Sig Sauer’s New X-RAY Tritium Sights

I don’t normally think of sights as “optics” per-se, but Sig Sauer’s Electro-Optics division is rolling out their new X-RAY pistol sights. They’re a 3-dot tritium system, but these tritium inserts maintain a clean white color in daylight. You may have already seen them on Sig’s Legion series of handguns. The front sight is a green donut made from flourescent polymer with a distinctly smaller tritium dot in the center, while the rear white dots illuminate in low light.


I will confess to owning night sights where all 3 dots are the same size and color. It’s not ideal, so at first glance the Sig setup looks good.

The sights have been tested to 20,000 rounds and the tritium is expected to have a 10 year lifespan. Sig is also pitching a 5 year warranty on the tritium components if they end up fading faster than expected.

The new X-RAY sights are available with a square notched rear sight, or a U shaped notch, and designed to fit a whole host of Sig pistols. If you’ve got any of the following, the new sights will fit your gun: P220, P226, P228, P229, P239, P320, P250, P938, P238


The idea here is that the X-RAY sights will perform equally well in day or night conditions. According to Sig, “there’s no more changing sights from night to day patrols.” I had no idea that was a thing people did. It sounds time consuming.

MSRP on the X-RAYs is right at $130, so they’re playing in the same pool as Trijicon and Meprolight. It will be interesting to see how Sig’s white-in-daylight tritium stacks up against more established night sights. The X-RAY sights are shipping right now.

If you love diagrams and finely detailed measurements, check out the charts below.



Phil Note: These are also the sights on the Legion I reviewed earlier:

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  • HystericalFool

    I wish they were actually different colors while illuminated.

  • Bill

    Would it have been that hard for them to use an illustration with a correct sight picture, instead of one where the front sight is high and right? I’m not only a grammar nazi, I’m a stickler for sight alignment also.

    • I found myself wanting to correct that too. I promise if I ever try out a set I’ll snap a photo with proper sight alignment.

      • Bill

        It looks severely Photoshopped, which should have made it easy to do right.

        • It is indeed. The sights are actually green in the rear with smaller rear dots than shown.

          • The size of the dot is all about perspective. The dots are likely silver due to the flash, as the inside of the tritium tube is typically silver.

            Honestly it is pretty hard to photograph pistol sights in such a way that they appear 100% the same as holding the gun out. I know I’ve tried a number of times, and ended up coming away frustrated.

          • iksnilol

            Photoshop is your friend then, friend.

          • Bill

            Part of it is depth of field, the more important part is that we never actually “see” a perfect sight picture/sight alignment when we are shooting because we’ll focus on the front sight and the rear sight will be somewhat blurry. With a camera we can stop down the aperture to get sufficient depth of field to have both sights in focus, or open it up and set the focus point on the front sight and have the rear sight slight out of focus, replicating the way our eye perceives it. You’re right, it isn’t easy and always takes some fiddling.

        • Tom Currie

          Photoshop may have been the tool, but photoshop wasn’t the problem. The problem is TFB — where we get pitiful copies of industry press releases poorly rewritten by incompetent bloggers who don’t understand what they are reading. NO ONE even slightly competent could possibly have approved the photos used at the top of this article. If nothing else, the photos of the misaligned sights needed some comment making some sort of lame excuse for such stupidity.

    • R H

      Like this?

      • Bill


  • jinx

    0.47″ wide front? Yeah, that’s WAY too wide unless it’s going on something very compact.

    • JumpIf NotZero

      That’s exactly the problem with Trijicon HD and Ameriglos. I want to use those, but they’re always .140+ wide.

  • Carl

    So these things are basically Trijicon HDs. Okay cool, glad we are on the same page

  • Kelly Jackson

    Can you actual buy this or is a phantom product like the rest of Sig’s optic line?

    • That was my first question too. The official word is they’re shipping right now. Anyone spotted one with their Mk1 Eyeball?

    • M@

      Don’t know where you shop, but my local shops have had a bunch of different Sig optics.

  • JumpIf NotZero

    Drop the stupid three-dot and go to a black rear and they might have something nice with that u-notch setup.

    • Some Guy

      “stop liking what I don’t like” the comment.