Bob sent in this photo he saw on the Australian Army Facebook page. The soldier pictured is from the 3rd Brigade of the Royal Australian Regiment and is using the new Thales AUSTEYER EF88 which has many improvements over the old Steyr AUG. These includes rails, removal of the old 1.5x built-in scope, less weight and more reliable internals. 

The NZ Army recently decided to ditch the original Steyr AUG and switched to the an LMT AR-15.



  • A

    I think you have an “e” too many in the word “Austeyr”

  • Esh325

    Never was a big fan of the way the Aug handled, maybe this one is better.

  • Riot

    Still no brass deflector?

  • Lance

    NZ came out on top in there switch.

  • Evil Brad

    You probably mean to say 3rd Battalion of the RAR. Or an RAR battalion in the 3rd Brigade. Regiments don’t contain Brigades in Cwealth armies…

  • They had been going back and forth on black and that green/tan combo for ages in promo photos.

    It seems like every time a gun is going to get issued in a color other than black, the Tactical Fairy swoops in at the last minute…

    • 6.5x55Swedish

      I’ve never really understood why they make guns black. Black stands out in nearly every situation, even at night compared to grey and dark blue.

      • It stands out even worse when viewed with Night Vision Devices. There is a reason why some folks call it “Target Indicator Black.”

      • Yallan

        Black is more intimidating, guns are carried way more than they are ever shot.

  • Teggy

    Glitter on a turd

  • Richard

    New Zealand had the right idea and had a proper selection trials process when they upgraded.

    Not surprisingly they adopted an AR platform.

    The Aus Army just took whatever Lithgow offered.

    It does look to be better than the standard F88 but that would not be hard.

    Looks like the scope is mounted way high – how can you get a cheek weld with that system?

    So fundamental but they couldn’t even get that right.