BREAKING NEWS: It Is Now Law, The CMP Will Sell 1911s To The Public – A Thanksgiving Day Miracle

On November 25th, 2015, President Barack Obama has signed into law the National Defense Authorization Act of 2016, included in which is a provision for the Civilian Marksmanship to sell 1911 handguns to the United States shooting public. The bill includes Section 1087, which allows the transfer of handguns from the United States Army to the Civilian Marksmanship program, and the subsequent distribution of those handguns to members of CMP-affiliated clubs.

UPDATE: We have publishe a video on the subject:

The full text …


(a) AUTHORIZATION OF TRANSFER OF SURPLUS FIREARMS TO CORPORATION FOR THE PROMOTION OF RIFLE PRACTICE AND FIRE- ARMS SAFETY.— (1) IN GENERAL.—Section 40728 of title 36, United States Code, is amended by adding at the end the following new subsection:


S. 1356—288

‘‘(h) AUTHORIZED TRANSFERS.—(1) Subject to paragraph (2), the Secretary may transfer to the corporation, in accordance with the procedure prescribed in this subchapter, surplus caliber .45 M1911/M1911A1 pistols and spare parts and related accessories for those pistols that, on the date of the enactment of this subsection, are under the control of the Secretary and are surplus to the require-
ments of the Department of the Army, and such material as may be recovered by the Secretary pursuant to section 40728A(a) of this title. The Secretary shall determine a reasonable schedule for the transfer of such surplus pistols.

‘‘(2) The Secretary may not transfer more than 10,000 surplus caliber .45 M1911/M1911A1 pistols to the corporation during any year and may only transfer such pistols as long as pistols described in paragraph (1) remain available for transfer.’’.

(2) TECHNICAL AND CONFORMING AMENDMENTS.—Such title is further amended—

(A) in section 40728A—

(i) by striking ‘‘rifles’’ each place it appears and inserting ‘‘surplus firearms’’; and

(ii) in subsection (a), by striking ‘‘section 40731(a)’’ and inserting ‘‘section 40732(a)’’; (B) in section 40729(a)—

(i) in paragraph (1), by striking ‘‘section 40728(a)’’ and inserting ‘‘subsections (a) and (h) of section 40728’’; (ii) in paragraph (2), by striking ‘‘40728(a)’’ and inserting ‘‘subsections (a) and (h) of section 40728’’; and

(iii) in paragraph (4), by inserting ‘‘and caliber .45 M1911/M1911A1 surplus pistols’’ after ‘‘caliber .30 and caliber .22 rimfire rifles’’;

(C) in section 40732—

(i) by striking ‘‘caliber .22 rimfire and caliber .30 surplus rifles’’ both places it appears and inserting ‘‘surplus caliber .22 rimfire rifles, caliber .30 surplus rifles, and caliber .45 M1911/M1911A1 surplus pistols’’; and

(ii) in subsection (b), by striking ‘‘is over 18 years of age’’ and inserting ‘‘is legally of age’’; and (D) in section 40733—

(i) by striking ‘‘Section 922(a)(1)-(3) and (5)’’ and inserting ‘‘(a) IN GENERAL.—Except as provided in sub-section (b), section 922(a)(1)-(3) and (5)’’; and

(ii) by adding at the end the following new sub-
section: ‘‘(b) EXCEPTION.—With respect to firearms other than caliber .22 rimfire and caliber .30 rifles, the corporation shall obtain a license as a dealer in firearms and abide by all requirements imposed on persons licensed under chapter 44 of title 18, including maintaining acquisition and disposition records, and conducting background checks.’’.


(1) ONE-YEAR AUTHORITY.—The Secretary of the Army may carry out a one-year pilot program under which the Secretary may transfer to the Corporation for the Promotion of Rifle Practice and Firearms Safety not more than 10,000 firearms described in paragraph (2).

S. 1356—289

(2) FIREARMS DESCRIBED.—The firearms described in this paragraph are surplus caliber .45 M1911/M1911A1 pistols and spare parts and related accessories for those pistols that, on the date of the enactment of this section, are under the control of the Secretary and are surplus to the requirements of the Department of the Army.

(3) TRANSFER REQUIREMENTS.—Transfers of surplus caliber .45 M1911/M1911A1 pistols from the Army to the Corporation under the pilot program shall be made in accordance with subchapter II of chapter 407 of title 36, United States Code.


the Secretary initiates the pilot program under this sub-
section, the Secretary shall submit to Congress an interim report on the pilot program. Secretary completes the pilot program under this sub-
section, the Secretary shall submit to Congress a final report on the pilot program. this subsection shall include, for the period covered by the report—

(A) INTERIM REPORT.—Not later than 90 days after

(B) FINAL REPORT.—Not later than 15 days after the

(C) CONTENTS OF REPORT.—Each report required by

(i) the number of firearms described in subsection

(a)(2) transferred under the pilot program; and

(ii) information on any crimes committed using firearms transferred under the pilot program.

(c) LIMITATION ON TRANSFER OF SURPLUS CALIBER .45 M1911/M1911A1 PISTOLS.—The Secretary may not transfer firearms described in subsection (b)(2) under subchapter II of chapter 407 of title 36, United States Code, until the date that is 60 days after the date of the submittal of the final report required under subsection (b)(4)(B).

This is a huge deal. Never before has the Civilian Marksmanship Program been able to sell handguns to the U.S. shooting public, and the signing of the National Defense Authorization Act with this provision in it signals a major change in the way firearms are viewed by the U.S legal system, similar to how Heller vs. D.C. affirmed the right of self defense for United States citizens. Handguns previously have been viewed as weapons of crime, or otherwise indecent by those outside the shooting community, and were in earlier drafts of the 1934 National Firearms act actually included in the NFA registry along with machine guns. While this does only allow 10,000 firearms per year to be distributed through the CMP, it is to me a major milestone in that my government will finally trust me and other qualified citizens with surplus military handguns for our own use in marksmanship competitions and other activities.

I am absolutely thrilled that this has actually come to pass. Happy Thanksgiving!

