L3 Communications Offering Refunds for EOTechs

Good news, everyone! L3 Communications is now offering refunds for their EOTech Holographic Weapon sights plus $15 for shipping them back to them. In case you haven’t heard about the recent EOTech fiasco the United States Government recently sued the holding company that owns EOTech known as L-3 Communications because of false claims made by the company. Apparently their sights experience a shift in zero in extreme temperatures. The international distributor for EOTech, Elite Defense, recently cut ties with L3 Communications as well. L3 Communications immediately settled with the US Government for $25.6 million.


If you’re an EOTech user I’m sure all of this is very concerning, I use an EOTech 512 on my AR-15 and all this was pretty troubling to me as well. While I haven’t experienced any changes in zero I’m also not using my rifle in extreme heat or cold. The fact that you can’t trust your pricey optics to maintain zero in various temperatures is still troubling however. But EOTech has listened to their consumers and will be issuing refunds for the amount you paid plus $15 for shipping the sight back to them. To get your refund visit www.eotechinc.com/raform.

Soldiersystems.net posted a few helpful screen shots of the message you’ll recieve once your request has been approved.


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  • Rachet78

    Can i buy one for cheap yet, it’s good enough for my uses.

    • Docduracoat

      I agree with Ratchet
      I live in South Florida and I have 2 Eotechs, one with the 2 n batteries and one with 2 aa batteries.
      They both work great!
      One is on an Ultimak rail on a long barrel AK, the other on a Bushmaster AR.
      Summer temps here are 92 f, humidity is often 100% winter is 70 to 80f.
      Left In the car, it gets to 115f really fast.
      I shoot a lot and I have no problem with shifting zero on either of them
      That Bushy is my most accurate rifle. I love the one moa center dot, it allows precision shooting from a bench at 100 yards
      I also have an Aimpoint on my Steyr Aug
      It has a 4 moa dot. That covers almost the entire head of a human silhouette target at 100 yards. Makes for much larger groups

      • iksnilol

        It’s sorta an apples to zebras comparison there. Compare an Eotech with 1 MOA center dot with an Aimpoint with a 1 MOA center dot.

        Cause you sound like somebody who tries a shotgun with buckshot and then say that your PCC outranges it.

  • thedonn007

    So, how do they verify the purchase price? I suppose someone could buy them used for cheap and submit the claim as if they bought them new from an expensive local gun shop.

    • KestrelBike

      They ask for the serial number and manuf. date (located on a sticker on the bottom of the device). Maybe they have a cut-off point if they can tell which units were definitely sold after their refund-offer began?

      Questions I have about this whole thing:
      Why are they doing this? This seems like something they never would have had to do even if they got sued by class-action. At most, they would have had to recall & repair, not just give everyone back FULL retail (and not even just per-unit-cost/wholesale price). If it’s in the fear of class-action, I don’t think they’d avoid one even with a voluntary, pre-judgement refund action like this. So it strikes me that they might be doing this because they know how to fix their devices, and plan to win this PR nightmare and come back onto market with new/improved sites.

      How deep are their coffers and how many refund requests can they handle? Will their be a cutoff? Is there a magic number, or is they flying by the seat of their pants on this? How long will it take for refunds to be disbursed upon receiving RMA’d units? Will it be a check (cash) or will it be credit towards a new & improved EOTech product?

      What are they going to do with the returned units? Refurb (if necessary) then sell to developing countries’ militaries at a deep discount? Sell back for half the price to the civilian market as-is with disclaimers?

      I’d love to see the figures for how much they anticipate having to refund, how much cash they have on hand to handle said refunds, and what their ultimate strategies are in this. Interesting, to say the least.

      • thedonn007

        Well said, and I agree, this offer does not make much sense from a business standpoint. I wonder if they have a new optic that they are planning on bringing to market, and this is damage control for now,

      • Dave

        They’ve been actively covering up this issue for years, if they knew how to fix it, they wouldn’t be in this mess in the first place.

        • CommonSense23

          They knew how to fix it. That’s the issue. They discovered the issue and went to SOCOM and tried to get them to pay for the fix to the older models.

