Washington Times: Worst Firearms Ever Made

All us writers are highly opinionated (no, really?). We love and we loathe many a firearm, but its not common for us to say anything is “the worst”, as everyone has their own tastes. That however, did not stop the Washington Times, a news outlet not known for its expertise in firearms, from creating a list of “The Worst Firearms Ever Made”.

Calling something “the worst” is difficult, especially if it can reliably make a cartridge go “bang” and reasonably put a bullet in the general intended direction. Still, history has shown us that sometimes achieving these two minimum requirements can be a stretch.

There are a few firearms on the list that I do believe deserve to be on the list. Specifically, the Nambu Type 94 does come to mind (listed 3rd or 13) for all the very reasons the Washington Times states. Alex C agrees in this article. 


On the other hand, The Liberator is listed (2nd of 13) due to its cheap manufacture and unrifled barrel, which the Times contends is a bad thing. I believe quite the opposite. The handgun did exactly what it was supposed to do, considering the war efforts. It was cheap, effective (if at short range) and actually reported to be reliable for its single shot.


So, do you think they hit the nail on the head? Or, did the hit the finger and miss the nail? Sound off in the comments. The Washington Times seems to have missed the VB Berapi LP-06.

Nathan S

One of TFB’s resident Jarheads, Nathan now works within the firearms industry. A consecutive Marine rifle and pistol expert, he enjoys local 3-gun, NFA, gunsmithing, MSR’s, & high-speed gear. Nathan has traveled to over 30 countries working with US DoD & foreign MoDs.

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  • I liked how they made it one of those “slideshow”-type click farming articles. Why get just one click when you can get thirteen?

    • Paul White

      I swear to everything dear that you better not start taking inspiration from them

      • Oh you can be sure. That’s why they call me Clickbait Nate!

        • SM

          Gun websites HATE him! Click here to see why!

    • Kyle

      Yeah as soon as I saw it was a damned slideshow I went LOLNOPE and closed the link.

  • ltulrich

    I can’t read the Washington Times article because ads keep popping up.

    • M

      Yeah, for ppl who don’t want to click through a slideshow and be bogged down with ads.

      1) USFA Zip 22
      2) FP-45 Liberator
      3) Type 94 Nambu
      4) Pepper-box revolver (generic)
      5) Nock Volley Gun
      6) Desert Eagle 50AE
      7) Gyrojet Mark 1
      8) Colt revolving rifles
      9) Cochran Revolver
      10) Chauchat
      11) Krummlauf attachment for Stg 44
      12) Breda M30
      13) Boys’ Anti-tank Rifle

      • ltulrich


      • Paul White

        aaah, the Deagles aren’t *bad*. they’re just comically oversized

        • Raven

          Desert Eagles were made for big-game hunting and high-power silhouette shooting, competing with other giants like the AMT Automag, the Wildey and the LAR Grizzly. None of them were supposed to be at all practical for anything else. The Desert Eagle just had the combination of media exposure and ammo availability, so it stuck around.

          • Paul White

            I haven’t shot any of the others at all.

            I *like* desert eagles. Impractical for most things, but so are .44 magnums and they’re fun too

          • TexTopCat

            If you get a chance fire a few rounds thru one. They are a beast to handle but actually quite a nice gun in other aspects. Too bad the ammo is so expensive.

        • M

          Yeah, I’d say overall they’re a mediocre pistol at worst

      • FarmerB

        I won’t read obvious click-bait, but they must be bad, since from scanning that list, just about all of them would be banned in Australia (yes, even revolving rifles).

        • Tassiebush

          Only the Breda, chauchat and zip would be unobtainable down here. The latter only over barrel length. Revolving rifles are all good legally speaking.

          • FarmerB

            Hi Tassie – As I said, didn’t check it in detail – was being (a bit) flippant. Maybe there’s a state thing here? Because revolving rifles are definitely “Prohibited Firearms” in NSW (unless they are 50?). Gyrojet – not sure? Would keep bureaucrats busy for months sorting that all out.

          • Tassiebush

            Actually yeah fair point. I was making a few too many assumptions. Revolving rifles are legal here but it was a bit of an assumption on my part that this would be universal in each state. Boys and Desert eagle would be okay here albeit the latter would have to be for silhouette and former for collectors licence. Hmm i think I’ve seen a Liberator for sale once but it was in context of a collectors too. Cochrane wouldn’t require a licence in Tas unless you shot it at which point barrel length would be an issue. Nambu might be okay in a collection but perhaps not over barrel length. Agreed gyrojet would be an interesting question.

