of becoming a complete firearms juggernaut.

      • Timothy G. Yan

        Sig had made a lot of $$$ from the Sig brace.

  • Looks Vortex’ish, to me. I wonder if they are the OEM.

    • Timothy G. Yan

      It’s made by North Optics, the same Japanese OEM for the high-end Vortex line. The design is by Sig Optics at their Portland, OR, by the former top designer and ex-Leupold that had developed the VX6, Mk6 and Mk8 Leuppy line.

      • tb556

        Isn’t NorthOptics Chinese?.. not that there is a problem with that.

  • well I’ll be at the SIG range event at SHOT so I’ll see what I can find out.

    • santi

      Looking forward to seeing the coverage!

  • FarmerB

    CCW – I’ll pass.