This is the prototype REX AKB15 made by AREX, a Slovenian gun and ammunition manufacturer based in Šentjernej. The base rifle is a Yugo M80 which is bolted to a forend/rail and a rear stock adapter. It includes a full length top rail, quad rail on the forend and a side folding stock that resembles an FN SCAR stock. Looks nifty.

REX akb15

What is not clear to me how the receiver cover is removed. Any ideas?

Thanks to Daniel for sending this in.



  • Big Daddy

    Looks like a push pin in the rear of the receiver, although it could be a rivet.

    • greek preparedness

      and I see a hinge midways to the top?

    • randomswede

      Looking at the rifles left side it looks like there’s a “button” pad that could allow the top cover to hinge around the cylindrical silvery looking thing just in front of where the rear sight base would traditionally be.

  • Rusty S.

    There appears to be a button to the rear of the receiver just forward of the folding stock hinge to release the cover, not unlike on Yugo AKs.

  • Jose

    HOLY KALASHNIKOV!!!!! Now that’s the AK for the 21st Century!!! Ask those AREX people to bring that weapon to the U.S. and make plans to import them!!!

    • El Duderino

      Such a huge market for $4,000 AKs 🙂

      • All the Raindrops

        Lol. I would rather have literally any other ak

  • Its like an AK and a SCAR had a baby. I like it

  • Jose

    The photos on the weapon shows two differences: the above photo shows an ACR stock and a Vortex style flash hider; the below photo shows an SCAR style stock and a competition muzzle brake.
    If they are going to manufacture this weapon, then they have to make a new AK receiver that can accept the mechanism to open up the upper receiver, or using retainer pins. Also, offer it in multiple calibers, and in variations (rifle; carbine; mini-carbine; and DMR.) I hope that this weapon should be available by next year, probably in the middle of Spring and Summer. Keep an eye on them for further updates.

    • All the Raindrops


  • iksnilol

    What have you done to rifle, comrades?


    I just want a free floating AK handguard. Is that too much to ask for?

    • roguetechie

      I’ve never actually tried to shop for an AK free float forend before, are they hard to find and or too expensive for real people to buy?
      It’s certainly very doable any number of ways, with the optimal approach being dictated almost entirely by the intended role or target market. I will say though that the 3 options I immediately thought of all build directly from the various items I’ve seen marketed for the AK or other guns.

      • iksnilol

        Kinda both. I mean, you’ve got Zenit but they are the Gucci of AKs and they also lock you into using their handguard+dust cover+gas tube rail system thingy. The AK-14 thingy also locks you into using not only their handguard but you also need their HK charging handle thingamajig.

        I’ve heard about some Polish AKs having a handguard that doesn’t touch the barrel but I’ve never seen one. Probably rare.

    • ostiariusalpha

      Yes, that’s too much. So stop.

  • LazyReader

    You say adjustable stock…I say Ugg Boot.

    • andrey kireev

      Top one is an ACR stock (prolly by KDG) I have one on my scar 😉

  • Joshua

    Can’t all of that be had already just in multiple pieces? Free float rail, railed top cover, and stock adapters?

    • randomswede

      I haven’t seen an ACR adapter for the AK; but yes. Remains to be seen if they have done any work on the guts but other than that it is an evolutionary design step from adding discrete parts with similar or same function.

  • BillC

    That looks HHHEEAAVVYY.

    • Hensley Beuron Garlington

      The up armored AK.

    • John

      LOOKS heavy. The stock is plastic, the grip is plastic, and the rail is either aluminum or plastic. I suspect it weighs much less than a regular rifle. Which makes recoil a pain.

      • andrey kireev

        It’s in no way lighter than original AK… you pretty much have original AK with slapped on parts on top of regular parts. Even if it’s aluminum, You have a box built around original AK receiver, instead of the normal top cover…. and instead of two small polymer hand guards you have big ass aluminum ones. On top of that, one of those is built on RPK receiver, which is already heavier than regular AK

      • Steve Truffer

        RPK receiver, trunnion, and aluminum over and in front of it, so yeah, heavy.

      • All the Raindrops

        Have you ever shot or been around ak’s? If you were Familiar with ak’s, you would know otherwise. That has tons more material than a regular ak. And sidefolders, optics mounts and rails are not new on ak’s. This thing’s only value is hilarity.

  • mechamaster

    Maybe the designer is taking inspiration by Saiga MK-107

  • jrt 82

    My M+M M10x seems better.

  • Planet128

    beautiful hybrid, there are many around and all quite expensive, it is worth investing so much money on a platform ak ? then you buy directly an ACR…

  • fridaysmyday

    I think that lever on the right is rotated upward to remove the receiver cover.

  • Kristoff

    “… resembles an FN SCAR stock.” That IS an FN SCAR stock.

  • MRHapla

    Vera,?? is that you ?????

  • Ian Bardoorian

    3.5 more ounces than the basic m70

  • LCON

    AK12 for the US Market?