Russian Military Montage

My friend shared this on Facebook. It looks like a montage of Russian Military training. Possibly a recruitment video? Some of it looks fantastical like a James Bond Film, like the scene with the snow camouflaged soldiers sking down a slope and shooting full auto AKs.

Any idea what this underwater gun is? The magazine is gigantic.

Russian under water gun

Nicholas C

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  • Matrix3692

    The answer you’re looking for is the APS underwater rifle.

    • Matrix3692

      And it fires the 5.66×39mm MPS cartridge. I thought this blog had been through this quite some time ago?

      • M.M.D.C.

        It has, he is apparently not aware, though. Which is perfectly understandable. Who keeps up with every post from every other author on any blog?

        • TheNotoriousIUD

          Well there are links to the other articles at the bottom of this one…..

          • M.M.D.C.

            Point taken.

  • wetcorps

    Looks like a mishmash of different videos, I recognized a few that have been floating around online for quite some time. The random dashcam clip with the tank crossing the road is one.

    • whskee

      Mostly videos from training but there was a few ‘real world’ operations in there from the Dagastan fighting.

  • Max Popenker

    underwater rifle is an APS:
    Video appears to be mixed from various TV shows and newsreels from channels Zvezda and Russia-24

    • Secundius

      @ Max Popenker.

      Pneumatic Arms, sells an Airbow. Which can be use both Below and Above the Surface of the Water. Essentially a Compressed Air Crossbow in Rifle Form…

  • Patrick

    Do some of the guys wear german camo ?

    • Vasily

      Those that I managed to spot were obviously acting as opfor in the exercise.

    • SP mclaughlin

      The Izlom and Partisan patterns appear to be Flecktarn derived. Russians really seem to like wearing a whole lot of different camos, even those from other countries for non war games roles.

      • TJbrena

        Izlom is very close to modern Flecktarn, while Partizan is closer to the old SS-Oakleaf pattern. I think the Partizan looks way more distinctively Russian though. Digital patterns can be pretty distinctive, though.

        On that note, I don’t like how Russia uses a MultiCam clone, largely because I think that camo uniforms (and gear as a whole) should be more representative of the user’s country and its allies/neighbors, rather than imitating its rivals/enemies. Same with weapons and equipment.

        There was a video posted here a while back with some Spetsnaz (Alfa Group maybe) using HK417s and MultiCam or a knockoff thereof in the Caucasus. the homogenization of SOF is kind of sad in that respect.

        • iksnilol

          I thought the point of camo uniforms was to hide the wearer?

          • TJbrena

            Yes, but they also serve as a simple IFF system compatible with the Mk 1 Eyeball. The mix of brown and OD uniforms and helmets used by the Allies were fairly easily distinguishable from the Feldgrau and Stahlhelms used by the Germans, for example.

            I won’t deny that dressing up in a uniform other than your standard own has a role, but that’s more related to deniability and (in the case of plainclothes) not being picked out as a soldier right away.

            Imitating your rival/enemy/perceived enemy as closely as Spetsnaz wearing MultiCam, Ops-Core knockoffs, other Western gear and using HK417s makes most sense for propaganda up to and including false flags, or making your operations in another country look like the work of said rivals, if discovered.

            That level of imitation in a war could easily be argued to be a violation of the laws of war, if the users fight with such a Western appearance. It blurs the lines dangerously.

            If Russians were to use their “Smog” or “NATO” camos, which resemble DPM and M81 Woodland respectively, the argument for war crimes would be slightly less sound, as both of those patterns are in far less use in the West than they once were. And being locally produced, they’re not going to be cut off due to sanctions, like say, an HK417.

            I’m not exactly arguing for form over function, just for avoiding reliance on equipment that a nation may be unable to replace or maintain supply of in the event of sanctions (or possibly war). Though I admit I like the aesthetics of Soviet and Russian equipment on their own merits.

        • Wolfe

          Russians imitating their SS foes, aka: at the Battle of the Bulge.. No?