Nathaniel F

Nathaniel is a history enthusiast and firearms hobbyist whose primary interest lies in military small arms technological developments beginning with the smokeless powder era. In addition to contributing to The Firearm Blog, he runs 196,800 Revolutions Per Minute, a blog devoted to modern small arms design and theory. He is also the author of the original web serial Heartblood, which is being updated and edited regularly. He can be reached via email at


  • Just in time for Christmas too! Now I gotta get around to joining a local cmp club

    • It’s very easy! Email me if you need help, or call the CMP.

      • Armchair Command’oh

        How to buy a CMP firearm might be a good topic for one of those fancy new TFBTV episodes.

        • Joseph Smith

          Go to their website, ton of info there along with a list of state affiliated clubs.

          Honestly, it took me more time to get that state club membership card (five weeks) than it did to get my paperwork submitted to the CMP and order pending.

        • An article with a lot of details is being done now.

        • GunTotingLib

          I did it wasn’t that hard. Filled out a CMP form, took my DL, passport, CC permit and Gun club card down to the UPS store for a Notarized copy. Mailed it in, ordered an M1, 6 weeks later it showed up at my door FedEx. Ammo, bayonets, parts and misc can be ordered in the online store

      • AussieRogue

        And you have to be a US citizen ???????????????????? I am a permanent Resident and I can legaly buy a firearm from a gun shop why not from the CMP ??????????????????????

        • That is the law, unfortunately.

        • Holdfast_II

          It sucks, but it does make sense when you consider the original purpose of the CMP.

          I celebrated my Naturalization by getting a nice Garand from them.

        • Edeco

          Well, there’s this lingering century-old mission statement, stuff about safety and marksmanship. Like, civilian as opposed to military, like as a defense thing. Yanno, you wouldn’t really be in it with us, necessarily if we had to muster ourselves to fight a Kaiser and army of huns in pickle-haubers.

          I’d be for just liquidating the guns, but that’s another discussion.

          • Doom

            If you just liquidated them, Century or some other large importer would buy them all up, and then resell them with a nice big mark up. and youd be in the position M1 Carbines are in where there are millions and millions of them but they sell for 800+ dollars on the private market when they were selling for 3-4-500 dollars from the CMP

          • Edeco

            I wouldn’t be worried about it. I’m not sure the mark up would be big, I mean, I’m no expert, but there are norms for this sort of thing. The seller frees up capital, middle-men get to eat, end user swipes a credit card… The end user of the surplus guns would end up paying more, probably… maybe, but whatever, to me that’s OK. Some would go to the coffers after all.

            Again I’m painting in broad strokes, not going through sub-scenarios. That’d be a long story.

          • Doom

            Im not ok with paying more when I dont have to, If the CMP can sell them for cheaper than a middle man, why the hell would I want anyone but the CMP to sell them? it is easy enough to buy from the CMP as long as you have a couple of brain cells to rub together.

          • Edeco

            Why would you want anyone but the CMP? I’ve no way to know what it would take to get between you and this possible offer.

            Me? I can’t be bought with a bit of a deal, maybe, on a thing. Even if there weren’t hoops to jump through. I see unused capital that should be set free, that’s what I care about*. In the hands currently of an organization that uses money. I’d leave it to the pros, not some special antique program, but whatever.

            *I know, sounds like Gordon Gecko

          • Doom

            Saving hundreds of dollars for a gun accurately graded and inspected by a gun smith at the CMP is better than paying hundreds more for buying a gun from century who throws them all in a crate and sells them without ensuring safety. plus the CMP limits sales to customers, Garands sell for around 1000 dollars on the street, I can buy the same garand for 730 dollars from the CMP that has been professionally inspected. to allow this to happen they limit the number of guns you can buy a year so a dealer cant buy up several thousand at a low price and sell at a high price for doing literally no work on the guns.

            Having the CMP sell the 1911’s is the best way to safely distribute these guns.

          • The Brigadier

            I picked one up for $65 dollars in the ’80s and sold it for $1500 in ’09. It was a presentation rifle and only 200 were made and mine was in very good condition. I regret selling it, even with the hefty profit and I’m going to get another one right after Christmas.

        • The Brigadier

          Because there are others with permanent resident status we don’t want to have these guns. Sorry mate.

      • Thanks! Are you a louisiana resident or can out of state people join places like the Louisiana Shooting Association?

        • A Louisiana resident, but there are many many other organizations to join.

      • Rick5555

        Nathaniel, thanks so much for posting the aforementioned info. That helps me out a lot. I’ve been interested in joining CMP for quite sometime now. However, I thought it was a long and drawn out process. And with my busy profession and little free time. I didn’t think I would be able to manage to acquire membership. Mainly due to time restraints. Again, thanks for posting the info. It seriously helps me out. All I really have to do is join a shooting club somewhere in TN. And then send everything in. Happy Holidays to you and your family. You and Alex C. are my favorite writers on this blog.

        • Doom

          You can just join the Garand collectors association, and get a Carry permit, and you are good to go, that is what I did.

        • The Brigadier

          You need to join a recognized shooting organization like a state marksmanship club. It usually requires an application and nominal fee and you have to be a member for a set amount of time to satisfy the CMP. I don’t remember what the membership time is anymore. Its all on the Civilian Marksmanship Program website.

      • Joe

        Why E-5 or higher? I knew plenty of immigrants that were E-6’s, E-7’s.

      • The Brigadier

        Are they really and truly going for $2000 Nathaniel?

  • Anonymous47763

    So how do you buy one?

    • It’s like this, but it has to be shipped to an FFL is my understanding. I just completed the process for eligibility for the CMP, it’s a lot easier than most people think.

      However, the CMP has to actually get 1911s from the Army first, and that will take time.

      • okflowtester

        I cant find any way to join the CMP online. No clubs in my area either that have any kind of links or info.

        • Buddy_Bizarre

          You don’t join the CMP. You join an affiliated club. The Garand Collectors Association is one you can join online. Your state rifle & pistol association is probably also CMP affiliated. The CMP has a list of affiliated clubs on their website.

        • Here’s the text of an email I sent to a couple people:

          The best place to start is the CMP’s website. the best place to start is the CMP’s website.

          There are three basic requirements:

          1. Proof of U.S. Citizenship, usually a birth certificate, but you are also eligible if you are a naturalized citizen, so just show your proof of naturalization. You can also use a military ID that is E-5 or above for this.

