MagWedge AngelEye: A Mirror on Your Rifle

Just when you thought you’d seen everything…

Canadian manufacturer MagWedge has developed a new product they’re calling the AngelEye. It’s a small mirror that mounts onto a section of picatinny rail. The mirror folds closed against the rifle when stowed, and when deployed can be flexed to accommodate different angles.

The concept, according to MagWedge:

The AngelEye increases your situational awareness by giving you a convenient way to see what is going on behind you and to your side.

So this is less of a “peak around corners” tool and more of a “see what’s over my shoulder” tool. It’s unclear right now just how wide the field of view is through the mirror, but I expect more stats are forthcoming.

MSRP is aiming for just under $100 CAD, and it looks like they’re shipping now.

I am intensely curious to hear from the readers on this one: is it something you’d personally use? At first glance it seems like a product that falls into the “tacticool to the point of silliness” category, but perhaps I’m overlooking a real world application that falls outside my realm of shooting.




Edward O

Edward is a Canadian gun owner and target shooter with a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism. Crawling over mountains with tactical gear is his idea of fun. He blogs at TV-Presspass and tweets @TV_PressPass.


  • topcommenter

    Signal lights next, and a red “mag empty” lamp too.

  • Shadow

    Can I put this behind my sights and hoot around corners?

    • allannon

      That may actually be the least-bad use for it.

  • boardsnbikes

    That’s nice and all, but I need something that goes “beep. beep. beep” when I move backwards to warn my neighborhood tac team members.

  • allannon

    Well, you could put it on a tactical mug, so you could look around corners with your mug instead of spilling your coffee?

  • AMX

    Could be useful on something recoilless, I suppose, to make sure none of your buddies have wandered into the backblast area.

    But on a rifle?

  • tony

    when people run out of practical ideas this is what you end up with

    • Phillip Cooper

      .. Just wait till they get Costa onboard… THEN YOU’LL UNDERSTAND!!!

  • GPSrulz

    What no blinkers to tell your buds which way you’re going to be turning?!? This SUCKS! NO STARS!

  • Nicholas Chen

    Real range operators get spy sunglasses. Benefit of eye protection and hidden rearview mirrors.

  • TechnoTriticale

    Has the estate of Lee Van Cleef signed off on the branding?

  • Don Ward

    I need this to make sure my tactical guy-liner hasn’t smudged.

    • Bodie

      I put it next to my bottle opener so I can pregame while doing my makeup for the club. But it makes me look fat, so I don’t know if I like it yet.

      Might try it in conjunction with my Fleshlight mount. You know, make something else look fat while I watch myself utilize the force.

      • lukey331

        You win the internet today. I would also like a link to where I can get a fleshlight mount. My old one broke.

  • notalima

    I’d get 6 of them on various 1 o’clock and 45 degree offset rails arranged in a big circle. Nothing can sneak up on me! (but I can’t see down range anymore…)

    • Grendel Medlord

      That BUT you mount them facing forward. Then when a baddie shines his tac-light at you, HE gets blinded instead of you!

      Its like a ballistic shield thats only good against flashlights and lasers.

  • Budogunner

    We all know this is just for those slick operators who want to make sure they look good while they punch paper.

    • James Groce

      or that the guy behind them in the stack isn’t actually checking out their @$$? just a thought.

  • Michael R. Zupcak

    I recall Jack Bauer using a credit-card sized mirror he kept on his person to see around corners, etc. Ohhh, how I miss 24.

  • steveday72

    Nevermind the mirrors – I’m so low-speed high-drag that I need hazard warning flashers and a “Slow Moving Vehicle” sign on my rifle!

  • AD

    Could this have value for people wearing helmets and heavy armour that restrict movement that make it slower to see what’s behind you?

    At any rate, I think this would be AMAZING in a zombie-survival videogame!

