Mauser DL-44 Blaster of Han Solo

With the upcoming release of Star Wars, fans everywhere are getting back into the momentum of the objects and storyline that the movies are so famous for. Within the firearms world, some people have really been taken to the Mauser Broomhandle carried by Han Solo. Of course, in the actual movies, Solo has a DL-44 paperweight, with all the shooting done by special effects. But that won’t stopΒ Jerry Miculek from putting together a working C-96 Broomhandle and cloning it into the future by adding a scope and a flashhider! In addition, Jerry made a movie introducing it, with an actor dressed up as Darth Vader, representing Colt, and Jerry of course representing Smith & Wesson. The scene they are imitating is from the second original Star Wars movie where Darth Vader is fighting Luke, cuts his arm off, and tells him that he is his father. I just went back and watched the original scene, and Jerry’s is pretty spot on, complete with the target stand he is holding onto. The second half of the clip is a teaser for the upcoming video of a remake of Han Solo’s blaster, a much undignified Mauser C-96!

And the movie was released on Monday.

Not very new, but very relevant, a fellow published an article in Shooting Illustrated, where he did the exact same thing that Jerry did with the Mauser, converted it to the future. Now, I don’t know how much of a Star Wars fan someone has to be to mill and weld away at a $4,000 piece of history, but if that’s what makes you tick, all the power to you!

blaster2 blaster3 blaster4


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  • Griz

    I love the prop guns from Star Wars. While the dl44 gets all the credit I like the short barreled SMLE with can that the Jawa’s use to short circuit droids. If anyone is a gamer the dl44 is a great noob pistol in the Battle Front game!

    • Leonardo Padrino

      Are you sure it wasn’t a Mosin?

      • Griz

        Curved bolt.

        • Josh Callejas

          Based off of a Lee enfield flare launcher if I remember correctly.

      • Griz

        cut-down British Lee-Enfield No.1 MkIII* series

      • Tom

        The original trilogy was filmed largely at England’s Pinewood Studios, hence why lots of British small arms appear, most notable the Sterling SMG for the Storm Troopers and others. Also lots of WWI and WWII German small arms.

  • Ryan

    You might find a mismatched gun for not too much more than $500, or at least I
    did when I got mine from a pawn shop. It was a fun little plinker, but definitely looked like
    it had been used. It was reliable with the cheap 9mm I shot through it, and fun to load with strippers from the top. Only con was a very thin barrel/chamber area made it get hot very quick.

    I never got around to getting a IWB holster for IDPA, but that was the plan until someone offered me a NIB P228 for it.

  • anonymous

    Just when I think that Jerry Miculek couldn’t be any more awesome.

  • SP mclaughlin

    Who says Star Wars is in the future?
    “Long time ago, in a galaxy far away….”

  • SP mclaughlin

    Who says Star Wars is in the future?
    “Long time ago, in a galaxy far away….”

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Thats freaking awesome.
    Texas just passed open carry so I think I just found my new daily carry gun.

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Thats freaking awesome.
    Texas just passed open carry so I think I just found my new daily carry gun.

    • William Johnson

      I plan to make some non-permanent modifications to mine for a steam punk event here in TX, everyone will assume it is a prop gun.

      • iksnilol

        But in reality you are OCing a friggin Mauser C96.

        Talk about OG.

        • Rudolf Dubrovszky

          I’ve opened carried my Broomhandle but I had it in the buttstock case.

          • iksnilol

            How is it to carry it in that “holster”?

          • Rudolf Dubrovszky

            The original broomhandle has a special buttstock that also acts as the holster for it. Adding the stock makes it an SBR, but it is listed as exempt bring it was made before 1934 and therefore it is exempt from registration.

          • iksnilol

            I meant, how is it? As in: “How effective is the buttstock as an holster in regards to comfort, safety and accessibility?”

          • Rudolf Dubrovszky

            It won’t conceal it well if that is what you are asking. The accessibility is not inconvenient, there is a button to push on the side of the rear of the holster and it pops open due to a spring in it. Open carrying it around my city, nobody knew what it was and for many, it looked like a carpenters belt or tool and one chimed it that it looks like I am carrying a hammer.
            The original leather belt loop part that holds the buttstock contraption was old and tattered so I got a new one and ATF said that is fine and legal.
            Comfort wise, the holster makes it ride low on the waist do it was a tad hard to put my seat belt on my truck.
            For myself, I am 5’10 and about 185 lbs., so at the end of the day, the whole contraption really didn’t stick out as a gun for many people, even several cops didn’t care for it nor looked at I like I said, it looks like a carpenters belt with a hammer sticking out of it.

