Join our TFBTV Patreon Campaign

A couple of months ago I began increasingly spending my time making videos because of how much support and kindness the community has sent our way. We now publish four videos per week. I would love to continue at this pace and keep TFBTV growing.

We have launched a Patreon Campaign to help support the channel by funding additional equipment to increase the production value of our videos and to fund travel around the country to bring you videos about guns we don’t have access to locally.

Just $1/month from you would help us substantially.

Visit our Patreon at


Alex C.

Alex is a Senior Writer for The Firearm Blog and Director of TFBTV.


  • HH

    I’m all for throwing some $$ twds TFBTV bc yall have done a great job and its educational and interesting. I personally just don’t care for recurrent/ongoing gifts/expenses…even at $1/mo. Mostly bc of logistics and not the dollar amount. I also read that TFBTV would actually reap only 71 cents or so per dollar given. I guess bc of transnational costs or whatnot.

    How about an avenue to just donate some money – 100 cents on the dollar! – to TFBTV one a one time basis? Paypal or something (without getting into paypal’s anti gun stance) I’d drop you a C note right now using that avenue.

    Thanks and I hope you continue the channel.

    • HH

      ^^^ transactional cost. typo. sorry

    • Actually Patreon fees are really low (can’t remember exactly, but really low)

      Thanks for the offer, we will keep it in mind.

      • HH

        Interesting bc when I went to the site to donate it specifically stated $0.71 goes to TFBTV” or the like.

  • Big Kat

    Whats a matter alex? Run out of daddy’s money buying machine guns?

  • BattleshipGrey

    How could we contribute for a one-time donation instead of monthly? I’d like to help out, but I don’t want to be charged every month.

    Y’all do a great job with the TV side of TFB (and the blog side as well). I’ve finally let my last magazine subscription go, and TFB and gun forums have contributed to that. I found that the magazine’s interests and my own were increasingly separating and I found the exact information I was wanting at the time or had new information coming to me daily via TFB compared to waiting for a once a month magazine with limited relevant information that pertained to my interests.

    • Andy B


  • firewater

    What sort of equipment are you looking for? I happen to have lots of various pieces that I would gladly donate to the cause.

  • iksnilol

    The angle of the camera made me immediately think: “All your base are belong to us”

    I kinda want to make a gif out of that. 😛

    Also… CAPPS!? That’s what the C stands for? I’ve wondered about that for like 2 years at least now. I really felt stupid when I saw that it stands also on your profile page thingy on the blog… and in your email adress. Feeling really stupid now, at least one of the great mysteries in life is solved now.