      • SlowJoeCrow

        Thanks for sparing us the ordeal by adware. This list does seem to be compiled by somebody with minimal gun knowledge. While the Zip 22 and the Nambu are well known stinkers, and revolver long guns have well known flaws the rest are more odd than bad. Even the Chauchat works well when chambered in the original Lebel and kept clean. OK, the Breda is also a POS, but the krummlauf solved a specific problem and it did work.

      • Jwedel1231

        You’re doing the Lord’s work, M.

    • Edeco

      They should be ashamed of having that many and active of adds. Do they mean to run a website or malware?

  • iksnilol

    Won’t lie, I want a Nock Gun. Maybe with ported barrels, a really good shock absorber stock and lighter loads.

    • allannon

      Just because something is neat doesn’t mean it isn’t bad. I mean, sometimes the fun in an object is how impractical it is.

      You know…like a wanna-be shotgun that breaks your shoulder when fired.

      • iksnilol

        Yeah, but what if we made it not break your shoulder? 😛

        Besides, .69 caliber can be loaded with shot. 7 barrel shotgun sounds fun 😀

        • SlowJoeCrow

          The Nock Volley Gun was actually succesful in its intended application as a Naval anti-personnel weapon to clear enemy fighting tops and quarterdecks. It probably ended up on the list because a character in Bernard Cornwell’s Sharpe series misuses it as a personal weapon.

          • Spikey DaPikey

            But it was fired by a big bloke, so that’s OK then 😉

          • insertjjs

            It was still an entertaining series of books. And the miniseries with Sean Bean wasn’t too bad either.

          • Nimrod

            Actually the character in that series (Sgt. Harper) uses the Nock Volley Gun quite often and quite effectively throughout. BTW, that is a very entertaining book series. The BBC TV mini series not so much.

    • Josh Callejas

      I’ve always had this idea for a modern nock gun in .22lr, it would be a “single” shot break open loaded with some sort of moon clip holding all the rounds together, so it would be just as quick as a single shotgun, with a perfectly repeating circular or honeycomb pattern of 6 to 9 .22 bullets. Something like Chiappa’s little badger but with a bunch of barrels added.

  • Don Ward

    So not only is the Washington Times article click bait slide show malware, but the list is wrong as well.

  • allannon

    If the zip22 didn’t have some of the controls over the muzzle, I’d actually like one basically as a conversation piece.

    But until they move those controls elsewhere, I’ll pass. I wonder if they could be pulled from the back instead?

  • Riot

    Some of the writing in this article is complete tripe like “the fact that it discourages the use of unjacketed lead bullets” about the DE, what sort of nonsense reason is that when you could mention its general impracticality or recoil.
    Or the krummlaufs low round count, its not a gun its a specialized attachment.
    And the boys – the writer clearly doesn’t know about AT rifles.

    • iksnilol

      Well, a good deal of .357 and .44 mag ammo is unjacketed. So is kinda a bummer.

      • maodeedee

        Anyone who is serious about firearms should have the knowledge and capability to load their own ammo. copper plated projectiles don’t cost much more than cast lead. Additionally the desert eagle is not an all-purpose firearm, it is a specialty firearm. It’s too big for concealed carry and it’s too heavy to be a duty gun and is basically a crew-served weapon.
        They also cost about $1500 dollars more than I would ever want to pay for one, even though I’d love to have one.

        • iksnilol

          That’s kinda true but with a Deagle you’re locked out of a bunch of ammo. Because sometimes you just want to grab some cheap plinking ammo and have fun. Same reason I want a 7.62×39 bolt action. Sure, serious and handloaded ammo for “srs biznis” but also cheap ammo made out of God knows what to have fun with and dare I say “screw around” with.

  • Burst

    I think saying the BP-06 is one of the worst is premature.

    I mean we all know it’s ugly, but is there any testing and evaluation pointing to it being lackluster?

  • Broz

    Written obviously, by someone with NO KNOWLEDGE or either firearms OR of their history…prollly should add the CONTEXT of the history/times in which they were made and the PURPOSE for which they were made…viz. – the ‘Liberator’ or the Nock Volley Gun…without which Sergeant Harper would be woefully under armed…note to the author…before you write another such article – contact me!!!

