Review: Strike Industries All-In-One Tool For Glock

The ever innovative Strike Industries is doing their best to make Glock shooter’s lives easier with their new All-In-One tool for Glock. It combines three invaluable tools that will make servicing your Glock easier in an easy to use small package.

From Strike’s website:

Product Spec
– Length: 2.85”
– Width: 1.16”
– Height: 0.48”
– Weight: 2.6 oz
– Materials: Steel
– Color: black and chrome
Package include
-1 x All in one tool for Glock


– Glock™ Base Plate Removal Tool

– Pin Punch Tool
– Front Sight Removal tool
– Compact folded design
– All steel construction

The All-In-One tool has a nice tough steel construction with large thumb screws on both the front and rear of the tool allowing you to loosen or tighten the handle in order to easily deploy a tool. Strike also included a keyring attachment, but if I am honest I will probably use that as a lanyard attachment point. IMG_3941

Here you see the magazine base plate tool. I don’t know about you, but I struggle with removing the factory Glock base plate pretty often. This tool allows you to use the handle as a lever prying the base plate off the mag with minimal effort. This is one tool I never knew I needed till I got one in my hands. IMG_3942

With a small amount of downward pressure the base plate starts to slide off to the front, clearing the two “keepers” that Glock molded into the lips on the bottom of the mag. IMG_3944 IMG_3945

Here is where I think the All-In-One tool really shines, the front sight adjustment tool. With most Glock front sight tools hovering right around the MSRP of the All-In-One tool there is no reason to not buy the nicer Strike tool over the other ones on the market. IMG_3948

I tried it out on my Glock 43 and experienced no issues at all, my Glock 23 was a different story. The front sight hex screw was so close to the leading edge of the slide I was not able to get the tool over the hex head to loosen it.IMG_3949

The All-In-One tool has a magnet located in the sight tool’s head, a really nice touch. This nifty feature will prevent users from dropping screws left and right. IMG_3955IMG_3951

The last tool that Strike included was the Glock tool, AKA a punch. It was perfectly sized for anything I could think of using it for and is made of that same nice steel as the rest of the tool. IMG_3953IMG_3952

Overall I am really pleased with the All-In-One tool from Strike Industries. It really provides a lot of functionality in a pocket sized tool.   IMG_3958

If you are looking for a front sight tool, a Glock tool, or a magazine tool you should take a look at the All-In-One tool from Strike Industries. With a MSRP of only $24.95 it makes for a pretty good bargain, not to mention that it would be a really solid gift for that Glock shooter in your life (the holidays are coming up fast after all). You can learn more about the All-In-One tool on Strike’s website here.

I will say that this handy little tool is going to find a permanent home in my range bag, I might even go so far as to buy a second to toss into my cleaning kit.

Patrick R

Patrick is a Senior Writer for The Firearm Blog and TFBTV Host. He is a verified gun nerd. With a lifelong passion for shooting, he has a love for all types of firearms, especially overly modified plastic handguns, precision rifles, and AR based things. You can follow Patrick on Instagram @tfbpatrick, Facebook, or contact him by email at

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  • Nicks87

    I’ll take two as well. One for the range bag, one for the bug out bag.

  • So it doesn’t work on the Glock 23, which mean it probably doesn’t work on the Glock 19.

    You can get a Glock punch for about $10, and on Amazon order a Wiha 3/16″ by 60mm nut driver for about $10. And it will work on all Glocks and IIRC has a magnet. Vice grips and the Glock tool are the best way to get the base plate off a Glock magazine. Vice grips are about $7 on Amazon, so for less than $28 shipped you can get a set of tools that will do the job better than this all in one tool.

    • BattleshipGrey

      It doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t work on all compact sized Glocks. His G23 could’ve had a freakishly short head on the screw. For $24, I wouldn’t mind having all my Glock tools in one and supporting Strike Industries at the same time.

      • It has nothing to do with the length of the screw. It is a problem many nut drivers have, they are too big for many of the Glock slides. So they are prevented from getting to the screw by parts of the slide.

        If he had a Glock 34/35 he would probably have the same issue. Many of the after market Glock nut drivers can’t fit those slides either. But the Wiha, and the Glock brand nut driver do.

        This is a badly designed tool, and I see no reason to support a company that makes a badly designed product. This isn’t the NRA where I pay $30 for a $10 hat because I want to support their programs. Strike Industries is a commercial company that should stand on the quality of their products, which in this case needs to be fixed.

        Speaking personally it means this “all in one” tool doesn’t work for three out of the four Glocks I own. But the tool set I gave above works for virtually all Glocks.

        • NDS

          +1 haha disregard my previous comment, were on the same page.

        • BattleshipGrey

          Ah, I misunderstood what the problem was. In that case I agree that it’s poorly designed. Which does surprise me because SI is typically producing good products which is why I suggested supporting them (also knowing they’re a commercial company).

    • NDS

      It just looks way too thick, I had a Glock sight tool like that and it didn’t work on very many Glocks I’ve tried. The one I have now (Ameriglo I think) is super thin and has changed dozens of sights with no issue.

  • Mc Cain

    Might be worth is just for the base plate removal tool alone! Anytime I’ve purchased new sights for my Glocks, the sights have always come with a front post removal tool, so no biggie there. The punch? Sure, ok, nice, but not absolutely essential, by any means, but …. anything to make removing the base plates from a Glock mag is worth it.

  • Lance

    Looks awsome

  • Thomas Gomez

    Nice. I am going to add this to my armorer kit.

  • INFI

    This looks like a really useful little tool to keep on my keychain. Every time I need a Glock tool or the sight tool (amazing how many people don’t loctite their front sight) at the range I can actually find this with my keys. Very good idea.

  • valorius

    Does it include a self inflicted gunshot treatment kit?

  • wildad

    Too bad you can’t find it on the Strike Industries website.

    • Patrick R.

      You can click the link in the final paragraph of the review to find it on their site.

  • Broz

    I note that the mag used ass the example is a new Magpul…NOT a Glock Mag…just [icked a three-fer of the Magpuls from Brownells. I’m impressed…needed the mags for my Glock 35 and the Lone Wolf 9mm conversion bbl…

    • Patrick R.

      Did you even read the review where I used it on a factory Glock mag?

      • Broz

        Sorry…I missed it….

  • Frank C

    Magnet? That’s amazing idea!