XCaliber Firearms Offers Threaded Glock 43 Barrel

I will have to file this in the “it will never be tactical but will certainly be tacti-cool” category. XCaliber Firearms (and a few other companies including ATI) are now offering threaded barrels for your Glock 43 single-stack 9mm pistol.

One can see Phil’s thoughts on the Glock 43 here, but I am not sold on the idea. Having shot one myself, its not exactly a comfortable little thing and adding a suppressor to the front of one is not going to make the handgun any easier to use. I am not sure anyone offers suppressor-height sights for the handgun. At the least, you will need a pinky extension to keep the near mouse-gun stable in a normal-sized hand. 

The new barrels are loaded with features. XCaliber proclaims they are “prevision machined and chambered” with a drop-in fit. Total overall length is 3.86 inches. Threads are guaranteed to be concentric (I hope so!) and include 1/2×28 UNEF Class 3A Threads (which is a good as one can get). Finally, the barrel is black Al Titanium Nitride Coated (AlTiN) for corrosion and erosion protection.

The XCaliber Glock 43 threaded barrel clocks in at a $159.99 from The Silencer Store just in case your need to be tacti-cool outweighs your need to be tactical.


Nathan S

One of TFB’s resident Jarheads, Nathan now works within the firearms industry. A consecutive Marine rifle and pistol expert, he enjoys local 3-gun, NFA, gunsmithing, MSR’s, & high-speed gear. Nathan has traveled to over 30 countries working with US DoD & foreign MoDs.

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  • Anonymoose

    With a DeGroat Nano and Taran Tactical +2 basepads, it would be a pretty cool little setup.

  • Lew Siffer

    I am not interested in the threaded barrel, unless it is part of a .22 conversion kit for the G43. I think they might sell quite a few of those.

    • Ken

      Up next, Glock 44. 22 cal. Glock. 🙂

      • Lew Siffer

        Didn’t think of that, but if they make it the size of the G43 and double column the magazine and thread the barrel, it will probably outsell every other 22 on the market.

        • MR

          Going in a different direction, I’m thinking of picking up one of those 80% Glock frames from the other TFB post, and combining it with a 22conversion kit. Probably won’t save any money by the time I fill in the gaps, but my collection is sorely lacking a 22 handgun, and this seems like an ideal way to rectify that, even if it isn’t a “true” Glock.

        • MR

          I think you’re onto something there, even ten round, non-threaded 43 sized 22 would be a strong contender, IMO. They could make extended magazines for free states, a long mag hanging below the grip accentuates the “hi-cap” feel for a range toy. A threaded barrel would probably draw a few more customers, for the look, if nothing else. “Suppressor ready” 😉

      • MR

        I was hoping the 44 would be a single stack 10mm.

  • Sianmink

    I’d get a threaded barrel just to have a half inch more barrel. It can make a difference when you’re throwing less than 4 inches. >.>

    I wonder if anyone will make a barrel-attached comp for this little baby.

    • Harrison Jones

      Or you could use one of the any other 9mm pistol comps available. May not look right or work with a holster but it’d be a fun little setup!

    • Edeco

      I’m usually a more is more thinker vis a vis pipe length, but if the aftermarket is not polygonal rifling, might not gain velocity…

    • MR

      Gotta window the slide, and drill some custom ports in the barrel, like the old “C” model Glocks

  • Theo Braunohler

    How about filing it under “silencers protect your hearing”? What does preventing hearing loss have to do with being “tacticool”? That seems like a pretty ignorant thing to say.

    • Saying that something is not tactical is not saying it is bad. I said that it is not tactical.

      • Cymond

        But ‘tacticool’ does have negative associations.

      • Core

        My tacticool bacon is not truly tactical but it tastes delicious..

    • Evan

      Yes, suppressors protect your hearing, but what could possibly be the point of putting one on a subcompact designed specifically to be small? Literally the only selling point of a Glock 43 is its small size. You stick a suppressor on the end, and it defeats the one point of having the thing.

      • Mcameron

        because people dont go to the range to practice with their carry guns?

        • Evan

          If I was practicing with my carry gun, I would keep it in the same configuration as I carried it in. A different barrel and a suppressor defeat the point of practicing in the first place.

      • Core

        Most suppressed pistols fielded for combat use are small and designed to be concealed. You don’t need a 20 round magazine to take out a sentry. Its functioning on the element of surprise.

        • Evan

          Hahaha what is this, Call of Duty or something? You’re not gonna be eliminating sentries (and anyone who is isn’t carrying concealed anyway), and putting a suppressor on a deep carry gun still completely defeats the point of having some dinky thing that small instead of a normal gun either way.

    • Core

      I agree. Making a small pistol quieter and more controllable would give it a tactical advantage. Tacticool would be a ATACS-FG paint job and laser etching a fancy logo into the slide.

  • Harrison Jones

    The biggest reason I can see for suppressing a mini glock over other similar sized guns it cheap and availble replacement parts for the increased wear. I mean who doesn’t want a mini 9mm suppressed handgun? But I want to be able to replace the recoil spring and other parts often.

  • karlokon

    I’m still waiting on a tb for the g42. 🙁

    • MR

      Kind of makes sense, now that you mention it, since .380 is pretty much naturally subsonic. Though I think bulk pack nine might also be subsonic out of a 43’s stubby barrel. Not sure, though.

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    I dont see what the hate is all about.
    I think a little silenced 9 would be pretty cool.

  • JK

    “You say ‘decadent capitalist excess’ like it’s a bad thing”

  • Ben Pottinger

    I’m just bummed no one is offering them in a proper 13.5×1 LH thread. I use the factory glock barrel for my G19 and most other factory threaded 9mm guns are 13.5 LH as well. I don’t want to have to swap cores or risk cross threading so probably won’t get one until someone does offer it in 13.5×1.

  • JK

    You’d think I’d get used to it, but I’m always surprised by people clamoring for fewer options.