Andrew writes …

After walking away empty handed from my local gunshow Saturday I stopped by one of my favorite gunstores to grab some ammo. While browsing the used guns rack this one stood out to me for a couple reasons, first being the dyed stock set setting it apart from the blued/wood guns and the flat black of everything else. The price was absolutely amazing so for a fraction of the cost it would normally carry I walked out with the rifle 10 minutes later with some aftermarket goodies. I used it as a learning experience to teach a friend about the FFL process as he wants to get into the game

Not sure if I like the color or not …



  • Jolly

    Hmm… you could always Hydro dip it. Couldn’t look any worse.

    • zardoz711

      Looks like it was all Magpul stuff.
      If it started out as their “sand” color, it could always be dyed darker or bleached lighter (but not always back to 100% original).

  • stephen

    Yea that color is the reason it was so cheap – still good find.

    • M

      I’ve seen color devalue guns hundreds of dollars, like at my local gun shop a Colt 6920 was going for $600 because it had hot pink furniture

      • I would have bought that, and then stripped it to OEM2 config, sold it for $850 and the furniture for whatever I could get for it.

        A tidy 50% profit waiting to happen, that is.

        • 1leggeddog

          I would have bought it and kept it as is :p

  • John

    Well, you unlocked the Gotham City PD weapon set. Now you’ve got about four others to go.

  • Kyle

    Hell just hit that thing with a couple cans of spray paint and call it a day. Or just replace the offending blue bits since it is just furniture anyway. I definitely wouldn’t leave it like that though.

  • USMC03Vet

    Doesn’t look bad at all. Nice find.

  • Lance

    That’s a true Police AR. LOL

  • Pedenzo

    Looks like it’s made by Makita……

  • ℳ???? ?????????

    Looks like a glock training pistol.

  • Tassiebush

    Gosh I hope this doesn’t remind anyone of that annoying Eiffel 65 song “blue” because it could really get stuck in their head!

  • Mc Cain

    Sometimes it is a good thing to resist impulses.