    • Cymond
    • M.M.D.C.

      Here’s mine:

      • TheNotoriousIUD

        Yeah, even cooler.

      • Blake

        Harrison Ford always gets the coolest sidearms…

        • Mazryonh

          How about the “Colonial Handgun” from the 2004 Battlestar Galactica series? It looks a lot like Harrison Ford’s “PKD Blaster” here.

      • Tothe

        Fallout: New Vegas. “That Gun.” That is all.

    • Daniel M. Ramos

      Wow, I never considered open carrying in costume form. Imagine what it might be like carrying a Sterling SMG strapped to your leg with a Star Wars logo attached to the weapon. That might make for a completely different market, open carry guns that look like Hollywood movie props. HA!

  • smartacus

    ha! that’s CLASSY right there!
    i feel more entertained than any new movie made by dedicated anti-gunners, for sure πŸ™‚

  • LT

    Interesting….just yesterday I saw a photo of Han Solo’s gun and thought about making a prop using a toy/airsoft gun or something. Uh, for my son, of course…
    Jerry has taken it a step further. Who knew he was a Star Wars fan?

    • Southpaw89

      There’s a nice little C-96 BB gun available, its a fun little shooter, but has the “extended mag” to facilitate the CO2 cartridge. I’ve been eyeballing mine lately, but they’re cheap enough I may just try it with a new one.

  • Jeremy Star

    “Of course, in the actual movies, Solo has a DL-44 paperweight, with all
    the shooting done by special effects.”

    In the original trilogy, all of the shooting was done with blanks, so his gun really did fire. They added the lasers in post, but the flash is from a blank cartridge.

    • Anomanom

      Yeah, at points in the original trilogy, you can actually see brass being ejected from the stormtrooper rifles.

  • *obligatory nathaniel f comment*

    For the record, the M19 tank telescope is off an M3, M3A1, or M5 Light (Stuart) tank, not an M4 Medium (Sherman).

    • iksnilol

      When’s the “7 reasons I *hate* the C96” article coming out?


  • Anomanom


  • Evil_Bonsai

    All I want is someone to offer Sterling, with original barrel length, as stock pinned/welded pistol, semi-auto. I can get a Pps-43 pistol in similr config, why not the Sterling? πŸ™

    • LT

      There are enough parts kits around that you could make your own – that receiver is the easiest one out there!

  • UCSPanther

    Does it reload its power cells using a stripper clip?

  • Jim_Macklin

    Maybe they all used a Chinese copy and not a real Mauser 96. I had a real German 96 30 Mauser and fired it a few times. VERY loud, clearly heard over a mile away over light traffic noises.
    Very interesting take-down. Invented before the word, ergonomics.

  • Chi Wai Shum

    “all the power to you”? It should be” may the force be with you”

  • Donald Darr

    When the original “Star Wars” came out, they had so much surplus Sterling Submachine guns, Broomhandles (C96), and MG-42’s in the British movie armory that they had no problems coming up with these “futuristic” weapons.

  • gregge

    Watch the slow-mo firing. The flash hider and scope need to be mounted a bit more securely! The scope mounted to the right side would only be useful for people who are left handed. Solo is right handed. Oops!

  • Blake

    Ya know what would be really slick?

    The Mauser C96 and AR15 receivers aren’t “that” different in appearance. Same basic chassis shape.

    An “AR15 Han Solo blaster” furniture kit would probably sell like hotcakes…

  • Rudolf Dubrovszky

    There is a guy in the back of the Shotgun news who does barrel relining and refinishing for cheap, same for lugers. Anyways, this guy offered a service to convert any c96 into a 44 pistol and still firing. It cost almost 400 usd I believe. The guy doesn’t do Internet and is rather old school.
    Gotta find his ad in the SGN, and send your pistol in and it comes back to you in 5 to 10 days. He refinished and relined mines for about 150 bucks. Mines was made in 1915 and collector wise, it is a common run of the mill c96 with some pitting here and there. LUGERMAN online can refinish them to brand new condition for 500 bucks and he does excellent work.
    I got my pistol for about 200 bucks 4 years ago, it wasn’t working and functioning due to the previous owner making parts for it and he didn’t trust the Internet. He sold it to me as a prop and wall hanger. It needed a simple spring and some other parts and it was good to go. They are fun shooters and I am exploring sending mines back to get converted to 9mm. I can find .30 Mauser for 20 bucks for a box of 50, 9mm is far cheaper.
    I encourage anyone to try one out, they are a hoot to shoot once it is all checked for safety.