Millionth Shield, 93% increase in sales

Things are looking up for Smith & Wesson this month, as the company has just passed their millionth mark in Shield production. Hard to believe, the pistol has been in production for five years already, and I think it is safe to say that it is still just as popular as ever. Despite one recall in 2013, but I think that is a good run for a platform that was semi new to the market (from its big brother, the M&P). I remember the first time I shot the full size M&P in around 2008, and was completely blown away by the ergonomics of it. When the Shield came out, I knew I had to get one, and it has been my favorite carry gun since. I’d like to see the production numbers of the Glock 43, and XDs in comparison. In addition to the company posting a 93 percent increase in sales from January of this year. I think Colt should really take a page from Smith & Wesson’s book, in that they are similarly very historic companies, but Smith & Wesson has grown into the current times and adapted to market, instead of simply relying on the same product line and the fact that everything they make is mil spec to begin with. Granted, it took them a while, with some growing pains in their polymer pistol line, but the dedication to producing a better polymer pistol has worked out for them.

The Shield was unique in its own way, in that it was a slimed down version of an already established brand to just shy of an inch, but also Smith & Wesson took a novel approach when it introduced it.

Upon announcement, the company had inventory ready and shipped, and it had collaborated with accessory makers beforehand so a number of supplemental products like holsters and sights would be immediately available. But Smith & Wesson also listed the Shield at an affordable price point when compared to competing brands like Glock or Springfield — roughly $150 less.


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  • Yimmy

    Congrats to SW on a fine success. I still prefer supporting American operated and owned companies especially when comparing like products.

  • Madcap_Magician

    S&W did everything right with the Shield release. It was on time for the market’s demand, they had inventory at their dealers when they announced it was ready for sale, and it was at a competitive market price. A lot of gun companies could learn from how the Shield release was handled.

    • Griz

      Exactly. The Glock was late to the party, the xds claim to fame was the .45 ACP, and I did not see the Ruger marketed as hard as the S&W. The best thing S&W did for the design of the shield was give it the same ergonomics of the larger M&Ps.

  • smartacus

    of all the people in that picture; i can’t help but notice the female in glasses gettin friendly with her male colleague 😀

    • iksnilol

      Thirst applies to both genders 🙂

      • smartacus

        yes indeed. With all that news coming out lately with unrequited love turning into false rape claims; Thirst definitely applies to both sides

        • iksnilol

          Now you made me sad. 🙁

          That’s reality for you and me it seems.

  • Bill

    A couple decades ago S&W, the company, was for sale dirt cheap, almost small-business-loan cheap. If only I’d bought it, along with some company called Apple…

  • john huscio

    Great that they are making a product people want again…………I prefer the pps personally.

  • HenryV

    BZ S&W. I bet Obama has been on the phone to congratulate a great American company’s continuing success…….

  • Kovacs Jeno

    Thumbs up! God bless America!

  • floogy

    This is why I laugh at the 78 guns per 100 people in the US statistic. 1 million of a single model sold in 5 years. According to the FBI NICS data there have been 222,363,898 CHECKS since it started in 1998. You can buy more than one with each check. Oh yeah, plus the extra 100 years (modern) guns were being manufactured, imported and sold in the US.

    Good job S&W. Great gun at a great price.

  • SirOliverHumperdink

    For all it’s goodness and how great it fits in my small hand, I can’t help but thinking ‘panty shield’. It’s not a damn ‘shield’, it’s a frickin’ gun! What’s next the S&W helmet .380?