Lone Wolf Distributors Semi-Auto 1919A4 in .308

No you read that right, the popular Glock accessory makers Lone Wolf Distributors is now selling Browning 1919A4s. Maybe making barrels, Glock trigger kits and custom machined slides got boring and they just wanted to change things up. Their new belt fed M1919A4 offering is semi-automatic and is built on an original U.S GI parts kit. They were modified to operate in .308 caliber by Israeli Military Industries. Each 1919A4 was hand disassembled and inspected before they were rebuilt and refinished by John McGuire the master gunsmith for Lone Wolf Distributors. Each 1919A4 is also test fired and proven reliable.

A KMP side plate, trigger and sear is used in the build and they’re marked to resemble the original US GI engravings. These bad boys are legal in all 50 states and retail for $2,999.95 and about $100 for shipping. Check them out at lonewolfdist.com.

The M1919 Browning machine gun was originally chambered in .30-06 Springfield with variants made in .303 British and was used by countries around the world. It was designed in you guessed it 1919, it was used in World War II, the Korean War and all the way up to the Vietnam War. It’s big brother the Browning M2 Machine Gun chambered in .50cal is still in use. Many 1919s were also rechambered in .308/7.62x51MM NATO and is still in service to this day.



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  • Anonymoose

    I need one with spade grips on my truck…

  • PeterK

    I really really want one of these someday. It’s basically a fully legal ma deuce you can afford to feed. I’m in. 🙂

  • HH

    That seems to be a great deal assuming they are well made. Parts kits are going for $1,400 or so. Transferable full autos with registered side plates at $15k+.

    • RICH


  • Paul White

    where do you get the belted ammo for it?

    • Martin M

      New belts are about $15 on the web. Links are about $10 for 500.
      What did we do before the internet/ Oh yeah, gunshows. The last time I went to one it was in LA. Yeah, that long ago.

      • floogy

        If in California, make sure to resist the temptation to link that 11th round.

        • tsubabaka

          i got a question can you link 10rounds +1 spent casing+10rounds? it’s not a 20 rounds belt since you need to reload each (or i’m stupid and it’s the same as 10rounds+1case+10 in a magazine)
          altough i’m sure there a loophole somewhere maybe 10 +a strap of clothes+10

          • Martin M

            Well, you wouldn’t want a spent casing as that might cause a failure to feed, not just a dud. A dummy round would feed properly without worry of an empty case lip hanging on something.

            You are probably on to something. With links it would be tantamount to taping two 10rd magazines together. It could be argued that a cloth belt would be a ‘magazine’, whereas disintegrating links are individual devices that only hold two rounds (one tight, one loose). States with limits would probably poopoo it on principle, though.

          • RICH

            The issue would be, ” It’s not a magazine”….. it’s a ‘BELT’….! ! I don’t think that a ‘BELT’ could be considered as a ‘HIGH CAPACITY MAGAZINE’…… could it ? ? ?

          • Sam P

            However, the box you feed the belt out of.. is that a magazine?

          • Cymond

            The CA law is for any “high capacity feeding device”. It isn’t limited to “magazines”.

          • floogy

            No. Even 11 empty links would be a “high capacity magazine” and putting 11 together would be “manufacturing”. Any ammunition feeding device other than a .22 rifle tube is regulated by the law. Stupid, yes. Unenforceable, yes. Law, also yes.

          • Martin M

            All I can reply with is “30 second clip”: because, Lawmakers!

  • manBear

    Perfect for EDC

  • GearHead

    Does it feed from cloth belts? Does it come with the tripod? If not will they sell a tripod? I have so many questions. ~I need this in my life~

    • RICH

      We all need one of these in our lives…… I love it ! ! !

    • Phil Hsueh

      Who needs a tripod, just fire it from the hip John Basilone style.

  • iksnilol

    Crank trigger pls.

  • Bill

    That’s a lot less money, and equally as nonsensical, as FN’s SA M249S.

  • JohnnyBGood

    is this technically a pistol? or it the overall length make it a rifle

    • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

      Neither. It’s a Title 1 “Other” Firearm. It’s in the same category of pistol-grip only cruiser-type “shotguns” (which are not, legally, shotguns).

      In fact, you can legally put a sub-16″ barrel on these without violating the NFA.

    • RICH

      I think this would be classified as an NFA AOW (any other weapon) and would require the $5.00 tax stamp.

      • Cymond

        Not smoothbore, not less than 26″, not 2 vertical grips, etc. How could this possibly be considered an AOW?

  • Cal.Bar

    Need to get that converted to 54R. .308 get mighty expensive when you are belting up 250 at a time.

    • lol

      If you are gonna drop 3,000 dollars on a novelty like this, me thinks you don’t care about ammo cost.

      • Laserbait

        Or really like reloading!


    Figures. What a ‘deal’
    Less than a decade ago, LWD ‘used to’ have these and you could get TWO for this much and still have $200 left over. I remember these exact 1919A4 308 conversions were $1400 direct from them, and even cheaper conversions could be had elsewhere from other companies closer to $1K or less doing their own SA conversions on the 1919’s. This is also the time when you could find 8mm Mauser conversion kits for this same gun all over the internet at a time when that caliber was literally half the price of 308 Win (which was itself durn cheap at that time).

    Whenever I tell my (new to shooting) friends these things they collectively leave the room and shat entire brickyards. While they’re outside I sob a little inside. I’m not that old, but already recalling the ‘good old days’ of shooting less than $7 550 rounds of 22LR, $12 100 packs of 12 gauge, $0.7 Wolf 7.62×39, $0.15 a pop for Wolf 308, and an honest $1 a pop of 50BMG, etc etc ad infinitum

    FFS, I mean seriously 8mm surplus was honestly nearly comparable to what a 22LR rounds cost these days LMFAO

  • Phil Hsueh

    Not too bad when you consider some of the prices that some new 1911s are being released at. While $3,000 is still a lot of money no matter which way you look at it, at least with these you can see where some of that money is going to.