  • Twilight sparkle

    I bet every was afraid to tell the boss that he had a bad idea…

  • Squirreltakular

    The tactical shooting market: time and again proving that “if you build it, SOMEONE will buy it.”

  • Vizzini

    When you’re wearing helmets and hearing protection, added on to the normal tendency to tunnel vision, you are in danger of losing awareness of what’s on your six. I’ve been ambushed more than a couple times in simulation exercises — and ambushed others more than a couple of times. Even a glimmer of unexpected movement in that mirror could give you the heads-up you need to save your life. So it’s really not that silly.

    • Rocket_Fiend

      Rear guard also solves this problem for free I want my point man entirely focused on the long threat.

  • Pontificant

    Aren’t we all getting that information through our Captain Crunch HUD Googles and decoder ring?

    If you are seeing quickly approaching dots, I suggest leaving the area and nuking it from orbit… You know, just to be sure.

    • Phillip Cooper

      You win teh IntarWebz, sir….

  • wildbillb

    very useful. my buddy says he has my six, but never mentions the HUGE ZIT on my nose until the after action. now i can exfoliate, touch up, and keep my part in place. hope it comes in size “vanity”…

    • supergun

      Does it come with a light?

  • DIR911911 .

    because turning your head is sooo last year

  • Tyler M

    Looking around corners or over/under walls? Sure. Keep someone from getting shot.

  • adverse

    Is there a make up kit in the stock?

  • Wayne Ilfrey

    I guess Derps have money too.

  • CB_Demented

    The only reason I’d ever buy one is a trusted instructor I know has promised that anyone that shows up ” to one of my rifle classes with this on their gun will a) find it
    snapped off and thrown over the berm and b) earn the name “Derpy
    McDerpster” for the duration of the course. That name will also appear
    on their certificate.”

    I want that Certificate.

  • Hinermad

    Don’t know about using it on a rifle, but I might get one to put on my computer monitor t work so I can see when my boss tries to sneak up behind me.

    I don’t see any use for it on a range, but maybe it’d be useful when hunting varmints and you don’t want to alert them by moving around a lot to scan the territory.

  • usmcdoc14 .

    $10 airsoft BUIS + $2 Autozone blind spot mirror = millions in profit when marketed correctly LOL

  • CJS3

    A fool and his money are easily parted.

  • Mike11C

    This would be perfect for the “Geardo” in the “Bob on the FOB” comics. It could be a new topic of discussion for the “TOC- roaches” and the “Story-fellers”.

  • supergun

    I have back up cameras on my gun.

    • James Groce

      is there a GoPro picatinny rail mount?

      • supergun

        Where are you from?

        • James Groce


          • supergun

            Big party over there. Finally can carry gun in the open. Now you won’t get prosecuted and branded a felon for conceal carry (outline in clothes) by zealous liberals. Constitutional Carry next step as in Georgia also.

  • rick0857

    And NOW the AR accessory for every TRANS-GENDERED Shooter out there! Or for those just a BIT light in the loafers!

    • AmericanRemnant

      What, for checking makeup?

      • rick0857

        You bet

  • dat bee tru

    I will order one but only if it has the “object in mirror are closer than they appear” warning.

  • Leigh Rich

    Like a bike helmet mirror…LOL

  • AmericanRemnant

    There is not one sarcastic comment I can think of that has not already been made here, thank you.

  • William Wallace

    I am waiting until Safariland makes a duty holster that will accommodate my Glock with this clamped to the bottom rail so I can make sure my shirt is properly tucked in when I shoot.

  • Cian Smith

    At first glance, I thought this was for peeking around corners at bad guys (akin to the Glock/rifle contraption for shooting around corners). After reading it, why not turn your head? It’s like the little mirror on you monitor so your mom doesn’t catch you watching porn, lol.

  • James Groce

    Something else for Kommiefornia to ban.

  • dreadnought61

    You can get these at Walmart for $1 and mount it to a flip up BUIS…..