          2. Proof of membership in a CMP-affiliated club. This sounds hard, but is actually the easiest requirement. Many people think this must be a local shooting club that is a physical location they can visit. Not so! I achieved this requirement by joining the Louisiana Shooting Association by paying a $10 fee online and sending in a copy the receipt of my purchase. The LSA told me this would work, though it should be noted I haven’t received my rifle yet. Still, it’s an easy requirement to meet; if you were unsure that a receipt would work, you could wait to get a membership card. That does not take much time at all. You can also join the Garand Collectors Association if there is no club in your state, or you can call up the CMP during business hours and they will help you find an affiliated club you can join.

          3. Proof of marksmanship or other firearms related activity. Do you have a concealed carry license? Send in a copy of the certificate you got to get that. Have you done Appleseed? Email your Appleseed instructor (if you don’t know who that was, you can ask on the Appleseed forums and find out) and they will email you the greenslip needed for this requirement. If push comes to shove and you have nothing that could possibly meet this requirement, you can download a form from the CMP, and get a range officer at your local range to observe you completing it, and fill it out.

          Now print out the CMP order form and fill it out with the correct info, bundle copies of all of the above together, add a Money Order for the necessary amount, and mail it in! The CMP only takes orders by mail, sadly.

          Does that help?

        • HKGuns

          Join the Garand Collectors association if you don’t have a club near you. Membership used to be $25 annually.

  • Jeff

    Maybe they should re issue them instead!

    • Zachary marrs

      Lol no

  • Don Ward

    Who were the particular Congress critters who sponsored and pushed forward this part of the bill? Could it be that finally, finally, voting for someone with an R behind their name pays off?

    • At the risk of being political, those Michiganians who voted for Mike Rogers should feel pretty damn smug right about now…

      • mosinman

        *Michiganders 😉

        • Em

          Mike Rogers of Michigan has not been in congress this cycle. It was Mike Rogers of Alabama.

          • Oops! My mistake!

          • Bob Preiss

            Perhaps I have had my head in the sand for too long but I was under the impression that prior to releasing any firearm the CMP refurbished them to match spec’s, making use of pristine new parts where available & accurizing each firearm to the best of their ability,all this in an effort to provide competion shooters with equally level playing field. This has been what I thought, & of course I have been wrong before (just ask my wife!) although I had never thought I was wrong, just mistaken.

        • FLA BOY

          Michiganders……is that some kind of Goose or something? We got Sasquatches down here!!

      • John Willis

        the detroit dems love the results of their voting history ,,what a vacation paradise!!!

  • Taofledermaus

    There’s gotta be a catch!

    • I hope not!

    • Amanofdragons

      See my above comment. And are you really Taoflermaus? If so, you are one of my all time favorite YouTube channels

      • I have no reason to doubt he’s Jeff…

      • He’s a regular commenter in a number of areas I frequent. If it is an intelligent and slightly snarky comment, you can bet it is ol’ man-bat.

    • Edeco

      I’m sure there’s stuff not to my liking in the rest of the act, but *yawn* it happens.

    • Joseph Smith

      The catch is going to be competing with hoarders buying on credit while the rest of us just want one or two.

      • Very true unfortunately—-

        • The Brigadier

          I contacted them recently about getting another M1C and because a certain politician nixed the return of tens of thousands from South Korea there are no more to had from the CMP. 🙁

          • Norm Glitz

            The “return” was a sale from Korea to US dealers of M-1s that had been given to Korea. That’s why it was nixed at a much lower level that that certain politician.

          • The Brigadier

            I wrote M1Cs not M1s. Hillary blocked the sale of the M1Cs just before she became the Sec of State.

      • COL Bull-sigh

        With the CMP, there can be no hoarders. If they follow the same rules as the M1 Garand program, you can buy only one and must agree not to sell it for a certain number of years. This is NOT a “surplus sell-off”.

        • cawpin

          You can buy than one.

          • itsmefool

            Or even more than one!

          • cawpin

            Lol, indeed.

        • Joseph Smith

          At first yes, but they relaxed the M1 rules. You can go on GB right now and find sellers listing a half-dozen M1s with recent CMP certificates.

          Why the CMP doesn’t go after that and blacklist those folks is beyond me.

          I will keep my M1s forever! Just as I would a 1911A1 if I can get one.

          • STFUTWIT

            What about the M1A1? Any news on the CMP selling those?

    • charlesrhamilton

      There is. It’s at the discretion of the administration in charge. As in “may release”, not “shall release”

    • JumpIf NotZero

      No catch. Just a rage when people learn they are going to be $2,000.

      • Gregory

        Really, since the tax payers already paid for the guns.

        • Dude

          They paid for the M1 Garands too, and look at what CMP wants for them!

          • Grindstone50k

            Considerably less than market value?

          • JeffH


      • irish7_1sg

        I would NOT pay a grand for one of those beat up old pistols, yet alone two! They should go for a few hundred dollars. Less than $500!

      • Frank Matyus

        tax payer bought them at 10k, steel at 2k

      • The Brigadier

        $2000!!!! You’ve got to be kidding me! For a grade B GI .45?!! For that kind of money you can get a Wilson Combat model.

    • barbara

      I am thinking they will know who all has one and has plans for those or they will stop the selling of the ammunition for these guns. I don’t trust them,,,

      • TonysTake


      • MichaelZWilliamson


        • Precious Roy

          It’s that phosphorous .45 ammo.

    • Rick5555

      The catch is the NDAA was renewed. That bill takes away citizens civil rights…you aren’t permitted “Due Process of the Law.” Provided the govt. believes you’re involved in terrorist activities. Basically, a fed can state anything. And then grab you in the middle of the night. Detain you indefinitely in which you don’t get to speak to an attorney. I love firearms and a serious collector. However, if I could choose between the NDAA and approval of 1911’s to the CMP. Or the NDAA is not renewed and we don’t have access to the 1911’s. I would pick the latter.

      • AC11

        It’s nice to know that someone (other than myself) is aware of this. Don’t get all giddy people. This bill is far more bad than good for civil liberties.

