New Desert Eagle Animal Print Finishes


Magnum Research’s Desert Eagle is a popular gun and with its .50 AE chambering it’s definitely a force to be reckoned with. The Desert Eagle has been around for some time with its creation starting in 1979 and it is used by shooters around the globe. It’s a gas-operated semi-auto and is solid enough to be used as a bludgeoning weapon if you run out of ammo – or simply prefer a more hands-on approach.

Recently Magnum Research decided to offer their Desert Eagle in animal prints – Cheetah, Kryptek Highlander, and Snakeskin – which sold well. According to the company’s VP of sales and marketing, Frank Harris: “The excitement among our dealers with the Desert Eagle animal prints was confirmation that consumers really do want something a little bit different than what they are used to seeing. The Cheetah, Kryptek Highlander and Snakeskin Desert Eagles sold very rapidly.”


The two finishes being made now are said to be the final two of the animal print series. The colors are Zebra and Kryptek Typhon and are applied to the guns using a water transfer method. According to Magnum Research this method has undergone extensive testing and stands up to not only the usual wear and tear but also acetone and cleaning solvents.

If you’re curious about Typhon as an animal print, take a look at Greek mythology. Typhon was the result of a rather odd pairing between Tartarus and Gaia and was considered the most horrific monster in Greek mythology (you’ll find some conflicting reports that he was the son of Hera). According to the Greek poet Hesiod Typhon was “outrageous and lawless” and had the good fortune to have 100 snake heads on his shoulders. That snake theme is where the Desert Eagle Typhon finish comes from.

The animal prints are being made in .50 AE and .44 Magnum. MSRP for each is listed at $1793.

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  • Don Ward

    In the gun world, Desert Eagles are the obnoxious drunk girl at a party. Now it seems they have the same choice of clothing.

  • Anonymoose


  • Mr. FN

    Battlefield Hardline just got a whole lot more real.

    • SP mclaughlin

      I can’t help but wonder if Magnum Research has been ‘researching’ CS:GO for a while now….

  • Lance

    Still more .41 mag…. Darn.

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Ill consider it if I ever need to gun down a rival nightclub owner.

  • MR

    Nothing too outrageous for me, thanks, I’ll stick to gold plated. Nice to have options, though.

  • Kyle

    I do kinda like the snake scale looking one. Not enough to buy though lol.

  • Cymond

    Wow, they just keep getting worse. I thought the gold tiger stripe was gaudy, but these might top it. It’s a pity they aren’t doing more like the Tungsten Cerakote one.

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  • Fruitbat44

    Desert Eagle: constantly redefining the definition of “pimp-gun.”

  • Allan Segal

    What would Gen. Patton say?

  • John

    THE DESERT EAGLE…..when you absolutely, positively have to SCREAM to the world “I do NOT have a small wee wee!!!” JK

  • ✪✪✪✪✪

    Still waiting for the Velociraptor and Chuck Norris additions.

    • Yimmy

      If the chuck norris edition has a compensator shaped like a beard, red in color, I’d have to get at least five.