1911Junkie sent us a photo of his very nifty long-range 1911 pistol. He wrote …

I built this 1911 in .38 Special wadcutter, from 80% 1911 Builders frame. Instead of Cerakote, I decided to blue it using Art’s Belgian Blue from Brownells. The trigger is X-Line trigger from Germany.

I want !!!!!



  • JamesRPatrick


    • BattleshipGrey

      At first I thought it was some niche cartridge or build I’d never heard of.

      • anon

        i had to go and check too

        • JamesRPatrick

          Still a cool build.

      • Edeco

        38 Traget, developed by famed exhibition shooter and ballistician Hunson Traget in the 1920s to provide 38-Long-Colt-like performance from an autoloader.

        • JK

          Gonna have a large “Traget” banner engraved on my 1911’s slide.

  • BattleshipGrey

    That’s pretty sweet. I assume it feeds fine in wadcutters, but will it take other projectile offerings in .38?

    • Dwight Hansen

      No, As you can see by the pic the wadcutter is loaded to the case mouth. Basically the gun is setup to feed .38 Special cartridge cases.

  • GearHead

    I like everything but the red dot and the slide mounted rail.

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Thats a damn fine looking pistol.

  • Jeff Smith

    That’s beautiful.

  • Kyle

    That is a sexy 1911.

  • KyleNo4Mk2

    I wonder what 80% frame he used? I’ve been wanting to try one, but most in the market are the “modern” and I’ve been wanting to build a more classic pistol.

  • JK

    Doze Grips, Doe.

  • CupAJoe

    What kind of magazine did you use? Any modifications required? What is the capacity? And last but not least, did you start with a 9mm barrel and rechamber or was it more involved than that?

    • 1911Junkie

      The magazine is a tricky one. Normally I’d use Colt Mid-Range 38 Special magazines, but they are rare as hen’s tooth and very expensive. I bought a couple of aftermarket magazines made by TripleK (a great name for a company, I must say :D) and had to file them a little bit so that the slide stop works. For reliable feeding I also had to tune the mag catch – I ended up buying the oversized one from EGW and filing it till I achieved reliable feeding.
      The barrel is 38 Special ramped, made by Clark. I had to polish the ramp and chamber, and break sharp edges and add a small radius on a throat.

  • Giolli Joker


  • AD

    Looks fantastic, but I’m a little curious about the grip; I’m not sure where the pinkie finger goes?