I saw this on Instagram and it was also posted on AllOutdoor.com

It is a flintlock with an integrated lantern. It is an early weapon mounted light. The design is interesting. The grip has changed to a vertical grip and the flintlock is below the grip and below the light. It appears to have a linked trigger inside the large hand guard.

lantern-gun-02 lantern-gun-03 lantern-gun-04


  • Evan Ferguson

    Surefire needs to get the jump on this trend, upside down battery free weapon lights.

  • kev

    Just what I need to stop those pesky grave robbers, leave my Grandmother alone you scoundrels!.

  • Phaideaux

    That would be really cool with an acetylene light.

  • MrEllis

    10/10 Would hunt monsters again.

    Also: Sad there wasn’t a tag for “YeOldeTactical.”

  • Don Ward

    Still better than Eotech.

    • Evan

      Maybe better than Aimpoint, but a few quality control issues aside, EOTech is still the best CQB optic on the market.

  • Al

    It’s cobbled junk, and not circa 1800. The lamp is a post 1881 Dietz “bullseye” police lamp, that originally had a oil burner instead of the candle. It was made after the flintlock and percussion era were over.

    • Sgt. Stedenko

      Isn’t that a tool for girls to identify handbags that will coordinate with their shoes?
      You can do better Nathan.

      • iksnilol

        Not really. I find pictures of neato wood and metal work (helps getting the creativity flowing)… also guns and cute animals.

    • Chas S. Clifton

      Yes, the bulleye lens looks newer, relatively speaking, than the candle. But why was the pistol made “upside-down”?

      • Precious Roy

        Balance? Heat?

    • Jonathan Ferguson


    • Martin M

      Furthermore, it doesn’t even have a flash hole. A creative piece of art.

      • trikeroadpoet

        The touch hold is in the shallow pan right under the swinging cover (flipped forward in the photo) Also, candle lamps with lenses are older then this. so the thing could well of had such a design. This looks not unlike the old jailer’s guns and such for work in dark dungeons and really crappy jails. Would allow a hand for the keys, and still allow you to control a prisoner, (or drop him in the event he got frisky.)

  • Lance

    Tacti cool goes 18th century!

  • Azril @ Alex Vostox

    “Good Day gentlemen. For such a lovely day, I, Honourable Sir Larius F. Vickers of Vickers Gentlemen Stratagem will gladly to unveil the latest tools against those pesky scoundrel and negro savages. It was I would say “innovative” and future of shooter tools everywhere! This is Mark four Dietz tactical lamp attachment. Suitable for any gentlemen who might fought in the dammed night time. It got two point five kilos of weight, fueled with candle or whale fat candle and can be attached to any gentlemen pistol and suitable tools. Please stay on this YourTube channel for more! I, Honourable Sir Larius F. Vickers signing off.” – Sir Larius F. Vickers of Vickers Gentlemen Stratagem YourTube channel.

  • Edeco

    Perfect for defence against highwaymen, road agents, Guilderoy, cashiered soldiers, people with no visible means of support, poachers, cutpurses, rakehells, lunaticks, and mudlarks.

  • John

    “And Assassin’s Creed was never the same after their solution to multiplayer problems was to introduce the ‘Ye Olde Tactical’ DLC for a mere $19.95.”

  • Plumbiphilious

    Can…can you have negative bore-axis?

  • hikerguy

    Steam punk,no doubt.

  • Tassiebush

    Is anyone else imagining this loaded with shot as they paddle a small punt along a lakes edge at night?

  • phuzz

    18th century tacti-cool.

  • abecido

    I took one just like that from a raider in the Corvega factory who no longer needed it.

  • Big George

    Maybe I’ll build one for my next ‘Steampunk’ party!

  • Evan

    Something about having a lit candle next to a pan full of black powder makes me uneasy.

  • Cymond

    I swear I saw a joke about a retro style tactical endorsement here. Was it removed for poking fun at LAV?