Saw this on social media. It has a CBS watermark. However, it is just a GIF. I am curious if this guy thinks this is the best method for shooting an AK or if he did this just for fun? It is odd and I don’t see how he could aim with the magazine sticking up above the gun in his line of sight.


  • BattleshipGrey

    Looks more like he’s using it in an anti-aircraft role. His hold on the rifle looks to be his undoing, but it also appears that his support hand is in a make-shift sling.

    • MR

      Slant muzzle device pointing the wrong way, now.

  • John

    Silly is as silly does….

    • DB

      Evidently Paco ain’t got the sense GOD gave animal crackers!!

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Things are getting weird in Chicago.

    • KestrelBike

      I shouldn’t, but I did [upvote]

  • Martin Grønsdal

    maybe he wants to avoid brass deflecting from the wall?

    • MR

      My first thought, he starts out with the ejection port in line with a ridge on the wall, perhaps he thought it would cause a malfunction.

    • randomswede

      That was my first thought as well, but I think that was a secondary problem to the charging handle hitting the wall causing a short stroke.

      I’m thinking he has a narrow lane and subscribes to the philosophy of more bullets is more better.

      That’s assuming he has some clue of what needs to get done.

    • iksnilol

      Presumably it is only suppressive fire as well.

  • Lance

    Same Arabs who brought you the 57mm rocket pod mounted Toyota.

  • taylor swift

    He must have taken a Tactical course with James Yeager.

    • Allen Alexander

      James has a team of professional trainers that attract real fighters from law enforcement and the military. You may want to talk about something you know about.

      • JK


      • Rick5555

        Professionals like Jordan, aka: FX Hummel? Jordan is a trainer at Yeager’s school. And yet Jordan got his BS in Music, then did some vids with Yeager. Everyone got along well. And Yeager, hired Jordan…with absolutely NO Experience in training. Also, I once heard Yeager say to his professional trainers…”When teaching a student a technique or whatever you’re teaching them (student). You don’t have to do it well, but you do need to know how to do it.” Yeah real professional. If that was the standard in this industry or any industry for that matter. You would have below average people results in what people are purported to learn. That’s not acceptable when being taught in anything. Imagine if doctors were taught that way. You would have lousy physicians practicing on their patients. I suppose you except less than average results when being trained by the Yeager folks? I know if I’m being trained in something. That my instructors can do, whatever they’re teaching me…and do it quite well. But hey what do I know? I suppose my resident students shouldn’t expect much when me and my associates teach them how to properly perform in a surgical theater.

        • Alex @Sea

          “Lousy physicians practicing on their patients” ?
          Yeah, after 31 years as an RN..I may have seen that a “few” times. LOL!
          Sounds like someone got his feelings hurt when he got his magazine changes mixed up with his bimanuals.

          • bmrtoyo

            yes!! the word practice in itself makes me nervous !

        • Yimmy

          Those who can do, do. Those who can’t, teach. Some of the most true words spoken. I’d rather learn from someone who can teach it well vs someone can do it all day long but can’t pass the info on worth a darn.

          • a

            You’re an idiot. Teaching requires a whole new skillset on top of the skills you’re trying to teach.

          • E Wolfe

            Teaching the How doesn’t take an expert in the Why. Instructor tell, instructor do; instructor tell, trainee do; trainee tell, trainee do. Repeat as necessary and then train, train, train. You move into the Why, when necessary for the completion of a task, mission or when focusing on imparting leadership, the next level above the How. All grunts are not rocket scientists. But over time, any well trained trooper, who can see lightening & hear thunder, has the potential to become the tip of the spear or the brains behind it.

          • Rocketman

            …And those who can’t do or teach are in Congress.

      • Phillip Cooper

        Cry,. fanboy, cry…

        • Alex @Sea

          Bless your heart sweetie. Now go back downstairs, put on your ‘jammies and play on your xbox.

      • Grindstone50k

        Are they professional at driving into ambushes and leaving wounded behind while running into a ditch?

      • Molon Labe!

        Yeager is a proven liar and fraud. The comment was valid and you are either ignorant or stupid.

    • Bal256

      Well, he does appear to be in a ditch of some sort

  • Zugunder

    You see, Ahmed, when holding gun like me, your booleets will fall up, good for shooting planes.

    • Michael Rice

      Heh, lets get a train going;
      You see, Ahmed, when holding gun like this, can be shootings faster, as gravity pushes bullets into gun faster!

      • JK

        Compensates for weak mag spring.