  • Bal256

    I actually kind of want a zip 22lr. It just looks like it was built for alien hands or something.

  • Tassiebush

    They primary sin of most was simply becoming obsolete. I thought the inclusion of the pepper box was a bit unfair. In its time and place it was a decent gun for the common man.

  • ozzallos .

    Not only is this click bait, it’s outright plagiarism.

    First, the Nock Gun is word-for-word wikipedia. Go on, take a look for yourself. It’s pretty much the bottom of the fail barrel to not only stoop to that level of writing, but fail to credit your source.

    Once that level of copypasta shenanigans was determined, it wasn’t hard to put two and two together. If I were a lazy writer with no knowledge of firearms, what would I do? Why, I would google “worst guns of all time” and build my story from there… And there this list is almost in its entirety in the very first link dating back to 2012, while the rest of the entries (minus the ZiP) can be found within the first five links.

    So to all of you guessing that the writer had zero technical knowledge of the subject matter, you’re absolutely right.

    • Camilo Emiliano Rosas Echeverr

      Copy-pasting from Wikipedia is still much more informative and honest than most journalist write about guns. Don’t blame them.

  • Matthew Groom

    I tend to block pages that send me to clickbait articles.

  • Nils

    They didn’t really explain what a chain fire on the Colt revolving rifle would do–blow the gun apart and shear the shooter’s forward hand off. While this was a problem, that didn’t stop it from being a deadly weapon. In fact, it can be credited with helping save the Union rear-guard at Chickamauga.

  • Nelson Kerr

    Used at its intended range the liberator is the most accurate pistol ever made. It is hard to miss with the barrel pressed against the target.

  • Wyatt Earp

    There choice of the Liberator is pretty bizarre. Their (plagiarized?) description says it pretty much does what they wanted it to do.

    The statement about records is absurd.

    Each liberator came with a warranty card. After you killed a axis soldier with it, you sent the card back to England and they issued you a new pistol and another warranty card. If you were a prolific axis soldier killer, they worked out a case lot basis with you. One warranty card=a case of 12 pistols.

    If you shot a friendly with your pistol, they disqualified your warranty card and sent you a cricket bat.

    • Nelson Kerr

      The liberator was a great way to get a better weapon approach a German soldier press the gun against him as you pull the trigger then you have a damned fine rifle, pistol or sub-machinery. They you throw the $1.98 special away,

      • Wyatt Earp

        I agree. That’s why I put at the ended of my post. LOL

  • Siggi

    I believe the Washington Times is owned by the same family that owns Kahr Arms

  • Mikial

    This is the kind of article that just makes my teeth ache and causes me to close the window quick.

  • Fegelein

    No Mosin/AR/AK/M14/Glock/Hipoint fanboy rage? They must be doing something wrong. Allow me to redress that shortcoming.

    5 worst firearms ever made.

    5. Mosin-Nagant

    Why? Have you ever thought to yourself “I really want to just put 5 rounds down range as slowly as possible without having to play with my ammo pouch”? Have you ever felt like that you’d love to have an excuse as to why all your shots flew high and right? Do you like shooting ammo that’ll rust out your ww2 relic gun just because it’s cheap? Do you like dumping 5x the purchase price into modifications and upgades that hardly do jack? Have you ever felt the urge to try to tell people that a clunky action from the 19’th century that uses an obsolete rimmed cartridge design is equal to a brand new gun designed and built to 21’st century standards? If the answers to even one of those questions is anything but “HELL NO”, then get out!

    4. Glock

    What are guns made of? Steel. Why? Because it’s strong!

  • Cymond

    in the worst video game I ever played, the Nock gun was the best gun in the game. It could fire multiple times per second and basically killed anything on screen without aiming. That game had some major problems with gun tech. Basically, it was like a recurring theme that the more obsolete the gun was, the more deadly it was in the game.

    Viewed out of context, the Liberator is truly abominable. A Jennings is a masterpiece by comparison.

  • Brian M

    I’m seeing a distinct lack of Mosin/AR/AK/M14/Glock/Hipoint fanboy rage. I’m disappointed; this was a wonderful opportunity to flame bait. In honor of the greatest missed trolling opportunity ever this week, allow me to fix this.

    The 5 Worst Guns EVER!!!!!

