Mall Ninja Practicing In His Garage

Everyday No Days Off posted this on facebook. I hope this was done as a joke. Who dances with a 5.11 sling pack? I found it humorous that he carefully puts his AR pistol down. He needs to practice a bit more if he wants to be more proficient. The finale with the pumpkin was just odd.

Nicholas C

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  • Bursar

    Looks like he could do with a day off.

  • MrEllis

    The main reason I carry a sword is when I’m in the club and some armless, legless dude steps with his pumpkin. Seems legit. Never know when your dance off is gonna go south and call in the pumpkin.

    • BrandonAKsALot

      This comment is my favorite comment. I just came here to say that. I’m also free Saturday night if you’d like to get dinner.

      • MrEllis

        What are your views on medieval cutlery and pumpkins?

        • George Griffin

          I like both.

          • Y-man

            WRONG answer! You should LOVE medieval cutlery, and LOATHE Pumpkins! Am I right, MrEllis?

        • BrandonAKsALot

          I keep my battle axe honed and at the ready to cut my rare steaks that I eat bites of with my dagger and typically stomp several pumpkins after dinner for good measure.

  • dshield55

    It’s my understanding that the guy in the video is a former Ranger. I say he get’s to do whatever the f he wants for a joke. Nobody needs a gun blogger being a blow hard about it saying what he needs or doesn’t need to do to prep.

    • Nicholas Chen

      I don’t think it is an AR pistol. I didn’t see a buffer tube.

      • Porty1119

        Looks like a PLR-16 to me.

    • BillC

      Everybody is a former Ranger apparently. I can’t seem to swing a dead cat in the real world or internet without somebody being a Ranger. Nobody wants to admit they were a cook during the Global War on Terror.

      • Will

        I’ll admit I was NOT a Ranger, Airborne, SEAL, Special Forces anything. I hate the taste of snake.
        I was simply an Armored Intelligence Specialist (Cav. Scout) living the good life in Germany in 1964-67.
        Now you ca say you know a really rare (oh, so, special) person.

        • BillC

          Why did you think it was directed you? Quit spazzin’, go get a glass of water, take your pills. You’re old.

          • BillC

            Wait, never mind, disregard. Read that last sentence wrong.

      • BrandonAKsALot

        I’m not sure what ranger school you attended, but I attended super secret top ops alpha #1 and the first rule we learned was to never swing a dead cat. It’s gross. Plus, poor kitty.

    • DIR911911 .

      jokes have set ups and punchlines. this guys just the punchline.

    • TheNotoriousIUD

      Why because his bag says “RANGER”?
      I had a SEAL shirt when I was 10 so maybe im more bada-s than I thought.

  • BillC

    AR Pistol? Try Kel-Tec.

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    I was waiting for him to do some Tier 1 SCUBA Sniper sh-t with the leaf blower.
    Maybe in the next video.

  • TangledThorns

    I think I found my new hero.

  • Tom – UK

    Probably just a joke or piss take to be fair. Lets be careful not to tar brush before we know the facts.

  • RICH

    I bet my katana cuts better than his machete…… ! just sayin’ ! This dude needs a vacation !

  • George Griffin

    A few years ago, I received a pumpkin from a friend at church, we didn’
    t really know what to do with it,so, just for fun, I took it to the back yard and cut it up with my samurai sword to the enjoyment of my kids, the next year we had two pumpkin plants growing in the same spot and I was able to return a pumpkin to my friend at church. True story bro.