Top 5 Guns With Strange Features

Some firearms are straight-up bizarre, but some are relatively conventional yet employ an odd feature or two. In this episode of TFBTV, we take a look at 5 firearms that incorporate a bizarre feature that isn’t generally found on other guns.

Firearms featured:
Valmet M76
Arisaka Type 99

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Alex C.

Alex is a Senior Writer for The Firearm Blog and Director of TFBTV.


  • KestrelBike

    Ok, that was cool. Favorite part is obviously the bottle-opening Galil.

  • I would like to add that if you have never enjoyed a glorious ice-cold Topo Chico with a lime, you have not lived.

    • Hokum

      Interesting video. Alex, just a small advise for getting smoother camera motion on the tripod: you can strap a simple rubber ring to the tripod handle and pull it instead of pulling the handle. This will reduce the shacking and inconsistent pull.

  • stephen

    So are they werid or weird?

    Weird is defined as adjective meaning or suggesting something supernatural; uncanny.

    Whereas werid also an adjective means eccentric, in a most friendly and likable manner.


  • Wolfgar

    The Galil ARM is very high quality. The AKM looks like it is made from beer cans in comparison. When new it shot half MOA . The main problem is the Galil ARM is HEEEEEAVY. The other problem is the shooting range frowns on beer drinking even if the bottle is opened with a Galil. 🙂

    • Gidge

      They’re just jealous because they can’t open beers with their rifles.

  • Cahal

    Always heard the story about the bottle opener feature being as a result of experience in the SADF and their early R4 rifle.

    • Gidge

      The R4 is a licensed copy of the Galil

    • Anton Gray Basson

      All R4s have it the wooden hand guard and the plastic hand guard version, also that up turned bolt handle and thumb selector make it a lefties dream. The only thing that the SADF did to the rifle due to experience is pant some of the rifles brown.

  • Griz

    The most unique feature I have ever seen on a rifle is the coffee grinder stock.

  • Will

    A standard military issued 1911 pistol had a built in bottle opener also.

    • Brian M

      The frame.

  • Lance

    You mistaken only on the 7.7mm Type-99. The Type 99 was fielded in 1942. And the Type 99 designers did think of the AA sight where to use against US planes. The rifle used before 1942 and was used in large numbers till the end of the war was the Type 38 6.5mm Ariasaka rifle. the Type 99 saw use in China and by the time fielding the Chinese air force largely was shot out of the sky and or was replaced by both the legendary USAAF AVG aka Flying Tigers which after 1942 became 5th Air Force (Sorry if I got the number wrong). And was reequipped with modern American planes. which made the Type 99 obsolete even in china before it was even issued.

  • BattleshipGrey

    You can open be….soda with it…

  • Dave C

    The flash-hider doubling as a “shoot through” wire cutter goes back to WWI designs. The Austrian Bundesheer got rid of useless bayonets and put one of these wire cutters on the Stgw.58, and later the Stgw.77 or the FAL variant with metal stock furniture and Steyr AUG respectively. Not silent, certainly, but one is entangled in a thicket of wire and the bangalore torpedo is unavailable, it would be might handy for extrication from said entanglement!

    The sliding bolt covers on the Japanese and Siamese and early British Lee Metfords and so on strike me as rather unusual features. The story goes that the original M16 open-type “prong” flash hider was used in Vietnam to break metal strapping tape on crates and so on, causing the barrels to bend out of true.

  • Phillip Shen

    Before I start watching the video… did you guys really misspell WEIRD?

    • Vizzini

      No, it’s a conspiracy. The Illuminati edited the video after publication!

    • Don’t blame me, I don’t make the thumbnails!

  • Leigh Rich

    Nice video. thanks

  • John

    Just a summary for those who can’t watch the video for one reason or another:
    1) Galil – Thumb actuated safety (unique for AK pattern rifle), upswept charging handle, wire-cutting bipod, bottle opening bipod retainer
    2) G41(M) – bolt action semi-auto rifle, uses 12 springs, gas trapping
    3) Arisaka Type 99 – Monopod, Dust cover for action, Anti-aircraft sights
    4) Valmet M76 – Pronged flash hider designed as a shoot through wire cutter
    5) Calico – Helical Magazines