      • The Brigadier

        You do have redress, but like a lot of things in life you have to be aggressive about it. Simply writing a letter or whining is not going to do it. You have to clear your own name and the very government that has harmed you also some remedies for fixing it. They do admit mistakes are made. Google it.

    • TonysTake

      They will probably just sell to wholesalers who will in turn jack the price to something unreasonable. They shouldn’t be a dime over $400.

      • Henry Bowman

        CMP doesn’t sell to commercial vendors. Go check the requirements for purchase on the CMP site before flapping your gums and making yourself look like an idiot.

        • Reginald Pettifogger

          There is no “idiocy bar” to being a firearm owner….unfortunately….as long as you’re not a danger to yourself and or others.

        • TonysTake

          Yo henry. Take your head out of your backside so you can go F yourself.

          • Doom

            you are telling others to take their heads out of their backsides after making a fool of yourself saying the CMP will sell to wholesalers? lol, ok.

          • TonysTake

            Worse than wrong. Read again and attempt comprehension. I am telling henry that he is a rude POS, not “others.” There is a way to correct people who are mistaken without acting like a backwoods illiterate, child which henry is. Be careful that you do not fall into that same category and think that using his same tone is in anyway socially acceptable. lol, ok.


            Tony, knock it off. Nobody here wants to read any more of your over-reacting, defensive drivel.

    • Sam Green

      Barak Hussein signed this bill probably only after he put in another 5 year ammunition purchase order, but this time he’s cornering all the .45 ammo

      Now that Harvard educated imbecile is probably buying The Dep’t of Education employees, 5 million rounds of .45 ammo per teacher, per year, and 10 million rounds per lunch lady, per year, to protect them from hungry students forced to eat what Michelle Obama thinks is best. (While her children eat four star lunches prepared by Michelin rated chefs.

      • The Brigadier

        It is a bitter pill to swallow isn’t it? Only one more year to go, and then we begin complaining about Trump.

    • Steve

      The catch is in the wording: “May release up to 10,000”. Just like the shall issue / may issue concealed carry laws, they could choose to release none or just one. Obama knew this, which is why he had no problem signing this, but refusing to release M1 Garands and M1 Carbines.

      • The Brigadier

        Fortunately both Kahr and Inland are making milspec M1Cs out of better materials than the originals. The M1C has created more casualties against our enemies than any other rifle in our nation’s history as a military historian wrote this past October. I am going to get one of these new ones,.

    • Azrielle

      the barrels are shot out, the parts are similarly worn through and through, like as not they’re as dangerous to the shooter as the shootee. Might be another of Odumbass’s schemes to rid himself of a few more hard core gun nuts!

  • Amanofdragons

    I think the celebration is a little short lived. It says may issue up to 10,000 a year. I’m going to say we won’t see any of these guns until there is a republican in office. Or we might see like 5 or ten a year, for historical significance. The wording is terrible, they’ll weasel their way out of it.

  • Nicks87

    Pieces of history, maybe, but all the 1911s sitting in storage that I came across in various armories were all pretty worn out. They were left overs from the Vietnam era and they were junk. There might be a few gems hiding in those crates but nothing to get excited about.

    • Zachary marrs

      Not every gun has to be for serious use.

      Having “historic” 1911’s in the hands of citizens is far better than them being turned into rebar.

      • Nicks87

        Depends on the price. I understand the historical aspect but I’m not going to pay an arm and a leg just to say I have a 1911 that MIGHT have been through a war or two.

        • itsmefool

          So don’t.

    • marathag

      And most will rattle like a maraca, for no extra charge.
      Yep, ‘shooter grade’ not that they will group any better than a shotgun

      Still, glad that they won’t see the cutting torch.

    • Kirk Newsted

      I wouldn’t be too worried about the condition. The CMP will inspect them and keep the really ugly ones out of the pipeline. They do the same with the Garands and Carbines. From what I’ve seen of 1911s, even brand new gov models rattle a bit.

      • The Brigadier

        Yeah, war guns often rattle and range weapons don’t. Tight guns jam at the most inopportune times.

    • SemperFlyBoy

      The 1911s we were issued in Vietnam were in good condition and in just as good shape when we turned them back in, mainly because they were hardly ever fired (at least intentionally). I am thinking many, if not most of these pistols will have a similar history.

      • jcitizen

        The ones we turned in 1987 were in perfect condition as well. That is when I was finally issued an M9.

        • Anon. E Maus

          Aren’t those M9 pistols terribly beat up and worn out by now?

          • jcitizen

            HA!HA! Probably more so than the 1911A1s!!

  • Doug Shartzer

    You just have to be a member of ISIS to qualify for the purchase.

    • Andrew

      Not necessarily, Mexican drug cartels are also pre-approved.

  • datimes

    Someone met up with the Choom Gang and was handed a pen.

  • HenryV

    You lucky Yanky dogs! 🙂

    Happy Thanksgiving friends. 🙂

    • Simcha M.

      Thank you for the good wishes!

      • Dave


        • alex_a

          From itself?

          • Nope. Free Palestine with 10 gallons of gas.

            Oy, what a deal!

        • Simcha M.

          Hey bozo,
          The name of this blog is “The Firearms Blog; Guns; Not Politics”. Nobody cares about you and you silly Leftist politics, ESPECIALLY on this forum.

          Please note that I capitalized only one word in my above sentence. When you capitalize all your words you are essentially yelling and also showing that you are an imbecile who doesn’t know how to use his “Shift” key.

          dirka dirka, mohammed jihad.

          • Dave

            Like I said Freeee Palestine you racist cool

          • Mike

            Lol….i agree and LIKE the dirk dirka…….?

        • Kelly Jackson

          There’s no such place as Palestine and there never has been.

          Call “Palestinians” what they really are, Egyptians.

          • Dave

            Lol you guys are fools keep supporting that terrorist state dirka dirka wow your really racist I’m not even Arab no surprise there though

          • Jeffery Rightmire

            Every last one of the inbred sodomites should be dispatched
            Has not one damned thing to with race–It is the ideology of Islam and it 1400 years of inbreeding and ignorance.

          • Gregg628

            Yeah, I’m gonna to like your response. Yep.

          • Jeffery Rightmire

            I can find more folks who feel the same than do not.

