Meprolight contract with IDF

Meprolight has just won a contract to supply the Israeli Defense Forces with the Mepro M5 Reflex sight for the next several years. It appears that this is going to be a whole issue, because it seems that many IDF units have a number of pieces of equipment going on, from Galils, to Tavors, and M4s, to Elbits, ACOGs, Eotechs, and Meprolights already in service. The sight takes a single AA battery, which I would assume will be much more appreciated than the 123 volt batteries that some military equipment comes standard with. In addition it is GEN II and Gen III NVG compatible which will also be great for the IDF because I don’t think they have jumped on the whole AN/PEQ 1/15/16 bit of usage that has engulfed the U.S. Military. It also appears to have one of the largest focal apertures of many optical sights around. Compared to the Eotech for instance. The IDF probably likes this alot because of the large amount of operations and fighting that goes on in extreme close quarters and built up areas. It also has a low battery indicator which seems kind of neat as well, something that other sights don’t usually have. But in the mean time, we shall see how well this mass issue fares.


Meprolight was selected by the IDF as the sole supplier of the next generation of combat sights. Delivery of thousands of MEPRO M5 Red Dot Sights will begin next month and continue for about a year.

According to Benny Kokia, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, “We are very proud that the IDF selected us as the sole suppliers of their next generation of combat sights, following an evaluation and testing process that resulted in a clear acknowledgement that the MEPRO M5 is the best sight in its category.”


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  • The guy

    Good for meprolight, maybe then they can take half a year to replace dead night sights that were just purchased within a year.

    • Dan

      I’m guessing you’ve had a bad experience?

  • anon

    Why does the rifleman look like the senator Palpatine, the dark sith lord?

    • Good, Anakin! Kill him. Kill him NOW!

  • CR123 batteries are 3V, the 123 is designating size not voltage.

  • 6.5x55Swedish

    Would not want to fall with that sight. The galss doesn’t look very protected and it doesn’t have the strength of a tube rds.

    • They have aluminum hoods, and it’s a really thick piece of glass. No worse protected than an Eotech. Tubes are probably stronger, but then again, THAT FOV. 🙂

    • gggplaya

      Actually it’s a prism, so it’s much stronger than just a piece of glass. It’s a solid block of glass.

  • gggplaya

    Awesome, i have one with the aluminum hood and it’s my favorite red dot. The Eotech battery life sucks, and i never really liked the aimpoint tube. Battery life is 18+ months on this sight, it’s actually longer and the 18 months is based on the sight with auto shutoff disabled, theoretically with auto-shut off it’s much longer. Plus, it’s only $400.