Lipsey’s & Vickers Gray RTF2 Glock exclusive

Larry Vickers and Lipsey’s are at it again. They are making a limited run of RTF2 framed Glock 17 and Glock 19 this time in gray polymer.

Lipsey’s announced it on their Facebook page. As you can see in the post, these exclusive Vicker’s Glocks will have Vickers Tactical upgrades such as slide catch, mag release, base plates and a new grip plug with integral disassembly tool. They will also have upgraded sights. MSRP is $729 on Lipsey’s



Vickers 2 vickers 1

Nicholas C

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  • TheNotoriousIUD

    The most interesting thing about this post is the blonde in the foreground.

    • WhatAboutBob

      You can also have her as a brunette or in grey.

      • Kurt Akemann

        I’m sold if you can devise an acceptable redhead upgrade package. 😉

        • WhatAboutBob

          Okay Mr. Vickers is going to have her get some Lasick and a trip to the salon. She also comes with 2 pairs of shoes.

      • TheNotoriousIUD

        What about pink?

        • WhatAboutBob

          I’ll ask Larry and get back to you.

  • Bob

    As someone who was issued an RTF 2 pistol for duty, I think it’s great in concept, but prepare to destroy the right side of all your shirts….

  • BattleshipGrey

    Wow, what a deal, for just a $100 more you could be part of the designer color club [/sarcasm]. Even with my screen name it’s not even worth it. By the way, is that a wadded pile of cash on the table?

    • HSR47

      I work in a gun store; Our typical cash price for a G19/G17 is $529 for a Gen 3, and $569 for a Gen 4. These retail for about $629.

      For that extra hundred dollars over the standard Gen 3, you get a set of the Wilson/Vickers sights (retail: $90 for this set), and a whole bunch of Tangodown/Vickers accessories (mag release, slide stop lever, grip plug, two magazine basepads).

      In other words, the higher price is to cover the cost of the additional accessories. If you’re going to buy those accessories anyway, then it’s actually a fairly good price for what you get.

  • Kefefs

    No gills? Pass.

  • Bill

    I wonder if those sights will fit a standard Glock holster.

  • Fred

    Would prefer Glock to offer a G19/23 Gen3 style lower with a G26/27 size stainless slide.

  • CommonCents

    he should throw in a gallon of fireclean for frying up fish and french fries!