Loads of New Guns Coming 2016 (Blue August) – Filmed in 4K

In this episode of TFBTV (OUR FIRST FILMED AND UPLOADED IN 4K!!!!!!!), James takes you to the Blue August gun expo in Orlando. For those of you who are not familiar with the Blue August Expo, it is an invitation-only mini-convention at the Orlando Gander Mountain Training Center, where smaller manufacturers can have, essentially, an hour long one-on-one with just the media, introducing their newest products and engaging in a Q&A session and a range session afterwards. James also published two articles with more details on the exciting products revealed at Blue August:

Guns in this video:
Belt-fed ARES MCR
Heizer PKO 45 Single Stack .45
MilSport 9mm AR-15 (Glock Magazine)
BB6 Striker Fired 9mm
ATI Polymer 1911 Made in USA (Glock Sights)
Spikes 9mm AR-15 Integral Suppressor
Bond Arms Derringers
New Bersa BT9TC
Eagle Imports MetroArms MAC 1911
Grandpower K100
Aero Limited Edition Receivers & Accessories

Want to see photos from the expo? Part 1 here and Part 2 here.


Steve Johnson

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  • Cal.Bar

    Great, of all that stuff, only the bloody baby wipes will be available to folks in CA, and the belt fed stuff probably won’t be available to about HALF of Americans as a result of their ridiculous states’ laws.

    • floppyscience

      Most people don’t live in states like CA, MA, NY or NJ, so the Ares will still be available to most Americans. That is, if they actually produce it.

      • Twilight sparkle

        Considering how ares and everyone else has been on belt feds in the past… that’s doubtful

  • Edeco

    The grip of the BB6, bleh. Looks like it should be swabbed with medicated herbal cooling wipes, then smathered in ointment. Credit where due, it’s an organic looking shape.

  • Evan

    Does that ARES MCR work with a standard lower?

  • floppyscience

    The article and video description mention a “New Bersa BT9TC” but all I saw was the BP9CC, which has been out for a while now. Did I skip past it in the video or was this a typo? I was interested when I thought a new Bersa was coming out.

  • iksnilol

    Ares making *another* belt fed that they won’t deliver?

  • smartacus

    i’m growing interested in the Heizer Defense PKO 45.
    i wonder if it’s smaller than my AMT .45 Backup

  • thedonn007

    The 9mm AR rifle that takes glock mags for $799 looks like a good deal.