    • wetcorps

      One of the “bad guys” was wearing one of these bundeswher flack jacket everyone and his mother have. Cheap on ebay 🙂

  • Zugunder

    Nah, nothing overly fantastic. Trainigs are trainigs. It’s not like they will need to do this in real combat, it’s just that they pushing the limits plus, well, it’s good demonstration. Real combat-like trainings would look boring for such video. And yeah, the rifle is APS, thought there were several articles mentioning it. Not much underwater guns out there as i know. APS, ADS… Who knows more?

  • Murph

    Is that the Battlefield (video game) soundtrack?

    • SP mclaughlin

      The BF3 theme extended quite a bit, yes.

  • hami

    That was very entertaining. My favorite moment was the guy hanging upside down firing into the top half of the window while his buddies were breaching the bottom half.

    Then later on you had a guy absolutely smash his head on the top frame of a window he was repelling and swinging into.

    All the stuff with the bride being rescued and the soldiers dancing at the wedding was very funny. That dad knows a photo opportunity when he sees one and was quick to place his daughter with the dancing soldiers. Give that man a medal!

    • Vasily

      It’s actually the “kidnapping” of the bride – a tradition in Russian weddings. Most likely, a serviceman was getting married and his buddies from his outfit helped with the drama 🙂

    • SP mclaughlin

      Obligatory stormtrooper that bangs his head in the Death Star IRL moment.

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Pretty funny, the idea of sneaking up on someone crunching through a foot and a half of snow while wearing 80 lbs of gear.

    • Camilo Emiliano Rosas Echeverr

      Just because the US Army doesn’t have mountain infantry, it doesn’t mean that it cannot be done 😉

      • TheNotoriousIUD

        Well, maybe by Tier 1 Tactical SCUBA Snipers but when I walk in knee high snow it makes a very distinct crunching sound.
        And in Afghanistan all infantry is mountain infantry.

      • CZFan

        yeah the 10th Mountain Division is just a myth

  • IIRC there is a longer version of this with parachuting tanks (with the crews in them) and a ton of other stuff. It was like 20-30 minutes long.

    It was an interesting look at how the Russians do things differently.

    • Riot

      Didn’t the US chute in tanks in panama?

      • Phillip Cooper

        Airborne tanks… the Sheridan, which was more of an APC without the personnel. Pretty sure they didn’t drop with troops aboard, too.

        • Kivaari

          The dual purpose gun was really just a heavy rocket launcher. We also used some rocket braking systems – at least in tests.

      • Maxim 11, Everything is air-droppable at least once.

        M551 Sheridan, now retired, was air droppable, though in Panama 20% of them were destroyed on impact. Which is why they were never dropped with the crews.

        The Soviets/Russians used a funky retro rocket system to make the impact survivable, though I don’t think I would want to be strapped into one. The Russians aren’t known for putting girly stuff like padding in their vehicles. It was really cool to watch.

  • Phil Hsueh

    I liked the part in the beginning where the troops were in the prone and rolling around, to me it looked like the guy closest to the camera never had a clear shot when he rolled to facing away from the camera, it could have been just the camera angle but to me it looked like he would have shot his buddy’s leg off.

  • Lance

    Fun watching it. Lucky the guy who walked on his comrades didn’t misstep walking on them LOL. Notice both Makarov PM and GHS-18 in use with Russian spec ops in the video.

  • tony

    Go Bear Go!

  • Maro Vlasic

    Mother RUSSIA…..noise of thunder!! “first they ignore you,then they laugh at you,then they fight you….then you win.” respect to Vladimir PUTIN!!!

  • Kivaari

    That was quite enjoyable. I like the silenced carbine. I first saw them deployed during the Beslan School disaster. That was a seriously horrid event, involving Islamists once more. Russia has had many serious Islamic terrorist attacks taking down aircraft, trains, outdoor fairs, building, and the Opera House. Russians sometime use the wrong kind of force, but sometimes there is simply no way to solve a problem without risking casualties. WE probably have a better military overall, but they do have some excellent warriors. When Turkey shot down the fighter, it reminded me that we have more in common with Russia than Turkey, our NATO partner.

  • perdogg

    The first scene looks like “A View to A Kill” 1985.

  • CJS3

    Did you notice the “bad guys” were wearing German camo?