Galil Field Strip (World’s Best Bottle Opener)

The IMI Galil is based on the Finnish RK series of rifles which is in turn based on the AK series. However, the Israelis made it their own by adding on a few very unique features and the result was a very high quality and coveted rifle. The classic Galil has been largely phased out of service in Israel, but they are not uncommon around the world (and have been produced under license). So, what makes it tick?

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– [Alex] Hey guys, it’s Alex C with TFBTV, and today we’re gonna field strip the Galil ARM.

This would be more akin to a light machine gun version of the Galil.

Also, these are definitely the world’s coolest bottle opener.

There is a bi-pod retainer that functions as a pretty damn good bottle opener.

As I’ve showed in a previous video before.

They also have other really cool features such as a bipod wire cutters, front and rear night sights, and a safety lever on the left side of the gun, that’s very AR like.

Other than that, the Galil ARM’s are, I think they look really cool at least with a wooden hard guard.

A milled receiver, and some other neat features, such as a folding stock, a nice pistol grip, and all that and so on.

Let’s get to field stripping it.

You’re going to, of course, first safety check it.

Open it up, check the chamber.

Make sure there’s nothing in there.

And then it’s kinda like field stripping just a regular AKM, assault rifle.

You’re gonna push in this tab here that’s on the rear of the guide rod assembly and spring and lift off the dust cover, which on the Galil’s also houses the rear sight.

Now, you’ll notice that tab is longer than usual and serves to, obviously retain the dust cover a little better than an AKM.

So you don’t lose zero.

And have the sight picture shift around, what have you, so.

Then you’re going to press in that tab again and lift the recoil spring and guide rod out and set them aside, so you don’t lose it.

Although, it’s a pretty hard piece to lose.

So next up, you’re gonna remove the bolt and bolt carrier by pulling it to the rear, up, and out.

And you’ll notice the bolt carrier has some extensions on it, that’s to reduce the slot of the piston inside of the gas tube, which is really nice, actually.

Makes these very controllable and fall out.

Or they don’t kinda feel as sloppy as an AKM.

But then you’re gonna rotate the bolt out, and set these parts aside.

All right, now you can actually remove the gas tube by sliding to the rear, instead of fumbling around with a lever, like on an AK, how the lever, kinda, probably your least favorite part about disassembling the AK.

But, it fits into a nice dove tailed section right there.

So it’s retained very well and all in all, a very well thought out feature.

And that’s really all that’s required to field strip a Galil.

These are really great rifles.

This is probably the highest evolution of the AK in its traditional form, that is, barring guns like the AK12, and the AN94 if you wanna really grasp at straws.

You know, features such as the extensions on the piston were just really well thought out.

This was actually carried over from the finished RK series.

But, you know, the Israelis pick and chose what they wanted, and they did very well and came up with a rifle that was very well suited for where they fight.

And that’s gonna be in the desert.

Realistically, though, it would work fine in all conditions.

I’ve seen tests in Alaska, where they pit these up against competing rifles of the time and these were, I believe one of the two rifles that performed flawlessly.

So, the Galil definitely earned a spot on this list.

I know I, for one, am looking forward to the new Galil Ace.

And hopefully on TFBTV we’ll get to test it.

And you guys, thanks to Venture Munitions.

And we hope to see ya next time.

This is Alex C with TFBTV, signing off.

Alex C.

Alex is a Senior Writer for The Firearm Blog and Director of TFBTV.


  • Riot

    I mean it’s no street sign but it’s still a great bottle opener.

    You can see the usefulness of the piston modification if you watch larry vickers vid where he shoots an ak with no gas tube.

  • Cal.Bar

    We get it! IT HAS A BOTTLE OPENER ON IT!!! This is the second article in as many months about how the bloody thing has a bottle opener on it! Move on already

    • Did you know you can suppress Nagant revolvers?

      • iksnilol

        Hmmm, I’ve heard somewhere that there’s a possibility of suppressing Nagant revolvers.

