CZ Scorpion Evo SBR Run and Gun

The CZ Scorpion Evo 3 has caused quite a few waves this year as a great potential SBR candidate at a decent price point. The ergos are quite nice and the carbine is very compact, but how will it perform on the run and gun course? Well, we are a little rusty with modern guns, but we thought it might be great to try anyways.

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Full transcript …

– [Voiceover] Hey guys, it’s Alex C. with TFBTV, and today’s Run ‘n’ Gun is gonna be with a Scorpion EVO-SBR.

We’ve never actually done this with a modern gun, so we’re not quite sure how this is gonna go, but we did get this SBRed, we got the UU-922R compliance kit with the disc connector.

The trigger.

We got the magazine floorplate and follower.

The U.S.-made grip, flashlighter, and I think there’s somethin’ else, but most importantly we got the lovely folding stock.

Folding stock makes this gun a lot more shootable.

In pistol form it’s just an awkward, giant pistol thing.

I probably wouldn’t buy one of these without the possibility of SBRing it.

But the stock is retained on the serial number plate with a pretty crafty little magnet placed in the toe of the stock, which is nice.

The controls of the EVO are also great.

You’ve got your HK-style charging handle up at the front of the, sorry, top front of the receiver.

You’ve got a actual bullet catch, unlike an MP5.

And then the way that you remove the magazine is inside the trigger guard, so very ergonomic.

So since we’ve never done this with a modern gun before, we decided that we’d do three magazines with 10 rounds each, allowing for two magazine changes.

25 rounds on steel, with the last five shots on paper for safety reasons.

Here we go.

All right, guys, first time doin’ this with a modern gun, but we finally got the Scorpion EVO out to the range.

It’s raining, but we didn’t really care about that.

So here we go.

(gun cocks) (gun firing) (bullets hitting steel) (gun reloading) (gun reloading) All right, let’s go down range and check that out.

All right guys, it looks like we got 23 pings on the steel out of 25.

Not bad, I will have to adjust the sights over a little bit, but not a big deal.

This is actually strange.

I’m a little rusty with modern firearms that are semi-automatic, I know that sounds strange, but this really isn’t what I shoot that often, so let’s move over to the paper.

We took the last five on the paper and got all five, so this is actually a really fun, accurate little pistol caliber carbine; it’s a little bland, but it does what you need it to do.

So all in all, the EVO performed pretty good.

You’ll get a lot of people saying it’s an MP5 killer, I don’t know why they say this, it’s a bog standard blowback, closed bolt pistol caliber carbine, whereas the MP5 is roller delayed blowback, and truly a Cadillac.

It’s more accurate to compare this with maybe something like an HK UMP, but even when you do that and you actually put a UMP and an EVO on the scale, the EVO comes in at five pounds, almost 12 ounces.

Whereas a UMP in.45, a bigger caliber, comes in at five pounds, 8.8 ounces, so even the UMP in.45 is lighter, making the EVO a little chunky.

However, the EVO does have some great features.

It’s got really nice sights with four apertures that you can switch to really easily with your thumb, from a giant aperture up to a really small aperture that we used for this test.

So all in all, the EVO performed well, I’d like to do this with the UMP and see how it goes, we haven’t done this with too many modern guns, like I said, so we’d really like to keep doing this and keep it mixed with the new and the old stuff.

Also, if you’d like to see Patrick’s run with this gun, click on the link in the end card to get some more Run ‘n’ Gun action with a different guy, so we hope to see you next time, and we’d like to thank Ventura Munitions, our sponsor.

This was a lot of fun, guys, we hope you enjoyed it.

This is Alex C. with TFBTV, hope to see you next time.

Alex C.

Alex is a Senior Writer for The Firearm Blog and Director of TFBTV.


  • BattleshipGrey

    In SBR form, this seems to be everything a PCC should be, including low cost mags.

  • Joel. k

    What happend to grizzly targets?

  • Lance

    Still prefer a MP-5 or HK-94 over this.

    • Yimmy

      Let me know where you get one for the same price as the CZ with the 922 kit and stamp….. yeah thought so.

      • Ian Thorne

        You get what you pay for. I have both in SBR form and the MP5 is the better gun and well worth the extra money. Money isn’t and shouldn’t usually be the deciding factor, quality of product is, and the MP5 is a better product.

        • Chris Floyd

          Just curious where the data is on that one? Seems more a statement of personal preference than fact, but I’m not an H&K fanboy, matter of fact in my opinion H&K is not supportive of any civilian market based on inflated pricing alone and not exactly an innovator any more.

          At least CZ is bringing fairly priced tools to market that are viable and real competition to H&K.

          Yes the MP5 has had the years to prove it’s utility, but I strongly suspect that weapons like the Scorpion, KRISS and a few others offer very viable alternatives to the over priced MP5 and clones.

          Yeah, I want one of each, can’t lie, but I won’t go out of my way to pick up the MP5 (clone) and won’t feel diminished if I never own one.

    • BattleshipGrey

      Even MP5 pistol clones start around $1400!

      • Ian Thorne

        Worth it. I have the EVO SBR’d as my nightstand gun and love it, but the delayed roller system of the MP5 is just much smoother and better. It maye be twice the price, but I would pay it and get the MP5 if I could only have one.

  • tony

    no barrel roll in the mud?

  • ShootCommEverywhere

    Every time you reloaded from your strong side with your firing hand I died a little on the inside. I am jealous of the gun though, an SBR like that seems like a blast. .357 Sig version possible?

    • I guess it’s what I am so used to. The proper way to load pretty much everything I shoot is with your firing hand and I guess that carried over. Using a modern gun for a R&G really threw a wrench into the whole thing, haha.

      • MrEllis

        The reality of the situation is this, you had fun. Not everything has to be high-speed/low-drag. If you adapt your style to the gun that’s enough. The reality is a reload isn’t even a statistical thing in self-defense situation. Most of them are over well before 30 rounds.

        I don’t practice Ye Olde Tacticool on my .50 black-powder. I slowly, therapeutically reload it and have fun. To this date, the paper has never taken me down.

      • Nicholas Chen

        It depends on what you want to achieve. As my friend Adam of Aridus Industries says “Fast is Fast” Using your firing hand to hit the mag release while you use your support hand to draw a fresh mag from the support side is faster than what you did. Swapping coupled mags is even faster. I highly recommend getting the mag coupler for the Scorpion.

        • I wanted to achieve finishing this run and gun so that I don’t have to shoot this thing again.

          • Nicholas Chen

            To each his own. Mission accomplished!

    • honf

      Internet warrior

    • iksnilol

      If that’s what he’s most comfortable with then that’s the most effective for him.

    • ShootCommEverywhere

      Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about shooting for fun, and I can appreciate a slow range day with a lever gun as much as anyone. I’m not even saying I’m right and Alex is wrong, it’s just so ingrained in me to carry mags on and load from the weak side that it’s kinda like seeing someone with socks on with sandals.

  • Don Ward

    What is the price for this thing new and used? Just for the record.

    • Hero5

      Rough estimate
      $800 for the pistol
      $200 for 922 kit
      $200 sbr tax stamp = $1200 for sbr

      I don’t know how that can be beat or looked down upon.

  • SirOliverHumperdink

    as soon as I lay out for one, the’ll introduce a .40 or 45 for less $$.

  • Nicholas Chen

    These guns are like sports cars. To really test your abilities and the gun’s, you should try it in an action match. Like USPSA.