          • Jeffery Rightmire

            Bullshivocky , There is a city in East Texas , the county seat of Anderson county-named Palestine.

          • COL Bull-sigh

            Of course not! But there is and, for the past 4000 years, has been an ISRAEL!

          • desert

            No…they were arabians! But the word Palestine is Roman and means “Philistines”, you know, the narrow between the eyes, not to bright….hummm kind of like now!

          • kevin_77006

            um….no. “Palaestina” is referred to in early Hellenic and Persian writings and so pre-dates the Romans by at least 1200 years….

          • Somebody want to tell me what any of this has to do with CMP and 1911’s. Drop this line of talk it’s racist and you should know how we at TFB feel about that. I really don’t want to ban anyone else over this.

          • hihellothere

            Racist? Wow, need to find a “safe space”?

          • You probably didn’t see the deleted comments——

          • hihellothere

            Did not. Regrets, it’s your show.

          • JohnEffKerry

            Well it isn’t really racist, we are talking about a very similar race of people even though they have really different social and religious ideologies. Also, the very history of the 1911 is, by its nature, political. As is gun ownership. Controversy should ensue, it is part of the picture.
            That said, just because the discourse dial can be turned up to “eleven” doesn’t mean we need to.

          • Bill

            I hate it when people confuse race with ethnicity or social cohort. This happens about 400 times a day.

          • Simcha M.

            Agreed, Bill. Years ago I opened my stupid mouth when a dumb-blonde coworker declared that she didn’t know what nationality she was. I stupidly interjected: “no, you do know what your nationality is; you are American. I think you meant “ethnicity”. She gave me a dirty stare and I learned a tough lesson: you can’t fix stupid!

            Merry Christmas to you.

          • Good point Phil.

          • canislupus

            Perhaps so, but there was never in world history a state called Palestine. The word referred to geography, not a state. The Romans and the Turks called it a province. And the Brits referred to it as a “mandate,” never as a state.

          • David S.

            “There’s no such place as Palestine and there never has been.”

            LMAO!! Quit spouting lies and view a map of the region prior to 1948. (I know, it’s an inconvenient truth.)

          • STFUTWIT

            Your confusing that with Isreal….the PLO, you know….the terrorist organization….proclaimed itself a nation state in 1988….and allowed into the UN as a non-state observer…which means that the UN doesn’t recognize them as a nation…..

          • hihellothere

            Actually, Jordanians.

  • DW

    He is world’s best firearm salesman ever.

  • Edeco

    OK, Toad, we’ll take them all.*

    *American Graffiti**
    **a hot rodder is worried about his zeitgeist going away, but gets at least some repreive.

  • CTFish

    Now can we please please please have the hearing protection act?

  • AussieRogue

    the catch is you have to belong to the a CMP club to buy one

    • USMC03Vet

      There are exceptions if you’re military/veteran/law enforcement and have a membership in a service organization.

    • Which you can do instantly, online, for as little as $10…

      • Doom

        shhhh, I dont need the competition, I want to buy one or two before they sell out.

  • John Dagoso

    Early April Fools or was the man asleep at the wheel?

  • HKGuns

    Oh hell yea! 🙂

    • John Burch


  • Bunny Luck

    The government needs the money. The 1911 are probably carried on the books at $11 or whatever they cost. They will sell for $700-$2000 depending on the condition and provenance. That is a stunning sum of money.

    Also does this not mean the M9s are logically one day going to be disposed of this way?

    • HKGuns

      Sorry, that is chump change. You can’t be serious?

      • Bunny Luck

        They have 200,000 pistols to dispose of. They are looking at $250m gross, probably more.

        • AlDeLarge

          10,000 per year maximum.

  • Nick Terrier

    I would love an article on how to get something through CMP. 🙂

  • SP mclaughlin

    They can give it to my warm, live fingers instead of prying it from my cold, dead fingers…..

  • Southpaw89

    Truly a reason to give thanks, now to learn up on the CMP.

  • Ed

    Thank the GOP and Senate leadership who hid this from Obama. The fascist would have vetoed it if he had info on this amendment.

  • Glen Laney

    I dont know what to think about it when all the democrats voted to take our guns in the senate.On the UN thing.

    • Rick5555

      The UN action never had any standing or significance in the USA. Because of Article 6, Section 2, of the US Constitution. Which clearly states, that no law, treaty, amendment, agreement, etc. can NOT supersede the Federal Constitution. Hence, why America is not a signatory of the International Court, (ICC). Or why our country would not extradite a citizen to be brought up on charges….i.e., like war crimes, things of that nature. Article 6, is a really nice protection our founding fathers thought about. What makes the Constitution so brilliant, is how the creators of that document, thought things through. And applied such critical thinking. Unfortunately today, our politicians seem to forgot what critical thinking is. And it’s apparently not their forte.

  • docscience

    Not to be pessimistic, but the law says “MAY”, not “SHALL”. MAY means “won’t” in anti-gun rights terms.

    • It’s up to the SecDef, so I think we’ll see some transferred.

      • jcitizen

        Is Ashton Carter that cool!?

        • The Brigadier

          A lot more than his recent predecessors have been. He actually disagreed with his boss about attacking ISIS recently.

          • jcitizen

            From what I saw on cable news this morning, it looks like he is filling the leadership vacuum in the administration on ISIS “strategy”.

  • Pranqster

    Thanks Obama….

  • Dorothy Kulik

    You’re fooling yourself. Obama is ensuring those guns get in the hands of Jihadists. He’s arming them right here. This exception flies in the face of disarming everyone else.

    • Jon Goodwin

      Jihadists? Really? You’ve never seen a vintage 1911, obviously. Easy with the conspiracy theories…

    • JesseLivermore

      Lol easy with the tin foil hat, sweetie.

    • uisconfruzed

      They’ll shoot themselves in the buttocks when drawing the weapon, then only have six rounds left.

    • Doom

      dude wut? they are being sold to the CMP so they can then be sold to US citizens that they Run Background checks on, it is much more difficult to buy a gun from the CMP than it is to buy from a normal FFL or Jerome the crack/ gun dealer.

    • Anon. E Maus

      Kind of hard to give them to Jihadists when they’re sold to the CMP

  • noob

    Thanks Obama!