          • MikeF

            There is no fix unfortunately.
            From the lawsuit
            “When asked about the company’s previous efforts at finding a solution for thermal drift, a former EOTech optics engineer explained that the company knew for years that thermal drift was an inherent design flaw with the “Generation II” model of the product that was specially designed for military use, and that no fix existed without substantial modification of the product.”

          • CommonSense23

            Again they knew how to fix it, they wanted SOCOM to pay for the fix. You ever hear about the massive issues with the SCAR program? Probably not, cause FN was extremely aggressive about fixing the problem for free. EOTECH not so much. SOCOM still issues EOTECHs.

          • MikeF

            Can you point me to a link or some documentation that says EOTECH fixed the thermal drift problem?

            Im not arguing with you, just looking for info.

            I have an EOtech on my issued Patrol rifle and need to know.

            SOCOM put out a “Safety of use message” on September 14, 2015 containing this paragraph;

            “The purpose of this safety of use message is to inform the operational community that the Program Office has identified performance issues with the ECOS systems which may affect the aiming precision of these optical devices. The ECOS systems performance issue is Thermal Drift which affects point of aim point of impact as operating temperature changes. The Program Management Office (PMO) has been working to resolve this issue with the Original Equipment Manufacturer (L3-EOTech), but that effort, to date has not eliminated the issue. This safety of use is being issued so the operational community can mitigate the risk associated with using the ECOS system to direct fire.”

          • CommonSense23

            Sorry Mike, I got out about 6 months back, and no longer have access to the email we got detailing what all was going on, and how to check to see if our optics were effected. I honestly would suggest switching to a Aimpoint just for the battery life alone. But the way we tested ours was pretty much shoot three full mags full auto with our Surefire suppressors. Let it cool, check zero. If it held you were good.

          • MikeF

            Thanks, I will give that a try.

          • TBW

            Not to go off topic but, what SCAR program?

          • CommonSense23

            The MK17 had a lot of issues early on. The MK20 still has a ton of problems. FN to their credit is extremely aggressive in dealing with the problems.

      • Bill

        It’s probably cheaper than trying to defend against a class action law suit as their are no lawyers to pay and no damages either, and they figure they’ll only get a percentage of the sights back. It’s a boon for the people who go for the refund, because if someone files a class action lawsuit there is no way every person who joined would get an amount equal to a full refund.

        I have no recollection of what I paid for mine or where the paperwork is, its been so long ago.

      • Jay

        Eotech, is a small part of a big and strong Corporation. L3 makes, head-uo displays for jets, displays, helmet mounted sights and all kind of expensive high tech gear.
        They have a lot of contracts with big name companies and i think they decided it’s not worth pissing off customers and getting all the bad press that comes with it. They’ll just pay up the eotech customers that want to send their sights back, and look like honest people to the big customers they have.
        They may also bring out a fixed version of the sight in the near future and don’t want to screw up their potential customers.

    • albaby2

      Why doesn’t Eotech just give everyone the ridiculous MSRP they thought you should pay?,

  • Hero5

    Sent back mine even though I had no issue. The fact that it can be affected, we documented, and covered up is the issue I have. Good thing I can get my refund so at least there is that.

    • Tyler Shaw

      I just submitted for an RMA as well. I am bummed out as I like it, but $500 is a lot for an optic with potential issues such as this.

    • Luis

      How long did it take to receive your refund?

  • Ike

    Is there any way to start a poll on whether owners of EOTechs who haven’t experienced zero shift intend to send in for a refund? I’d be interested to see what other owners are planning to do.

    • kipy

      Just mailed mine out this afternoon. Never experienced any shift on my 512, but I used it so little there was no point in keeping it. I literally used my Vortex Sparc more often.

    • Even if you haven’t experienced a zero shift, any device manufactured before the confirmed date of a fix (which AFAIK they have no fix for it yet) will be a substantially reduced resale value.

      Eotech has a massive screw up that they knew about (if you read the lawsuit they’ve known about this for a couple of years at least) and didn’t get in front of. It shouldn’t have taken lawsuit for the consumers outside the USSOCOM community to know about this problem. And this is the second time it has happened, it took Eotech equally long to admit the battery contact spring issue.