      • MrDakka

        paint the mag red for pushing bullets into gun faster

        • JoelM

          That’s just bakelite though, the Russian AG4 plastic is just red like that. Very good mags.

    • TJbrena

      You see, Ahmed, when shoot like me, recoil go down and become friend with gravity, make recoil nice to shooter.

      • Evan

        Gravity is an infidel plot against Allah.

  • Andy B

    Aim? Me no aim silly!

  • JK

    Jose Estrada, out in the Valley, bagging some dinner. Mmmm… fresh California Condor.

  • M

    Maybe to prove it works upside down. Those Pakistani gunsmiths test their guns by firing into the hillside

  • DaveP.

    If Allah wills it, bullet will strike. If Allah does not will it, bullet will not strike. All is will of Allah, therefore nothing else matters.

  • nadnerbus

    Maybe he had a tragic index finger accident, rendering him unable to pull the trigger with anything other than his pinky.

    • Nicholas Chen

      Rubbish. He could use his left hand.

    • noob

      A reference to the famous “my hands are done for” letter from the Battle of Stalingrad?
      ‘“My hands are done for, and have been ever since the beginning of December. The little finger of my left hand is missing and – what’s even worse – the three middle fingers of my right one are frozen. I can only hold my mug with my thumb and little finger. I’m pretty helpless; only when a man has lost any fingers does he see how much he needs then for the smallest jobs. The best thing I can do with the little finger is to shoot with it. My hands are finished.” -Anonymous German soldier’

  • CrankyFool

    It’s possible that he’s got a magazine with no spring in it, maybe? So he needs the gravity to feed the bullets?

    • Nicholas Chen

      That would an be interesting theory to test. LOL

  • Cal S.

    Well, dur, the magazine was getting in the way of the cover he was behind!

  • Justin Roney

    In the latest issue of Goat Pounders Monthly, the “tips and tricks” section recommends choosing guns with a low bore axis for more accurate automatic fire at infidels. Mohammed just figured that the lower the barrel, the better.

  • Joshua

    Sadly this reminds me of some guys I knew in the Army. I have seen multiple times soldiers stick their M4’s over a barrier, while still being crouched down and “Suppress the enemy”…Not that it was any form of suppression as they couldn’t see their enemy, and they couldn’t aim their rifle, and they couldn’t control the 3rnd burst, and they couldn’t make the rounds land anywhere close to the enemy, which is a requirement of suppression.

    It was mostly just making lots of racket, but they felt like badasses and all that.

  • wetcorps

    I think he’s just goofing around with his pals, like any group of young men with guns and too much time on their hands would do.

  • Martin Frank

    Dude obviously isnt isis or an extremeist due to his cleanly shaven face (something that is outlawed among isis) so how about giving him some credit for actually fighting the worst people on the planet while you sit on the toilet making fun of him. Also like someone else said hes avoiding the brass to wall charging handle to wall malfucntion thing while still staying in his lil slice of cover to not be sniped.

    • Evan

      So you basically assume that any clean shaven savage who doesn’t know how to hold a weapon properly is fighting against the Islamic State? Brilliant reasoning. I guarantee this animal is not fighting for any cause that any decent person would support.

      • Nelson Kerr

        Why do you assume that? , becasue he is brown?

        • Evan

          Can you think of any insurgency on earth (outside of Ukraine. This guy is clearly not Ukrainian) that any decent person would support?

          • Nelson Kerr

            The Non-ISIS insurgent such as the Kurds and the Turkomen in Syria for one.

            About Half of the Armed groups in Libya for another

          • Evan

            Your ignorance is on full display here. First, you call the Islamic State “ISIS”, which is a mistranslation of a defunct name, and a general sign that you don’t know what you’re talking about. Second, while the Kurds and Turkomen may not be AS horrible as IS, they are by no means fighting for a civilized cause that a decent person could reasonably support. The Obama ” secular/moderate” groups in Syria all have names like “Jund al-Aqsa”, differ from IS basically only in tribal loyalty, and are no less horrible.

            In Libya, “not actually IS/al-Qa’ida” doesn’t translate to “not bad actors”. As horrible as Qaddafi was, literally everyone else there is far worse.

          • Nelson Kerr

            In that part of the world USA doesn’t even translate to not bad actors since we created much of the mess based on manufactured data and lies

            The Kurds are fighting ISIS, the Syrian Government and the Turks all pretty admirable things to do.

          • Evan

            Again with the “ISIS” nonsense.