    • Don Ward

      I see what you did there…

  • Alpaca Lips Now, Redux

    That’s what all the mysterious ammo nonsense was about, they had to corner the market so they can sell it to us, their subjects, at an astronomical profit?

  • TheSmellofNapalm

    Not surprised that no one’s said anything nice about the President yet regarding this. Guess no one wants to admit that he’s basically a moderate.

    • Jon Goodwin

      It was attached to the defense bill. He got what he wanted, the CMP was a condition of the larger bill. Too early to tell, but we’re all cautiously optimistic. I only with the pessimists would just shut it until more info is known. Sheesh. Can’t we just have a happy, blissfully ignorant moment for a day before the debbie downers crap all over it?

    • Doom

      lol, ok. just like the guns in national parks bill, literally the only reason it passed is because it was one small bill in a huge bill of things he wanted. If He was a “moderate” he would allow the carbines and M1 Garands in instead of telling us how he wants to keep 60-75 year old rifles out of jamal and delatrines hands for gang violence. because so many rifles are used in crimes compared to handguns (about 300 rifle murders v.s. 6000 pistols)

    • Anon. E Maus

      Issue being that this is attached to renewing the NDAA, a terrible, TERRIBLE and unconstitutional thing.

  • Ben

    I have been wanting one of these surplus 1911’s since the 80’s when first instructed to fire it at Boot. When and where will I be able to get one? Thanks

  • rbthom

    Boy I’d like to have my old service weapon from the eighties!

  • Treyh007

    Anybody know a price range for these…….?

  • Rudy R.

    I thought President Obama was coming for all the guns you sill y kids.

  • Dave C

    Enter a world that is truly surreal: .45 acp 1911A1 pistols will be available from the CMP. M1 Garand rifles and M1 carbines from S. Korea still a no-go. Gotta love it….NOT! 😉

  • Vakl

    Yep. It’s still in there. However, they only “may” transfer “up to” 10, 000 pistols for the pilot program and then only up to 10, 000 a year. I read somewhere that the Army only had about 125, 000 serviceable 1911’s in inventory. Most of the guns were used for 70+ years. What they’ll probably do is transfer something like 100 to 1000 and the CMP will auction them off. While I’d love to have one, I’ll bet most of them are pretty beat.

  • Simcha M.

    To the moderators of this forum; please give the heave-ho to the bozo calling himself “Dave”. He is a troll who has absolutely nothing to contribute to this forum.

  • Reginald Pettifogger

    Of course, they won’t be allowed in CA because they haven’t been tested and certified as “not unsafe”.

  • guest

    I am intrigued, and it’s always good to have more choices on the market.

    On the other hand, and I’m not trying to be a wet blanket here, but what kind of condition are they going to be in, after 75+ years of service?

    If they’re arsenal rebuilds with all new springs, refinished, with pitted barrels and other excessively worn parts replaced, and they’re guaranteed safe, functional, and serviceable, that’s one thing.

    On the other hand, what if they’re worn-out stuff that’s been used hard since Guadalcanal and wasn’t even cleaned, much less checked, when the armory put it in a crate in 1987?

    I hope for the best here, but I am not setting my heart on serviceable surplus.

    • Doom

      Garands from the Army given to the CMP were in good shape, even rack and field grade are acceptable. and they would have been shot much more often than a pistol I would think.

  • ss

    SCREW him….im a law abiding person….if im able to get ANY gun I choose…he CANNOT stop me

    • Bill

      He just made it easier, doesn’t really seem like he’s trying that hard to stop you.

  • Jeffery Rightmire

    send me one
    I always could use a few more

    • Doom

      Good lord, I am glad the picture got bigger when I clicked on it, I thought you had chromed an original GI 1911…lol. was pretty scary.

      • Jeffery Rightmire

        Remington R1911S, stainless steel . It originally was a matt finish, but a weekend with some “Mother’s Polish” and a few good rags I got the slide to sparkle .

        • Doom

          Yep, that was the giveaway when the picture got larger, the R1 on the side. looks nice and shiny, congrats. I guess that is the right word? lol. maybe nice job fits better.

          • Jeffery Rightmire

            I have it 24/7 with in reach. We live in sad times, the end of times.

  • TheNotoriousIUD


    • MaryEJ

      I was just thinking.. buying guns from the government.. won’t they keep a list? Does sound a little fishy to me.

      • Doom

        CMP is no longer run by the government. But every time you fill out a 4473 they have your name, address, etc etc along with the gun and its serial number all on one convenient sheet.

        • jcitizen

          Providing your firearms dealer never goes out of business, they will never get those forms; however, I never believed they weren’t going to throw away those back ground checks, so it really doesn’t matter.

          • Doom

            ATF can demand to look at records any time they like. Plus everyone goes out of business eventually, hell, 2 out of the 5 gun shops I have been to have closed… so every record of guns I bought from them are now under the control of the ATF.

          • jcitizen

            True! I don’t know how the usual modern FFL maintains these records, I assume it is still paper. I had an SOT for 20 years, and finally decided to drop it and send in my records – but the fact is this paper is a mountain of data, that isn’t that easy to sift through, and they aren’t paying people to enter it into computerized data or microfiche (dead science). So it isn’t like they have instant access at their finger tips – not that it makes it any better, it is just the facts. There again, for anyone thinking that the back ground checks aren’t kept in a permanent data base since 911 – I have some swamp ground in Arizona I’ll sell ya! That data is instantly available.

  • Gregg628

    Only for sale to: non-white (Possibly Christian) right wing conservative males.Illegal immigrants and/or refugees will receive subsidies equal to and or full price of said purchase… Welcome to the New America!!!! Please enjoy your stay.

    • Doom

      “Only for sale to: non-white (Possibly Christian) right wing conservative males.”

      • Gregg628

        I was being sarcastic..

        • Doom

          I just meant what as in what does that even mean, was strangely worded. not too many non white christian right wingers anyways, so I was extra confused. Illegals and “refugees” i understood the references though.

          • Gregg628

            “not too many non white christian right wingers anyways” That was my point, they’ll sell them to anyone but “non-white (Possibly Christian) right wing conservative males.” Again was just being sarcastic.. 😉

  • YourEveryDayBaker

    So the same man who wanted to take our guns signed a law that gives us rights to buy military grade guns more conveniently. Idk i see ulterior motives written all over thos

  • desert

    When will they go on sale and how much will they be? Maybe now the miserable muslim CinC will allow the Garands to come in from S. Korea?

