FM-9 Belt Fed 9mm AR upper

Andrew of GY6Vids reviews the FM-9 beltfed 9mm AR upper made by Freedom Ordnance. It is an interesting system. I am curious how well it would work with a Slide Fire setup. It looks like a lot of fun as long as it is well maintained. However, as Andrew mentioned in the video below, chasing links does not seem like a fun time.


The FM-9 is available at an introductory price of $1895. Regular MSRP is $2495. Check it out on their website.

Also additional links are available on their webstore. You can purchase 500 links for $35 or 1000 links for $60. That is not terrible at all. Definitely puts chasing links into perspective. You can order them here.

Nicholas C

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  • BattleshipGrey

    This looks pretty well designed, but potentially finicky and complicated. I have no experience with belt-feds though so maybe it’d become really easy with practice.

    I don’t really see LE buying into this as he suggests. Subguns have already fallen out of favor while the AR is becoming much more popular. Sure, SWAT teams rarely have to dump 150 rounds in gun battles these days, but I think they’d prefer 30 round mags that can be changed out in 2-3 seconds compared to the complicated, fine-motor skilled reload of the FM9.

    • iksnilol

      The point of having 150-250 rounds on tap is kinda that you don’t need to reload.

      • BattleshipGrey

        Exactly, I was just saying (probably not as directly as I meant to) that it’s a very different manual of arms that requires much more attention and concentration than a traditional subgun or rifle if you had to reload or if it malfunctioned. IMO, LE admins probably wouldn’t like the added training to use this system.

  • NDS

    People who reload will have no qualms with picking up links. Not really different than chasing brass around. There are those who will hunt down every last casing they’ve ever fired, and others who would rather just pay the $60/1k links.

    • iksnilol

      + you can just use a magnet to pick up the links. They are steel IIRC.

      • Gjert Klakeg Mulen

        “How do magnets work?”
        “They just do!”

  • valorius

    Seems like an enormous waste of money.

    • Giolli Joker

      Like most things that are pure FUN!

  • Shooting With A Purpose

    It is a great pitty that new full auto guns aren’t legal without becoming a vendor to law enforcement or Gub’ment agencies. As a private citizen I would buy one if I could. Illogical I know but what fun!

    “Giggle switch” Love that…….

  • Natalia Wilkins

    Do not buy this upper! We recently purchased one of these very excited about the possibility of such a neat idea. We got our and on the first time we took it out to test it we had an out of battery mis-fire because of a flaw in the design. I ended up in the emergency room for 5 hours with a piece of brass in my arm. I have missed four days of work because of their design. We contacted them for a refund on the upper as we feel it is unsafe and do not feel it is quality work. They blamed us and are not willing to work with us at all. No refund no consideration. Not only is this product a BAD product but they people are not honorable or accommodating. Their warranty is a lie they will not do anything to make things right.