    • schizuki

      Did you know you can fire a Type 97 Nambu by pressing on the exposed sear bar?

      • Out of the Blue

        Type 94. Th3re, I took away the extra three and used it in this sentence.

        • schizuki

          Dang it!

  • Lance

    No id say a AK-74 is as good as a Galil ARM!

    • Tritro29

      Given the ARM is the equivalent of the RPK, I’d say you’re both wrong. But hey don’t let facts get in the middle of this. Nice field strip.

      BTW ultimate evolution of the AK, would be either the RK95 in classic lineage OR the SIG 550 series in proper evolutionary form. The worst part is that the AK-12 once in the open might well be resembling the SIG internally.

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    In California you can only open ten bottles.

    • Tassiebush

      If I got caught with a bottle opener like that I’d probably be up for some gaol time but it looks really awesome so it’s a hard choice as to whether it’d be worth it ;p

  • Tassiebush

    Love the wire cutter bipod feature. It’s clever the way they incorporated extra functions like that.

  • Wolfgar

    The Galil is the Mercedes Benz of Kalashnikov rifles. The fit and finish is flawless. They are a very fun rifle to shoot on full auto especially with the 50 round mag and were surprisingly very accurate. You can switch the ARM to the AR which helps with weight if needed. The tritium night sights have long gone dark on mine but were cutting edge when they came out with them. The thumb selector switch works the opposite of the M-4 and takes a little getting use to. The pistol grip is one of the best I have used on any Kalashnikov rifle. Great article.

    • Tritro29

      Try firing a 70’s sample…It’s more Mercedes, than Benz. If you’re looking for a Benz the RK95 is all you need to have. And it fires M43, like True comrades need to.

      • Wolfgar

        The RK95 looks like another sweet rifle. Unfortunately I have never fired one for comparison.

      • toms

        This! I have had galils, RK76 and Rk62’s, the galil is nice but its way too heavy. I think the galil ace is probably the pinnacle of the Ak world with the ak12 probably up there too but Russians always go crude on the cosmetics which is a slight turnoff. Its too bad sako stopped making the RK92 tp95 ect. as it seemed like a cadillac rifle. Like most of europe Finland put away their best war implements and factories thinking mankind had somehow transcendenced violence. Now Russia looks east and thinks they are ripe for the picking. I heard the machinery is in a cave somewhere boxed up. Maybe the war forges of yesteryear will ring in the deep once more.

        • iksnilol

          Nah, it’s simply the tooling wearing out and they either don’t got the funds or the bother to replace the tooling.

      • iksnilol

        M43 is inferior round.


  • Lee

    Its practically impossible to find the rear handguard retainer with the bottle opener these days. Everyone wants one.

    • hikerguy

      It was, you know, the most expensive bottle opener money could buy. 🙂

  • Yimmy

    For such a limited made and used rifle, it sure gets an awful lot of praise. As for the fit and and finish, I remember when the kits first came out and we’re available here, talk about getting the bottom of the barrel. Anyways I was wondering, does this come with a bottle opener?!?

  • mosinman

    i wish i could find one of these classic galils, the ACE version isn’t as interesting to me

  • mechamaster

    Not just bottle opener… it’s wire cutter too.. lol.

    • schizuki

      And a floor wax!

  • zone

    i wonder how dust cover retain zero

  • Green Hell

    Why 35 round mags are not more common?

    • Riot

      Because not a lot of 30 round, 30 cal magazines get redesigned for .22

  • MPWS

    Good quickie take on Galil, apparently a collector’s piece by now. When I was able to check out Galil I found it bit awkward, perhaps due to its weight which is result of carry-on bipod. I also did not like the ‘candle-holder’ charging grip.

    There actually was further development in form of Denel R4, R5 and R6.

  • schizuki

    The invention of the rail-mounted bottle opener has rendered this obsolete. It’s all about modularity.