  • J S

    Well now, anyone wanna join me ice skating in Key West?

  • RickH

    The NRA has already denounced this as……………………….well, they’ll think of something.

    • Doom


    • Bill

      Yeah, somehow the government that wants to take everyone’s guns will be evil for selling those same people evil handguns. Time to lay in extra tin foil.

      • Ethan

        Seriously… what are you talking about?

        NRA’s job is to sound the alarm. Sometimes its a false alarm – 8/10 times its not. If you had a smoke detector that saved your life 8 times, would you talk that kind of crap about it if it went off twice when there was no fire?

        You would not have half the rights you currently enjoy if it were not for the NRA. Until you can do better – Show some respect.

        • Bill

          Bull manure: if the NRA wants respect they need to get rid of their drama queen in chief, Wayne LaPierre, stop acting like a bunch of prima donna crybabies every time someone looks at them cross-eyed, control their bladder and bowels and not void them in panic every time a crime is committed in which a gun is used, and not treat the non-gun-owning public like the “sheeple” they so condescendingly refer to them as.

  • Ken

    I would have rather they sneaked in the removal of suppressors from the NFA list, but this is at least something.

    • Vanns40

      This is nothing.

  • Vanns40

    Yes, and as usual we’ve been completely screwed on this deal. The section of the CMP that will handle this will be required to obtain an FFL and all laws pertaining to the sale of handguns under GCA ’68 and any State and local laws will apply. Which means it must be transferred dealer to dealer and you folks in places like NY & NJ will have to go through the usual communistic process for purchase of handguns. The rest of us will still have to fill out a 4473 and any other mandated State paperwork.

    This is no godsend to gun owners and, at only 10,000 units per year, don’t look for any great pricing either.

    Congress & the NRA did us no favors on this one. We would have been far better off if this had been put on hold until after the next Administration had come in, there were no per year limits (which would have necessarily brought the price down) and a special exemption had been inserted so they fell under the same category as M1’s.

    • Doom

      Have they determined yet whether or not they have the same exemption as for the rifles? or does the bill say they have to become an FFL? I am “Safe” either way since I have a C&R, but it sucks for people that dont.

      • Vanns40

        Re-read my post.

        • Doom

          I did read it, an article I read said the CMP was determining if they were exempt from the GCA or not with pistols needing to be sold by an FFL

          • Vanns40

            The aren’t exempt and the bill states the section of CMP that will sell the pistols will be required to obtain an FFL and they in turn will ship to an FFL in the purchaser’s State of residence.

          • Doom

            Well that sucks. I guess I at least have my C&R license, but it sucks for people that dont. god the GCA is retarded.

  • Kelly Harbeson

    I’ve bought ammo from CMP. I’d love to get one of these authentic war horses.

  • Arch

    Great news. If you want to select your own CMP M1 or M1911, Show up in Anniston AL at 8:00 AM on Thursday. They inspect, test and repair these foreign military weapons Monday through Wednesday. You’ll be able to inspect their new stock before it’s picked over. Their deals on military ammo are also very good.

    The staff there are all very helpful. I bought my Garand there 8 years ago.

    Remember: Breathe, Relax, Aim, Sight, Squeeze!

  • elconquistidor

    Too bad it’s only 10000 a year. Collectors are going to buy them all up and they will cost a fortune for regular Joe’s.

  • Scotty

    How do I buy one????

  • racefish

    911 is a great weapon. I wonder what the price will be.

  • Richvermil

    The catch is the law states that the secretary “may” transfer 1911A/A1 pistols to the CMP. Thus the secretary does not have to release any. No Democratic administration will release any to CMP.

  • Jim Gunslinger

    That would be awesome. I purchased my M1 Garand and M1 Carbine through them.

  • Tom Currie

    Yes, we will be seeing 1911’s at CMP, but not “very soon” — probably not even “soon” — and certainly not as soon as any of us want.

    First DoD has to determine which 1911’s they are going to transfer to CMP; then DoD and CMP have to agree on thousands of finicky details about exactly who does what, when, and where.

    Meanwhile CMP has to decide how they will grade the 1911’s, (I’d expect the same names for the grades as with the Garands but the actual standards will be totally different) and they have to decide on lots of other procedural stuff.

    Then, once CMP actually gets the 1911’s they have to inventory them, have someone detail strip and inspect each 1911, process each gun into their own inventory system, then they can start selling them.

  • Doom

    Jesus, what a poorly written bill, they “may” transfer the guns? the secretary determines an appropriate amount of time it will take to transfer? no more than 10k a year? it should be no less than that amount per year, they could transfer 5 pistols a year and still be following this bill. As I read it, there isnt even a preset time for them to start giving them to the pistols to the CMP, the Secretary could say we will have a plan worked out in 150 years for how to make the transfer…

  • dltaylor51

    I wonder if Barry knew what he was signing?

  • jcitizen

    Well – they could not get us to buy 10 rd magazine pistols, so they will have to make a deal. It is no wonder the government finally figured out this is the only way to get more pistols with smaller capacity on the market. (Just kidding – belly guns are selling like hotcakes that take even less capacity)

  • Jeanette Bleckley

    GUARANTEED, Obama wasn’t aware that THIS was a part of the “deal”!!

  • bruce Cambell

    I purchased several M1’s back when the CMP was loaded up with rifles coming in from Greece (lend lease program). However I think still allot has to happen before we will be seeing 1911’s available to the shooting public. I mostly have concerns that the limited number available per year (10,000) will keep the price higher than what it should be for what will be a mixed parts, surplus firearm in unknown (but shoot-able) condition. We will need wait and see I guess.

  • maodeedee

    I’m guessing the price will be around 500 but could be more. For $500 I’d sell another gun to get one. I wouldn’t care if it was a mixed parts gun or nor not.

  • Rocketman

    There’s an old saying that I go by. “When something seems to be to good to be true then it normally is.” Think about it. The Obama administration, the most anti-gun president in the history of this country has done this for shooters? This whole deal stinks like fish that have been rotting in the hot Florida sun for a week. I would look at the law with a fine tooth comb for any loophole that could possibly come back and bite shooters right in the a$$.

