Double Barrel 1911 Ballistics Test

Jerry Miculek tests out different ammo in the Arsenal Double Barrel Pistol. He loads one magazine with Hornady 220gr +P flex tip hollow point and the other magazine with regular 230 gr ball ammo. The most surprising aspect was the ball round flying through the large cavitation made by the hollow point. Because the hollow point was moving faster through the air, it hit the ballistics gelatin first. The hollow point opened up as designed and started to slow down and create a large wound channel. While the gelatin was expanding from the hollow point, the 230gr ball round caught up to with the hollow point and was traveling in the cavity made by the hollow point.


In this screen shot, you can see the two projectiles.

1911 2

Nicholas C

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  • G0rdon_Fr33man

    So? Not twice the damage? 😛

    • Jwedel1231

      Similar wound channel, twice the depth. Of course, you’d need 12 feet of gel to verify…

      • Wyatt Earp

        Still wouldn’t duplicate the ballistics of shooting a human–being, even if you found someone 12 foot thick.

        And, in both cases, if fired from a single barreled pistol one of the rounds, in each case, wouldn’t have penetrated the length of gel used. Not to mention they made piteously small primary cavities.

        A 12ga pump/autoloader with slugs will consistently make nearly 1″ diameter primary cavities, first time, every time. Even OO buck will make 9 large, primary cavities.

        • gregge

          People are stringy, plus they have the relatively strong covering and usually wear clothes.

          • Wyatt Earp

            Man, I am in trouble. I belong to the Naturist shooting club and I don’t always being my kevlar bathrobe.

            BIG holes and a lot of them. That’s my motto.

        • AlDeLarge

          Are you talking about the gel block in the video or the what-if 12′ block that was talked about? FMJ penetrates deep, and that HP was just about free of the block. .380 ACP can penetrate >20″ in gel.

          • Wyatt Earp

            By my impression of the depth of penetration: In the first incidence, the ball ammo wouldn’t have penetrated more than 3-4 in., if it hadn’t followed the Hornady’s secondary cavity In both the incidents, the Hornady’s energy seemed pretty spent by the time it reached the end of the gel block. This is IMHO. YMMV/Opinion probably will vary.

            NOTE: This is all academic. I don’t see double barreled 1911 A1s appearing outside of the specialty market. There is no tactical advantage gained by having two projectiles; esp. when they both, essentially, don’t create separate, larger primary cavities.

            Give me a 12ga shotgun, shooting slugs, and you’re are mine. Big primary cavities, quick exansanguination.

  • Jwedel1231

    I would like to see what 2 hollowpoints would do…

  • smartacus

    wish someone made a double barrel Keltec P3AT.

    • MR

      Or a double barrel Hi Point C9. Need a pintle mount on that.

  • MR

    If I heard right, there might be footage somewhere of Jerry Miculek shooting Chicago style.

  • mzungu

    Yawn…. Let’s move on to triple barrel already. 😛

  • Wyatt Earp

    While I understand why they use ballistics gel–as a paramedic with 30 years of treating GSWs I can tell you this is not the way they behave when shot into an animal, esp. a human being. Even if there was that length of soft tissue to be ‘shot through’, it would influenced by a large number of other things, particularly resistance and connective tissue (staring with the skin) of various densities. You’re shooting into a sack of meat, with bones and differing densities. Not at all what you’re shooting at when you shoot ballistics gel.

    Primary cavities are what kill people. Secondary cavities are impressive when you shoot ballistics gel with a high speed camera. Look at the block on the normal cameral. The primary cavity is about what you’d expect-about .45 in for a .45ACP round. In this case, it doesn’t sound like the Hornady round could have even penetrated the block the second example. The ball ammunition barely penetrated the first example. Add a couple of layers of denim over that and you aren’t going to get even that much penetration, with a correspondingly small primary cavity.

    These demonstrations are ‘trick shooting’ and have absolutely nothing to do with real life-IRL, I’ve seen an individual shot six times with a cal. .357 revolver who just kept coming. He wasn’t hit anywhere vital. The fact he was intoxicated on phencyclidine increased his pain tolerance, but didn’t change the fact he wasn’t exsanguinating very fast. He didn’t even die, directly, from the GSW–he died in the hospital, 12 hours later, from aspiration pneumonitis after inhaling blood and his own vomitus, as well as other complications.