Mongo who runs WeaponBlueprints sent in these beautiful photos of the Stoner 63A in the Commando and Automatic Rifle configurations. Here are a few more photos ….




I had not come across WeaponBlueprints before, and Mongo did not ask me to promote his business, but I suggest you check them out. They sell very nifty blueprint-style gun art that is perfect for a gun enthusiasts office or den. “Accidently” send you Significant Other a link and maybe you will get one for Christmas 😉



  • BattleshipGrey

    Very nice. Speaking of the Stoner 63, why did it not last very long in the SAW role? I can’t say I’ve ever heard anything bad about them, other than the gripes about Robinson Arms who makes a repro.

    • Joshua

      Hopefully DE Walters(or is it Watters?) comes here. He seems to know this stuff.

    • The SEALs used it up to the 80s. I have ammo cans from Crane (seen in the picture above) with ammo belted and marked specifically for the Stoner. The military really wasn’t interested in a belt fed 5.56mm weapon until well after the Stoner went out of production. It was literally ahead of its time and in many ways still is. The Marines tested it and tried to adopt it but used the US Army material acquisition system that ended up having them adopt the M16 instead.

      • FWIW: The US Army and USMC kept their joint test program on the Stoner 63 family going into the early 1970s.

  • Fruitbat44

    Some might say these photos are ‘Gun-porn.’ Well, I prefer the term ‘Gun-erotica’ . . .

    • iksnilol

      We’re ammosexuals after all 😛

      • Joshua

        Over compensating for our micro penises.

        • Anonymoose

          Threading it for a compensator would really hurt! :X

    • Mr Saturday Night Special

      Gun-porn is a dressed up 1911.
      What we have here is without a doubt erotica.
      Nothing run of the mill.

  • TVOrZ6dw

    Wow, sexy beast!

  • barry soetoro

    i’ll take two…………..that’s two hundred

  • Porty1119


  • Yimmy

    I’d take one, if it had a bottle opener…..

  • SirOliverHumperdink

    ‘Stoner’ lol. ‘Eugene’ lol. He should have been named Race Bannon.

  • steave

    id sure love to get my hands on a complete comprehensive set of plans for a stoner, would be a great project to build

  • ✪✪✪✪✪

    Home of the IWK 77gr

  • Uniform223
  • gunsandrockets

    That BREN gun configuration looks to me like an excellent idea even for todays world, in conjunction with magazines of 40 rounds or greater.

  • ghostswereppl2

    Could you ever imagine a bunch of jar heads & grunts running around with Stoners. No one would ever pass a whiz quiz.