  • Anon. E Maus

    Excellent, instead of them sitting in some storage somewhere, they can be sold off to people who actually want them, to free up storage space and make some money.

    I mean, they’re not being used anymore, so might as well recuperate costs, right?

  • tx

    Unlike rifles, pistols will also require the transfer services of a local FFL (add $50-$100). Not to mention, club dues and some paperwork.

    • Ethan

      If your FFL is charging you $50-$100 for a transfer, you’re doing it wrong. Find a new FFL, even if you have to drive to get to it. I pay $20 per transfer all day, same as I did in the last city I lived in.

  • Bill

    Reading the comments is hysterical. Days after another active killer, the .gov goes deeper into selling military weapons of war to the public and most of the comments are complaints: “there’s too few, they only “may” do it, what about Korean guns, it’s a plot, the price will be too high,” ad naseum…..I swear, if the President personally handed out coupons for free beer and BJs from Victoria’s Secret models some guys would claim that it was a honeypot conspiracy to turn us all into alcoholics and have our weiners bitten off so middle aged tubby white guys couldn’t reproduce.

    • Brandon M

      But doesn’t that kind of shatter your entire point? Every weapon ever produced is a weapon of war, so your ultimate goal is to ban everything. A 1911 .45 w/ 7 rounds in the mag is a damn antique compared to some of the guns out today. We’ll have to go through an FFL for a background check, be a member of an affiliate CMP club, etc, etc, etc.

      And yet, somehow, some way, you still find a way to complain that we’re going to be receiving “weapons of war” from the government. Come on Bill, I think you need to get real and take a good look at reality. If you want to ban weapons of war, muskets are off-limits as well. At least by your twisted logic.

      • Bill

        Ease up, Sparky, it’s called irony. I don’t want anything banned, and if the government does, actually selling guns itself is a bizarre way of doing it, donchathink? I KNOW that most gun are weapons of war, which is why calling an AR a “MSR” is stretching credulity past snapping. On the other hand, a pigeon grade Perazzi is hardly likely to be used by it’s owner to hold up liquor stores.

        My entire point is that gun people complain. About everything. We want 1911s thru CMP, and then when we get them it’s whoa, something’s wrong. Our government could go Swiss and issue each adult a rifle and people would moan about Pic rail vs Keymod vs MLok and how its a plot to either divide the gun community or force us into socialist statist standardization, and The Man’s trying to hold us down by not including NVGs. And I’ve got enough 1911s even I can’t justify one more.

    • Edeco


  • GNTownsend

    It’s nice the NDAA actually lists .45 Auto Pistols…but there are a lot of “if’s”, “and’s” and “but’s) in the NDAA. First, the Sec’y of the Army can refuse to declare the pistols as surplus. Second, the CMP could price them so high that nobody will want to purchase one, and third, the CMP can put so many sales restrictions on them (besides price) that nobody will be willing to jump through the bureaucratic hoops. Bottom line, these pistols were all made during or before WWII (the DoD hasn’t purchased a .45 Colt since 1945) and haven’t been maintained very well…if at all. The ones we had on my Navy Destroyer were pieces of garbage that rattled and couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn. I’m a rated Navy Expert Pistol shot…and I couldn’t qualify with one of these rattle-boxes…but I shot a near perfect score when I used my own match .45 with handloaded ammo. I’m sure collectors will have fun with these pistols at whatever price they charge, but for a daily shooter, they’re mere noisemakers. The new Rock Island Armory guns coming in from the Philippines shoot damn near perfectly, and retail for about $500. I wonder how these old GI guns will compete with that?

    • Bill

      If you think it has a lot of “Ifs ands and buts” you haven’t read a lot of legislation. This is the US government, where the specifications for a copier for one agency can run 2 pages, and for another agency 180 + pages.

  • David McGlothlin

    How do I get in on the purchase of these pistols

  • Jacob Peters

    Finally Obama does something right

    • Rock or Something

      Probable because he didn’t know about it. You think he (or any politician, really) actually read the entirety of the bill they were about to sign?

  • Bennet Erbaugh

    So how does one gain membership to this CMP program? Tried looking at their website, but it made no sense and couldn’t find out how to join.

  • Phil Hsueh

    That’s what I want to know too since pretty much everything falls off the list next year. If these qualify as C&R then I think they’d be exempt but I don’t know for certain though.

  • The Brigadier

    Hip Hip Hooray for our House representatives and even the Dems who voted for this in the Senate. In ‘yo face Obama, and yours too Hillarious. Its now the law. Nate how soon will the transfer occur, because 10K will be gone in a day?

  • Mustascheo

    Now we need to get some other military arms available to the CMP when the military no longer uses them…..

  • Max

    Obama signed this? What’s the catch

  • suomunon

    I started to read about the Presidential authorization to release M1911’s to CMP, but all I see here is arguments about geography. I think i’ll wait until the CMP gets the M14 before I come back.

    • Rodney Steward

      From here up it’ll be better!!

  • Rodney Steward

    Glad to see the hard work of one of my Senators has come through, Sen. Richard Shelby of AL. I’ve been keeping up with this for a while and has finally happened. I signed up with the State of AL. to get info. from Sen. Shelby on the CMP weapons and he said it would be soon, and he was right. There’s been a deal with the M1grands for a while and was lucky enough to go to Fort McClellan just 25 miles from the house and shoot this truly grand weapon, and these weapons are through the CMP and can be purchased and it was mentioned about these pistols coming. These weapons would be great to have, but the prices are crazy High!! $$$$$$$

  • disqus_6npiJ7fVP4

    How much?

  • Jmaci

    Ok…but how can you buy one?

  • Ian Rupert

    Did this whole deal get canceled in the budget deal that went through a couple days ago? I know they snuck some gun control stuff in there, and read somewhere there was something about surplus firearms….

  • Ian Rupert

    Here’s what I read : In a Saturday statement Everytown praised increased funding for the National
    Instant Criminal Background Check System and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco,
    Firearms and Explosives. It also cheered the removal of a proposal to sell
    surplus military guns.