    • ValleyForge77

      + 1 for sending in without experiencing zero shift. Why should I wait until I’m in extreme temps to see if it shifts on me? At that point, it MAY be too late (?)

    • Nathan Alred

      Mailed mine today, with a manufacture date of 2007.

      I don’t intend to shoot it in Iraqi or Afghani weather extremes, but it’s kind of like my vest – I’d rather not wonder every day if it’s degraded or not.

  • jimlongx

    There is a cutoff date on the Return Authorization. It won’t accept a date of manufacture older than 2005. I’ve got three I’d like to return but only one seems to be eligible.

  • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

    I really love my EOTech. I’d rather return it to GET FIXED, instead of a full refund.

  • Laserbait

    I’ll have to test mine in the cold before I decide. If I don’t have a shift, I’m keeping it. I like it much more than any other red dot that I have used, including Aimpoint’s (I haven’t tried the MRO though yet).

  • 7n6

    Its pretty funny to watch the brand loyalists still defending Eotechs in the face this news.

  • Don Ward

    Good News Everyone!

    • thundrr1


  • ValleyForge77

    I just requested a refund for the purchase price for my XPS-2, due to a potential shift in zero in extreme temperatures. I will commend L3 once they follow through, approve my RMA and send me the check. My XPS 2-0 is in perfect condition, manufactured in July of 2012. If they live up to their word, I will not punish them in regards to avoiding future purchases of their products. Thanks TFB, for the heads up! (Man, am I glad I always make a point to check TFB on a daily basis) 🙂

  • Fred Johnson

    My EOTech developed a brightness problem. So, off it went for the refund.

    I admit I never saw a change in zero in mine, but I used it mostly in weather from 50 to 100 degrees.

  • Tim U

    Has anyone gotten their refund yet? And how do you prove your purchase price? I have a 512 from years ago (2010 I believe) and probably don’t have a receipt….

    • ValleyForge77

      Negative here. I shot off my request for RMA on Saturday and haven’t heard back yet. Really hope they’re not weaseling out of this now.

      • Tim U

        Update: got an email saying the refund was approved. Will send it in and see what happens.

        • ValleyForge77

          Me too. I just got my email today too. I commend Eotech for taking this action. I think it’s a big step towards restoring their trust and their brand name… Sending mine in soon.

  • Wingbert

    I wonder what L3 plans to do with these sights? If they are willing to sell me a customer return at significant discount I’ll take a couple for paper punching and airsofting.

  • JQPub

    Have to say, Eotech is really ‘manning’ up on this one.

    I remember my Father saying something to the effect that ‘we’re all going to make mistakes in this world son. It’s what you do afterwards that will make the difference in who you are, who you become. Own up. Accept the consequences. Learn from your mistakes and move on. You’ll only become a better person for it..’

    Kudos, L3.

  • jimlongx

    EOTech emailed a Return Authorization to me the day after I submitted my request. All three of my sights were sent UPS yesterday (12/22). EOTech is promising a refund “As soon as possible.) I had no record of what I paid for the sights so I just used lowest internet prices- $430 for model 512, $500 for XPS. UPS guy said I was the third customer that day sending a return to EOTech.

  • jimlongx

    UPS tracking notified me that EOTech received my three returns today (12/28). Has anyone received a refund yet?

  • James Bone

    Still waiting for someone to confirm that they have received a refund, rather than just the email confirming the RMA.

  • Dylan

    Here has been my experience so far. I got approval for sending in my HWS for refund. USPS tracking confirmed that HWS arrived in Ann Arbor. For two weeks, i have not been able to contact anyone from eotech customer service either by phone or email. If you call customer service, you get an option menu. Dial 0 for operator as instructed and it routes right back to main menu. Dial 3 for support and voicemail automatically picks up. Im very worried i wont get a refund as it seems there is zero response to any method of communication.

  • jimlongx

    Eotech sent me an email this morning stating that ” Your product had been received and reviewed . A refund check will be processed. You will be kept informed by email”.