            The Kurds’ enemies are bad, true, but that doesn’t make them good. This is a huge distinction that we fail to recognize at our own risk. In the 1980s, the Soviets were bad. The mujahidin they were fighting in Afghanistan were also bad, but we didn’t realize this and supported them. Look how well that turned out.

            The Obama administration created this entire mess by pulling out of Iraq and supporting the Arab Spring, but I don’t consider the US involved at all really. We’re launching largely imaginary airstrikes that aren’t having much effect as they’re usually not dropping any ordinance, and throwing money at largely nonexistent rebel groups, but we’re not actually combatants in any way. I would agree that Obama is a bad actor though.

  • MPWS

    It’s a “mooha-shaheen”, the moderate rebel. They have everything in their heads up-side down.

  • tomassino

    Yman maybe knows more about this kind of shooter

  • datimes

    I think he’s shooting at something in the air.

  • BR549

    Looking at the receiver, he appears to have fired off about 8 or 9 rounds. Whatever, the mainstream media is no doubt eating it up as yet ANOTHER lameass reason to employ gun control.

    In the end, the libtards that support such nonsense always seem to be missing any firearm experience at all and only call for such legislation to even the playing field down to their level of fear and incompetence.

    • MrEllis

      As an experienced and competent “libtard” I think you’re grasping for straws. Seriously, your rage isn’t helping your ability to use logic or construct a rational argument.

      • BR549

        Shouldn’t you be out on the street with your Hillary-2016 poster? Or does your poster show Bernie riding his white unicorn with rainbows and fairy dust sprinkles in the background?

        • MrEllis

          Who carries a poster anymore, Trump fans? Pfff, it’s a free trade, organic cotton, carbon neutral t-shirt. And get it right we just Tweet about it. Now hurry off to your open carry meeting at Starbucks, show The Man you won’t be tread on…

          • BR549

            Ah yes, I can can see you now in that sparkly organic My Little Pony T-shirt with Bernie riding his unicorn.

          • MrEllis

            If that’s what it takes for you, I’m not here to judge, man. My weakness is redheaded women. To each there own, buddy, to each their own. Still not sure what this has to do with shooting…

          • BR549

            Not really sure. While the author spoke about aiming difficulties, I had commented also about the number of rounds the shooter had fired with only one hand AND with the AK inverted, making the discharge of what I estimated to be around 9 rounds that much more difficult. What’s also interesting is the near lack of muzzle-climb (or DROP, in this case). It appears that whatever lift we were seeing was due to his being thrown off balance, but who knows? The AK appears to have a threaded barrel with no muzzle break attached.

            The secondary discussion came about after I additionally commented about the media (this GIF came from CBS, it is stated) and gun control, as well as their brain dead following of politically contorted lemmings. Perhaps it was that comment that led you to reply thus. After all, for ANYONE seriously paying attention to the news, both main stream and alternative, it isn’t the conservative block that has its panties in a knot promoting gun control. Eh?

  • ozzallos .

    I’m going to assume he has so legit reason, so I’m going to credit him with three- avoid charging handle malfunction along the wall (because he presumably needs that angle to fire), avoid brass deflection from said wall, avoid magazine malfunction (the curve of he mag would have ridden into the ledge he was resting on if wielded correctly. I’m presuming he absolutely needs that angle).

  • Duster

    He doesn’t seem to be using his left land and arm, so the weird postion might be a an attempt to compensate.

    • Nicholas Chen

      He is. He is grabbing the stock, right behind the receiver.

  • Yimmy

    Good. I hope they all learn to shoot like this. Deus Vult!

  • Phillip Cooper

    Aim? AIM? Surely you jest. Haji don’t aim….

  • Benjamin Goldstein

    Thousands of Brens converted too 7.62 x 39…in China….

  • Molon Labe!

    He is clearly a liberal that was told this is how you activate a gun for full auto….

  • James Matters

    How to fire your AK when the Mag Spring is missing…

  • JoelM

    “Hey watch me become famous in America.”

  • Alhimar Ghabi

    Dis is how ve shoot an AK bif a broke/missing banana spring–do it all da time in de “stan.” (Brownells don’t deliver, “…over sand…”–you devil Americans, you!). De hard part is yelling, “Allahu Akbar” between shots.


  • Doom

    whats an aiming? Maybe his mags spring was dead, or didnt even have a base plate? that AK has been around the block a time or million.

  • Rocketman

    Who is that guy anyway? Bevis or Butthead?

  • Nelson Kerr

    Maybe for the same reason a Bren’s magazine is on top, you can keep a lower profile when firing


    aim…who thought he is aiming….he is pointing it…probably to demonstrate or prove something to the camera person