DIY Hydrodip With Spray Paint

This in a very interesting technique. I am curious how the final result turned out. Meaning, how well does the finish stay on the object you dip. I would like to see someone try this with a firearm. You could get some interesting patterns.

Side note: since so many people asking… Tyler said the water temperature was around 70 degrees F. He also spray painted the skulls either white or black matte with enamel spray paint before dipping with same type of spray and let dry. He also mixed between flat-matte and gloss enamel based paints to give colors different dimensions

Nicholas C

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  • Bob Ross

    “Now I think is time we add a happy little cloud to the top of the receiver(Oh I do like clouds, they’re just so peaceful). If you are feeling up to it, lets try sprussing up that selector switch with a climbing vine and putting a happy little tree at the pivot point. Remember, anyone can paint, even an uneducated slav. Do come back again when we make AR’s look like less of a failure(oh, how like to paint with you guys).”

    -Bob “One Man Nam” Ross

    • Fred Johnson


      I see you have lived without cable TV at some point.

  • cons2p8ted

    Redneck tie-dye!

  • jeff k

    all set with spray paint on my firearms lol

  • Damocles

    The process isn’t much different than swirling a guitar body, it’s just that those who do guitar swirling do it much better. I’ve never seen any of them use spray paint. Check out DeanSwirled youtube channel, that dude is off the hook.

  • Bill

    Great soundtrack.
    I’ve spray painted many a gun, but I’ll let someone else experiment with this technique.

  • It looks like a geode.

  • Edeco

    This would be a good way to spiffy up one of those CMP 1911’s. Along with a Rotar 7″ bbl and gold-pewter eagle-on-cactus-with-snake grips.

  • Damocles

    I’ve read that you have to add borax to the water to change the surface tension, but other than that, that’s it.