    5. Mosin

    Did anyone ever really say, “I’d love to put 5 rounds down range as slowly as possible without using a muzzle loader? You ever feel like an excuse why all your shots’re goin high and right, if you can even interpret that galaxy of holes as a “group”? Do you like shooting ammo that’ll rust out priceless pieces of history? Are you the kind of man to spend 5 times the purchase price of a rifle to install mods and upgrades that hardly do jack? Do you get urges tell people a clunky action from the 19’th century with an obsolete rimmed cartridge is equal to or better than a brand new gun made to 21’st century spec? If you don’t answer “HELL NO” to all of these, get out!

    4. Glock

    What do people make guns from? Steel. And why do people use steel for guns? Because it’s strong! Good. So, tell me what gets made out of plastic. Barbie, things we throw away, and Chinese junk. So why would you make a gun out of plastic? Moreover, don’t give it any safeties, knowing the amazing intellect of people who’d purchase plastic guns with trigger pulls longer than Atlas Shrugged. For even more brilliance, require it to be dry fired before you can even take it down! Can anybody say safety hazard!? But wait, there’s more! Now chamber that Tupperware disaster for puny nine millimeter, just so dames and dorks don’t hurt theirs wrists. Now look, there’s a Glock available in every size and caliber, and they all offer good firepower and great reliability, and the marketing even calls it “Glock perfection”. It’s still a plastic gun that’s only popular because someone gave it cheap to cops who couldn’t hack it with the some-odd half dozen rounds of a 45 or a revolver, or got confused by shiny things like safeties.

    3. AK

    It weighs nearly the same as a Garand, only it’s round can’t do have of the things a 3006 can. It’s adored by children under 12 because it’s the only gun from Battlefield of Duty: Black Warfare 5 that they know the real name of and they can spell. White knighted endlessly online by basement-dwelling neckbeards because somebody on Arfcom or YouTube once told them AK-47’s never jam. Terrorists love it, becuase even an uneducated sheep shagger and even his little nephew can use it. And it’s so cheap that they can afford one or more with mags and ammo, but they can’t scrounge up the money or a pack of condoms or at least some bread, becuase its user likely has more kids than teeth and wives than he can count on one hand. And American heroes love it, too because hajjis can’t hit anything with it.

    2. M1911

    Take a Glock, make it out of steel. Now make it all complicated and finicky. Now strap a dumbbell to it. But since you’re ruining the firepower, do one marginal good and put it in everyone’s favorite overrated pistol round, 45ACP. Behold the M1911, a pistol with a fanbase more rabbid than Sonic the Hedgehog. And just like Sonic, M1911 fans can’t deal with the fact a design more than a century old could have possibly been beaten by say, almost every new pistol to come out in the past half century, even if they are chambered for poodle shooter rounds. At least those can guarantee functionality and can eat any ammo you can find; there’s no telling if an M1911 can feed anything but underperforming FMJ ball, assuming it even works out of the box. Don’t you dare spending under $1500 on one if you don’t want it to blow up in your hand like a Glock. But it’s accurate, you sputter. Perhaps, if you pay Bubba $3000 to tune it so loose it loses all the accuracy in exchange for just enough reliability to be more predictable than a coin toss.

    1. AR15

    Take the AK, lighten it and make it accurate. Now put all the controls in weird places, paint it back and make it jam reliably enough to overcome even the US Army’s ability to deny problems, and just for laughs, make the starting price $2000. Congratulations, you have an AR15, America’s gun equivalent to the Beatles, only people did literally die from this one on both ends. Ergonomics if you’re right-handed six-footer man. If you even get iron sights that won’t fall off in a stiff breeze, you’ll find a choice of two apertures — one too big to be accurate with and one too small to see through. If not, you’ll have to go and spend another half grand or more just to get the ability to aim the thing. At lesat after this, you might get a rifle that’s at least a bit practical. Over nine thousand makes and models of the AR15 exist, and only the internet commenter you’re reading right now has a good one, meaning his gun is total junk to everyone else. Operators use this gun because they’re forced to, and wannabe operators too dumb to realize that all the claims of the AR being amazing and super reliable come from people who make their living pushing it. In this grand tradition, these wannabees rapidly make BS excuses for why it jams, just like M1911 guys, and all of their fixes boil down to “spend m04r m0n3ypl0x”. And they have to justify why it’s made of plastic, just like Glock guys, and why it has even less power than the mediocre AK. And unlike the Mosin, this one is still in production, so it’s not even historical.